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Notice: This game is very old and does not reflect the current quality of KrimsonKatt. A remake of this game is planned called Chronicles III: Ascension which will release after Chronicles: Meteorfall and Chronicles II: Zero Gear Saga. Do not play this game unless you want to lose your time and brain cells. Thank you.

- A ATB battle system
- A side view battle system
- 6 playable characters
- Over 12 different bosses to battle and defeat
- An coliseum like battle arena, to a similar vain to KH1's Olympus Coliseum
- A great story that pushes the question, "Can we really save what is lost?"
- Over 10 different side quests.
-No random encounters.
-over 4 secret bosses!
- Funny moments :P


Ryuuta Dragonheart

Age: 14

Description: Is a hotheaded young teen who dreams of becoming a Pyro Knight. He loves using a enchanted Yo-Yo in battle and knows limited fire and thunder magic and a lot of yo-yo tricks. He will do anything to protect his friends, even if it mean putting his life at danger. He will do anything to stop Zero, and he secretly hopes, one day, that he will save his friend Jeff from Zero's evil clutches after Zero took jeff's soul.

Tyko Stonefist

Age: 16

Description: Tyko Is a cool, collected, and intelligent mercenary. Out of the kindness of his heart, and going though the same pain as Ryuuta, losing close friends, works with Ryuuta for free. Even though Tyko likes to work alone, he and Ryuuta quickly become best friends. Tyko can't use magic, but he can wield many different types of weapons. He also has one of the highest attack stats in the game.

Korra Alvana

Age: 10

Description: After being trapped in a time warp for 15 years, and not aging during that time, she is ready for anything. Korra is very skilled at magic, and can cast a variety of spells in any element She has an incredible magic stat, but has a terrible attack stat. She is also the princess of the underwater kingdom of Arnis.

Blue "Rider" Ao

Age: 23

Description: A heroic prince and son of the sky king Azul, he is amazing at wielding the Katana. He can also use limited wind
magic and powerful shinobi attacks. His goal in life is to track down the witch queen Cynthia and destroy her once and for all. Why would he be spending 3 years of little progress? Well, that's a another story but to put it simple, Cythia turned the sky queen, Fiora, evil with the power of the infernal demon Skarvoss the Reptilian eater of souls. In the end, blue used the holy water to turn his mom back to normal, and even since that day when he got his mom back and said goodbye to his rodent (hero) friend.



Age: ???

Description: A mysterious ninja for a brutal clan of shinobi called The Freezing Scourpions. Then something happened, and the powerful shinobi of the scorpion were all wiped out by an unknown force. This all happened while Jordan, who was at the time a lazy ninja, was sleeping. Then the Skydragon of Ice, Irene, came to him and protected him form the force. Then, Irene saw it, a man with 3 fingers on one hand, and two on the other, was the one behind all of the killing! Then Irene gave Jordan magical ice kunai, and said that his father, the clan leader, was killed by a "five fingered man." Jordan misunderstood what she said, and now battles any male human he sees, thinking that he is the "five fingered man."

Erath the Scaleborn

age: 2 Moons Old

Description: A young baby wyvern that Ryuuta has chosen to raise. Maybe someday Erath will grow strong enough to carry Ryuuta and his friends around the world! (hint hint) Even though he cannot equip weapons and armors, he has by far the best stats in the game. He can also learn very powerful fire attacks like Flamethrower and Fiery Inferno.


King Slime
Element: Water

Earth Sprit Rarnia
Element: Earth (duh)

Skeletron (from terraria)
Element: Dark

Witch Queen Cynthia
Element: Dark

Oblivion Jaws
Element: Water

Oblivion Nightmare Dreamling
Element: Dark

Sky King Azul
Element: Wind

SECRET BOSSES (spoilers)

Element: Derpy Meme Such Wow

Element: Ice

Betrayed Demon Philup
Element: Absorb/Dark

Element: Fire

The fallen hero Zero has fallen into the abyss that is sorrow and lust to bring back his sister, who sacrificed herself in the great battle of Castle Nightmare 15 years ago. Since then, there has been a great peace in the land of Val. But after 15 years of sleep, Zero finally awakens. Then, in the far off kingdom of Nogard, a young boy Ryuuta is living a normal life for someone who has fire powers and is dreaming to be a Pyro Knight. But then, everything changes when Ryuuta comes face to face with Zero, who wants to kill innocent people to open a demonic door called the oblivion gate, hoping his sister is inside. Then Ryuuta learns of an ancient prophecy and his place in it. Will Ryuuta be able to save his friends from the wrath of a hero turned villain? Will he learn of his true origins and what does Dragons have to do with anything? Find out, in Dragon Ascension.

Latest Blog

My old games have been re-released! But...

Good news, I was able to get both Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension re-released on RMN! Problem is a lot of the game's databases were altered in dramatic ways, making them pretty much completely different games. Currently, no new updates are planned for either game, but I will try to release MV versions of the games before the end of 2019. They will be the same games, just with updated visuals, some gameplay tweaks, and the final update of Dragon Ascension releasing. Thank you for following me though my many breaks and I hope you have a wonderful holiday break!
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  • 01/31/2016 06:35 PM
  • 04/08/2020 03:22 AM
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Hello there and thanks for the game!
Just downloaded and finished your game.
Here is my opinion:

I see many things that can be improved here.

1. Hero's house:
Hero's house is too big, it looks empty. Maybe make it smaller and cozy.

I see that you show the location of the area when the hero just moved to new map, it's good ( I called it function showLocation())! But what if I just forgot to look at it, and now I want to know where I am!? I have to move 2 maps away to look at the location I am in, right? And it's inconvenient!
You should make the location visible on the menu, just above the Gold. When I want to know where I am, just press X, it's simple! And do not discard the function showLocation(), it's good!

