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The Major 0.8 Update is Here!

Hello everyone! Spirit here. Today is finally the day. The day that people will behold my true game-creating skills. Today is UPDATE DAY! A day were everyone is so happy that (almost) all the problems that good-old Corfaisus wrote in his review.

Here is the change log!

-A new ATB battle system! Yay!
-2 new secret bosses
-More game content. (up to Rockmor Town)
-Rebalanced enemies.
-Rebalanced Bosses.
-Rebalanced prices.
-No more overpriced potions!
-3 new party members.
-2 more normal bosses.
-Redone maps. Including
Ryuuta's Room
Ryuuta's House
Vultia Town
-a brand new Class system. Every main actor (not secret ones) have at least 2 other classes to choose from and edit!
-and finally, the infamous mom glitch is fixed!

I hope you enjoy the latest and greatest (so far) version of Dragon Ascension!