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Major Update Coming Saturday!

Hello everyone! Spirit here! As the tyte say, I will be releasing a major update for Dragon Ascension. Here is the change log!
-A new ATB battle system! Yay!
-2 new secret bosses
-More game content. (up to Rockmor Town)
-Rebalanced enemies.
-Rebalanced Bosses.
-Rebalanced prices.
-No more overpriced potions!
-3 new party members.
-2 more normal bosses.
-Redone maps. Including
Ryuuta's Room
Ryuuta's House
Vultia Town
-and finally, the infamous mom glitch is fixed!

In the next update, (sometime around may) expect more story content, (maybe completing the main story) the long awaited Rockmor Arena, Blackberry town completely redone, AND MORE!

That's it for now folks. This game once completed will be 9001 times better than Zero Gear Crap. Wait...

...Its over 9000! Illuminati Confirmed!