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Activate the lever to the North of the room and then activate the terminal to the left.

The Trial of Attention:
Go to the terminal to the upper left of the room. Choose a combination of numbers, preferably the one you find easiest to remember.
At each four corners of the room, you will find a device in which you can enter a number. Enter the combination you chose. Use the switch by the door North, make sure you are synchronized with the right click. The bell will help keeping track of when the chosen combination comes up.

The Trial of Conjunction:
This is easy. There is a capacitor to the left (the only non symmetric element in the room), activate it first. Hit the switch to the left and hit the switch to the right within the countdown. Despite what the examiner tells you there is no need to be strafing.

The Trial of Resolution:
Simply go right but while facing left so that you are walking backwards.

The Trial of Adaptation:
Step off one of the South ledges, but make sure you are facing North, so that the Dreamer cannot see that he is about to fall off.

How to escape/Quit the game without using alt-f4:
Simply stay in bed. Literally do not move when the game starts/restarts.
The game should end within 60 seconds. You can indeed finish the game without doing any of the puzzles.