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A strange, dark mist surrounds the skies. It's called a raincloud, and it kinda starts raining from there. A lot of people get wet.

But in another place entirely, a few lads and ladies discuss about their next move amidst the political chaos enshrouding the land. A ruler gone absent, the crystals behaving oddly and pressure from neighbouring countries makes food scarce, but there's still time for fun! And being cheerful! And loot hunting! And monster arenas! And getting lost in wet and damp dungeons in the middle of nowhere! Ugh Vance, you and your big ideas.

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  • JosephSeraph
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  • 01/29/2016 12:20 AM
  • 12/07/2016 12:05 AM
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
wat is dis?! 3D in rpg makeur?! i'm a sub!
You're magical to me.
Looks awesome, Jo! :D Subbed!
gladja like! this page is so bare rite now tho. xD
Any relation to Vagrant Story?
...no -gasp-
actually this is a lazy temporary name bc i am kind of influenced by Final Fantasy XII / Vagrant Story's art direction, and i just slapped odyssey bc etrian. the name will change likely probably maybe
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This Odyssey looks pretty Vagrant!
There's a series called Vagrant Hearts. I remember reading a review of it that was critical because whoever bought it thought it was Vagrant Story and they forgot the full title of that game. o_O
Oh sweet. Seems more and more lately that corridor gaming of the 90s is making it's way back again. I like those types of games sometimes. :)
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