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(Almost!) 300 Downloads

Came back here after a little RPG Maker break, I was pleased to see that this game has (almost) reached 300 (299 right now to be exact) downloads!

To celebrate I reuploaded the game once again with some touchups and fixes.

. The visual snow effect is in every indoor location which in the end version only made it to the first map.
. Typo fixes!

. The 2nd puzzle was a little broken so I fixed it.
. The teleport effect in the third trial is a little less choppy, impossible to completely remove that frozen frame though, it works everywhere else where I use that effect.
. The decision tree at the end of the game was reworked to offer the hint on how to properly finish the game more promptly.

Once again, feel free to share how you felt about this short game as a comment or to offer whatever improvements and suggestions you may have.