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Story: A cataclysm has struck the city of Brighton, affecting those in the city and around it.

You are Joanna. The day started off as any other. Low on money and out of gas, you walk yourself to work to put in another dreadful eight hours. But then, you're not sure what happened. The last thing you remember, is a bright flash of light, and now, you are in this mess.

Joanna awakens in the middle of chaos, and the only thing on her mind, is finding her brother.



(Even as I'm remaking, I'm remaking!)
The younger sister. Rough, neurotic, but strong. She is the main character of the game. She's a hard worker, though she's always making mistakes.


Your faithful companion. Loyal, simple, sweet. You've had Benji for several years now. No matter how tight money gets, you always make sure he has plenty of food. He'll always have your back. That's what family is for.


The older brother. Confident and stable. Convinced that Joanna doesn't understand the dire circumstances they find themselves in. They're short on money, and nothing seems to go their way. Still, Ashton stands as a pillar for his sister to lean on.


One of the top doctors in the country. Sharp and full of wit. She's always happy, because everything seems to go well for her. She is entirely self-absorbed in her own work, however, and feels as though the medical community would collapse without her support.


A no-gooder. Ill mannered, hot blooded. Tough. Marcus has never been good at making friends, and he's never cared to do so. He's entirely self-sufficient, and proud of it.

Gameplay: @JRL has undergone a remake, this time taking the game in a different direction than before. Much more narrative driven than previously realized, @JRL is the story of Joanna and her efforts to survive post-cataclysm. There are many choices to be made, and many events to encounter. Combat is turn-based. You will encounter terrible enemies, and unlikely allies. How will Joanna react? What will she find? How will she choose to survive in this post-apocalyptic world?

Design Philosophy: The original form of @JRL, as well as its first remake, resulted in a game very different than I had hoped. Simply put, it wasn't fun for me to play. Because it wasn't fun for me to play, it most likely wasn't going to be fun for you to play, either (if you really want to see what it's like, me and Ritpit play a little bit of it in this video).

So what I'm doing is remaking the game entirely. Fresh graphics, fresh gameplay, brand new, fully developed story. It will be a lot more narrative-driven than before. Players will still be able to make character choices, and those choices will have an impact on the world around them.

My goal is to make a really good game you all will enjoy playing (and possibly replaying), with a lot to it. Please subscribed and stay tuned for more information.

- Entirely custom made graphics, by me.
- Lots of sprite animation.
- Unique blend of humor in a dark world.
- Lots of choices to make, affecting the world around you.
- Plenty of secrets to discover.
- Modern-day RPG.

Progress: Early production. Re-creation of @JRL is underway.

Latest Blog

@JRL Demo Released!!! OMG


Peoples, peoples, calm down. No hyperventilating or shrieks of excitement. It's been a long time coming, but the demo is finally here.

Seriously though, the demo is now available and I hope you enjoy it! You can CLICK RIGHT HERE to start playing it.

So go ahead and do that, and please read this in the meantime.

1. I thought this demo released a while ago?

It did! I kinda' ninja released it. Sorry about that. Things have been quite busy for me and I'm not always at my computer to put in work or write a blog. As some of you may know, things have been incredibly busy for me lately. I don't have as much time as I used to have to devote to game development. I try, every once in a while, but nothing is coming of it.

I have adopted another hobby, drawing (as seen in the image above). It's a ton of fun, and it's quite portable. I've been learning a lot for the short time I've been doing it. It's a huge stress relief for me, and stress relief is something I dearly need right now.

As for my game development, well, I just don't have the stamina for it anymore. On top of that, one of my computers broke down which hosted most of my RPG Maker MV games (hey, I guess my profile motto finally came true!). While I'm writing this, it 3 AM. 3 AM, folks!

But yeah, I released the demo maybe a month ago? A few weeks? I haven't been able to tend to the game since it went into testing. Hence my ninja release. And for that, I am sorry. I had to put it online and I figured I would, in some form, release it for all of you to play. I uploaded it, and then immediately left my computer. What you have now is that @JRL demo.

2. I was a tester. Is this demo the same as the test version?

Unfortunately, yes it is. It's not any different from the test version. All of my testers were extremely helpful and provided amazing feedback! Sadly, I was not able to implement any of that feedback. The good thing is, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Some of you may see a few things and think, "a good tester may have caught this," and you'd be right: all of the people who volunteered to test this game were very helpful! I just wasn't able to adjust anything since then.

3. Are you returning to Game Development?

Not at the moment. Like I mentioned, some things have changed and I'm not at my development computer as much as I used to be. And even then, I just don't have that drive anymore. I've decided to pursue more potentially lucrative opportunities, hoping to make something of myself elsewhere online.

I love making free games, and I enjoyed each and every pixel I put into the art and animation in this @JRL demo. Unfortunately, fun doesn't pay the bills or put food on my table, and that's a big reason why I have to look elsewhere.

4. So what's going to happen to @JRL?

@JRL will unfortunately remain in purgatory for the time being. My game development has all but halted, on all of my projects, and I have no present desire to return. Maybe in the future, if things starts going more smoothly for me, I may. In the meantime, however, I will no longer be developing.

5. Finally, what are your hopes for this demo?

My hope is that you'll play it, enjoy it, share it, review it, critique it, and "Let's Play" it. I hope that you all will have as much fun playing this demo as I had making it. I put a ton of work into it, and it contains my most recent pixel art and pixel animations. A lot of hours went into preparing this demo, and I hope you'll get some fun out of it.

It may be short, it may have some flaws and there may not be much to it, but it's my baby. I hope you enjoy the @JRL demo.


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Somehow this feels wrong but intriguing. Cataclysm perhaps?
Also why is @ upside down?
Did 7DRL come early this year?
I wish. One of these days I'll sit down and learn python to make an actual RL.

Somehow this feels wrong but intriguing. Cataclysm perhaps?
CDDA is definitely one of my favorite RLs! It provided a bit of inspiration for this project, along with, of course, Nethack and some others. This game, of course, will never reach that level of depth. JRL will be a much more story and adventure focused game. My goal is to change the events which take place each time you play (along with items, etc). Got lots of variables to play with, and I want these to affect the plot and different random occurrences.

Also why is @ upside down?
... I never realized I drew it like that...
Greetings. I am your outpost liaison from the Mountainhomes. Let's discuss your situation...
Greetings. I am your outpost liaison from the Mountainhomes. Let's discuss your situation...

Haha, you're gonna' make me download DF again.
I wish. One of these days I'll sit down and learn python to make an actual RL.

If you know other PL, like ruby, c++ or basic you can make RL on them.
Demo download up go play it

Sorry busy, more info later

Have fun!
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