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The lands of Ariathale are suffering because of a terrible energetic crisis. It seems that the Risan Health society has discovered a misterious red crystal that could end this emergency. Join Seth and his companions, travel the ruined world of Ariathale and discover the mystery behind the enigmatic red crystal.

A 100% FREE J-RPG videogame developed by a J-RPG Fan for J-RPG fans!
A compelling story about honor, friendship, betrayal and love
40+ hours of gameplay
19 playable and memorable characters
Many sidequests and minigames
Classic ATB Battle System
Winner of 10 Misaos Awards (2019) ( https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/25014/ )

- Synopsis -

Year 2310.
The world of Ariathale, a planet fueled by the power of Atlas, a mysterious versatile mineral, is facing a heavy crisis period due to mankind's greed.
Many years ago, the planet was filled with these crystal stones, but people started abusing it and the world fell into a state of recession.
The leaders of all ariathalian states met in the Tower-City of Halderos, the most important and rich city of all Ariathale, to decide the future of the planet.
In order to maintain the remaining Atlas resources, those leaders decided to ban the Atlas Technology until they'd find a new energy source capable of substitute the Atlas.
The story begins with Seth, an ex-imperial guard of the Levizoan Empire, escaping from his former comrades.
They are after him because Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis, but the young runaway doesn't want to return to the Vanguards Castle.

- Character descriptions -

To avoid spoilers, I'll show you only 4 of the 19 playable characters of the game! : )
Seth Sheridan:
Seth is a young man tormented by his past. What happened 2 years ago is the cause of his flee from the imperial guards of Reyel: the Vanguards. Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis: a mysterious Red Crystal.

Rudra is an old varzan (wolf-man) of the Marut clan, a shamans and hunters tribe. He was the clan's chief. His life was based on hunt and pray, but something happened to the clan. A rival tribe attacked the Maruts killing everyone even though they were less than them. Rudra says that they won because they used a strange Red Crystal with arcane powers. He follows Seth to discover the origin of this mysterious crystal.

Ferion is a Maverick, a group of rebels that opposes the Halderos Treaty, the treaty that banned the technology. He and his friends use the forbidden technology to help the people of Reikan Empire. He seems to be linked to the Scarlet Wyrms, a dangerous group of criminals looking for the Red Crystal.

A reserved girl that possesses a strange item that seems to be the potential solution of the Crisis. This item is one of the Red Crystals that both the Empires and the Scarlet Wyrms are looking for, and for this reason she will be involved in the adventure. Nadia is considered a witch by the people of her town, because she is the only one that can use Magic, a source of energy that disappeared many centuries ago.

- Features Overview -
Theia is a classic J-RPG game, so we have characters with Level, Experience, HPs, and so on. Characters level-up killing enemies, etc etc.
These are the main gameplay features:
40+ hours of gameplay (about 25-30 of main story, and 10 of subquests, secondary events and minigames)
14 subquests
12 trophies / achievements
5 (6?) different endings

- Characters -

The playable characters of Theia are 19. Each character enters the party with "Guest" condition. As the story progresses, some of them will find a reason to remain with Seth and then lose the condition. A Guest character cannot change his weapons and can't learn new skills.

- Weapon Upgrade and Atlas Shards System -

Each non-guest character has 3 or 4 weapons that can be created and upgraded by using crafting materials.
Many weapons are crafted with Atlas Technology, so the played can insert Atlas Shards inside the weapons to gain bonuses. These weapons also have Atlas Synergies, that unlock extra bonuses according to the equipped shard. This system resembles FFVII's Materia System.

- Skills, Ability Points -

The characters don't learn and upgrade skill by leveling up, but by using Ability Points (AP), a pool of points shared by all the characters.

- Exceed Technique -

The classic Limit Break. Each character has a bar to fill during the combat. When the bar is filled, the Exceed Technique, a powerful attack or buff, can be used. Each character fills the bar using a specific battle command (we can see this command in the Status Menu). Each character has his unique EX-Technique. At the end of a battle, the Exceed bar will empty.

- Mastery and Mastery Skills -

In the right side of the battle screen, there is the Mastery Bar: a special bar that charges up by using aggressive commands such as Attack and Skills, and unloads by defending or using items. The more the bar is loaded, the more bonuses we will receive at the end of the battle depending on the characters we are using. Each characters grants a bonus (EXP, AP, money, HP or SP recovery). We can also use this bar to apply passive bonuses by activating Mastery Skills.
The Mastery Skills are special passive skills unlockable by using APs, that grants bonuses during the combat. We can "equip" a Mastery Skill in the Skill Menu and set it at Level 1, 2 or 3. Obviously, the skills is more powerful at Level 3, but it is also more difficult to charge up the Domain Bar until it reaches the selected level.

- Camp -

While traveling in the World Map, the player can access to the Camp, where he can talk to the other party members and increase (or decrease) their stats, learn new infos about the lore and the characters, and also gain new skills that can be used in combat.

- Hunts -

During the adventure, the player may find Hunting Guilds that allows him to hunt down powerful enemies to gain rare items and equipments. The functioning is similar to FFXII's Hunts.

Latest Blog

New videos by german and spanish players!

Hi guys, now that the german and spanish versions of the game are online, some new players started Let's Play series and streams on Youtube and Twitch!
(In german and spanish, of course ^^)

Eternal Games (German)

Koshirano (German)

KeruPuu (Spanish)


@Raiem: I'm glad you liked all the characters (almost XD). Nadia can be useful in endgame... by boosting her Strength! Her second weapon deals massive physical damage if you build her correctly.

