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BIG Announcement

Hello everyone! and first of all :


Today, I, the programmer and my collaborators decided to take a step ahed regard the game, ad we decided NOT to sell it.
You’ll be asking.. .well… we decided to evolve and become a TEAM, so we’ll create many other games, and we thought that we couldn’t sell the first one we made, we thought to pulish Yugami free so that it could guarantee and show you the quality of our works, so you’ll decide if you actually want to see more from us and purchase our future games.
But that’s not all… even if Yugami will be free, games are not made out of air… we need a tiny economic financing,so we decided to start the crowdfounding campaign some time after the relase of the demo, and, when the game will be completed, we’ll sell up the paintings and some bonus stuff.
We’ll relase Yugami on:





So? what do you think of it? would you donate something in the crownfounding? ( answer here http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=586ab6cde4b05073122d8477)