Hero's Mom is buggy when I want to rest.

2. Blackberry Town:
And we got an encounter! Sideview on top of that, it's good! As I always think sideview and birdeye view is the best in turn-based RPGs.

Bad news is that the monster sprites do not match the hero's size.
You should check out game like Escalia (IGMC 2015).

The mapping here is good, it's compressed, at least in my opinion.
The buildings (inside) is too big and empty in general, just like hero's house.
The house with opened door but I can't enter... You shouldn't map house like this without saying anything, it will make the player confused.

I have to hold shift to run? It's 2016 and I want to be freed from slavery. Please implementing auto-dash!

3. Blackberry Path:
I just enter Blackberry Path then head back to town, and I'm now at the other side of the town!?

Free roam monster (FRM), no annoying random encounter (RE), impressive!
I think games (this genre) should always be made this way.
If I want to grind, there I go touching the monster.
Bored of grinding? Then I just avoid.
Rushing to find the path to next area or solving puzzle without RE is always good.
The down side is that I can be underleveled (which can be easily solved).

The bad part of your FRM is that it does not respawn ( or respawn not quickly enough if I want to grind). The monster should move very slowly
(though I play at 5xspeed and the monster your monsters still move not very fast, but I'm still annoyed because they chase after me)
or just patrol 2 tiles so that the player can avoid at will, not feeling like being chased by some mad dogs.
(or at least make the lower-level-than-you-monster won't chase)

Mapping: big and empty. The area has many open paths, make the player confused, don't know which leads to the next area and which is impassable.
Solution: block those impassable paths or make the path-that-leads-to-the-next-area more visible.
You should check out the game Hope's Fleet Frontier. It has compressed mapping, blocks impassable path, passable path may lead to secret chest.

4. Blackberry Woods:
Maze is good!

5. Vultia Path:
Again: big and empty, the map should always be compressed.
Impassable path shoud be blocked by rock or wood or whatever. Don't ever make the player confused.

6. Vultia Town:
The town map is compressed, it's good!
Get inside the Inn: it's big and empty again. Some items that confused me because of no clear description. Don't ever make the player confuse, besides funny moments of course.
Sidequest: consider creating Quest Menu if you aim for a big game. And after opening the chest, the item icon should be displayed, the player can know whenever he gets a rare item.

Last: Ideally, the battle system should be like Nocturne: Rebirth (English) without monsters chasing your ass off.

Oh! I should stop here, sorry for keeping bla..bla..bla..

I'm sorry if I annoy you. It's just that seeing you make this game by yourself at this young age, is inspiring. I just want you to improve!
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Thanks for the input! I will try to edit the sprites. THX.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Hey guys and gals! The new update is here! Get it today!
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Guys and Gals! I really need some feedback on the new update! Please help!
Resident Nonexistence
My thoughts thus far after 1 hour

  • the cheaper potions helped
  • slime boss took waaaay too long to kill, IMO (I think it lasted 5 minutes at the least). It's one thing when you're late game and have tons of cool skills and this is like some big bad general guy and it lasts that long, it's another thing when it's the first boss of the game
  • second guy I get can't even use 2/3 of his skills because it seems to need a sword, which caused the last point to last that long, if not longer
  • the cheaper potions let me realize that, out of the 14 I had, it took me 8 (~4000 HP restored) to kill that dang boss
  • second area completely screwed me because I hadn't realized there was another town right there and ran back to buy revivals and potions with my new monies. I subsequently died to rats in the desert because no good weapons aside from yoyo
  • In that first battle (the one where you first see Zero with 2 slimes), if you kill the slime too fast (you equipped the yoyo as soon as you got it) then the other one wouldn't spawn and combat ends

  • Slight misspellings (were instead of where, probally instead of probably mostly)
  • Character's went from referring to Zero as "white haired kid" to his actual name really fast and I don't think they were actually told at any point
  • I'm not the best at picking out story-telling flaws, so I'd try to get someone who'd know what's up to help you on that.. All I can say is the delivery of some of the dialogue reads a bit odd at times

Basically, beyond that, it's actually not that bad; keep polishing this up and I feel like it'll be a pretty cool game. I'll have to pick it back up at another point, when I can, and get to the second town (correctly) so I don't get stomped and can give feedback on the later parts

EDIT: also, if it's possible to put up a download that doesn't have the Ace RTP included, that'd be nice for those of us who already have it

It was under the one link I didn't think to click
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I do have an no RTP download. Just click on the downloads tab and you will see it. Bosses in my game are supposed to be a challenge, so they take longer to kill. If you want to use Tyko's skills, just change his class/or subclass to warrior and you will be fine. Killing the slime too fast will only happen if you get a crit, so I should probably fix that...

Anyways, thanks for the feedback TehGuy! I'm still working on it. Now excuse me, I have to get back to my Clash of Clans town, my Town Hall just upgraded....

Nice game! I might review it but I suck at reviews...

Anyway, keep working!
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
THX RukasuWYZ!
I think i'm stuck on the second town. I finished killing the second boss but the characters always trying to walk past a tree in a cutscene whenever i return to the second town. Is it because i use the RTP download? (Just realized that the no RTP download has the newest update)
EDIT: tried the RTP download and transferred my save and i'm still stuck on the tree.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
@aquatorrent Sorry, but I can't fix your problem. I abandoned this game long ago and don't even have the files for it anymore, so I can't fix it even if I wanted to. Sorry!

(P.S. However a re-imagining of this game in the form of Ebony Chronicles, the third game in the Meteo Trilogy in the Chronicles of Chronicles series is coming soon so stay tuned for that!)
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