I'm sorry for the guide, but I just don't have time now to complete it. I apologize >___<"
I hope you'll find all the shards.
I've compiled a list of permanently missable items for those who are really afraid of missing out on something, but let's face it: Only the permanently missable Gaia Shards (and maybe two permanently missable optional boss fights with non-unique item drops) are of concern - unless you want to achieve S rank in the opened treasure chests category (for which you can afford to miss 10 treasure chests at most).

Without further ado:

Permanently missable Gaia Shards in order of appearance:
- Reyel Castle, chapter II (Shylock's mission)
- Ship (Ezmith to Ismail during story event)
- Roland Wing (first trip/version)
- Leaving Mystia City during chapter VII
- Oritrain Millennium
- Reyel, chapter IX events
- Ship (to Agharford)
- Tamalian Castle (Borghetti)

Everything else:

Reyel, prologue: Invigorating Oil (soldier 1), Shining Dew (soldier 2)

Reyel Castle, chapter II events, one-time-only location/dungeon: Venoma (assailant)

Reyel, chapter II events, one-time-only location/dungeon: 2 Ethereal Quartz, Arcane Shards (both from injured soldier)

Reyel Castle, chapter II after the aforementioned Chapter II events in Reyel: Shylock's mission (rewards: Gaia Shard, Chelonia, Running Shoes) can only be completed during chapter II, which means before boarding the ship to Ezmith.

Bridge connecting Reyel and Ismail: Safety Gloves (behind the upper car): Location becomes inaccessible as soon as the player travels from Ismail to Ezmith per ship (end of chapter II).

Ship (Ismail/Ezmith), two one-time-only trips:
Can be obtained once altogether during both one-time-only trips (Ismail to Ezmith and Ezmith to Ismail): Indigo Shard, Bronze Tear (barrel near Indigo Shard, hidden/invisible), Bread, Safety Gloves
Only during the second trip (Ezmith to Ismail), and only during the special events that unfold here: Gaia Shard, 1000 Zenit

Risan's Mansion, laboratory, one-time-only location/dungeon: The optional boss fight against Redguard TOX45 (walking into one of the laser barriers in the final room) and its 100% guaranteed item drop Bleeding Rush (non-unique) can be permanently missed, whereas the dungeon's three treasure chests are transported to Risan's Mansion's main hall (east wing) during the chapter VI events. Technically, the laboratory can be revisited, but only before the party is supposed to return to Risan's Mansion during chapter VI, and I'm not sure if the optional boss can still be challenged after the first visit.

Roland Wing, two one-time-only trips/versions:
First trip/version: Gaia Shard, 2000 Zenit, Overalls, 3 Ethereal Pearls
Second trip/version: Impetus
Note: After the second version, there's a short time frame during which the player can explore the first version again, and as far as I can tell, all items should still be available then (but don't count on it). This is also another opportunity to open the treasure chest that contains Impetus from the second version - while it's not exactly in the same place, it's the same treasure chest (in the same room).

Merton City, hideout, one-time-only location/dungeon: Celestial Shards, 4000 Zenit, Tech Armor V.2

Leaving Mystia City during chapter VII, one-time-only location/dungeon: Gaia Shard

Oritrain Millennium, one-time-only location/dungeon: Gaia Shard, Amber Nucleus (next to vending machine, hidden/invisible), Life Nucleus (left bench seat in upper right corner on save point map, hidden/invisible), 3 Bombs, Soothing Shards, Red Fluid

Lancaster Mansion, Illusion Dungeon, one-time-only location/dungeon: The optional boss fight against Bibliodaemon (purple book) and its 100% guaranteed item drop Puriphia (non-unique) can be permanently missed, whereas the Gaia Shard and the four treasure chests that can be found inside this dungeon are - upon leaving - transported to Lancaster Mansion's main hall.

Reyel, chapter IX events, one-time-only location/dungeon: Gaia Shard

Reyel Castle, chapter IX events, one-time-only location/dungeon: 5 Soul Pearls, 2 Golden Shards, 5 Healing Pearls, 5 Ethereal Pearls

Ship (to Agharford), one-time-only trip: Gaia Shard

Tamalian Castle (Borghetti), one-time-only location/dungeon: Gaia Shard

Camp: Mineral Scale, Obsidian Scale, Food Ration (all hidden/invisible): Can only be obtained once altogether and must be obtained before completing Seth's scenario in chapter XI (no more camping afterwards).

The Altar: Original Light, Shards Trophy (rewards for collecting 99 Gaia Shards) - if the player didn't collect one or more of the permanently missable Gaia Shards. Original Light is required to unlock the post-game secret chapter.

Furthermore, the best rewards for completing puzzle/stealth sections can be permanently missed, but they only consist of (more) XP, AP or Zenit.

Feel free to make me aware of things I've failed to include in this list.
Hey guys I just got the Planetary Stone, I looked around and couldn't find where to use it, any help?

Edit: nvm found it

Edit2: how does the max EXP buff state works? I got it but my stats are the same and I didn't get any extra skill or anything. Am I missing something?
The way I understand it, Apeiron Mode is granted to a party member that reaches level 99 and 9999999 XP, and buffs the party member's stats (STR, RES, SPR and DEX) to 999 during battle only. There isn't any visual or other indication that Apeiron Mode is active, but four party members in Apeiron Mode, equipped with their maxed out best weapons, Epic Garbs and Puriphia Eternas, should be able to defeat every foe.

One segment in the official Italian guide seems to indicate that a party member has to reach 999 in every stat first (using stats-up items) in order to achieve Apeiron Mode, but that would mean a ridiculous amount of grinding, and it would be in direct contradiction to what the game states (in the English version).
A character enters in Apeiron mode when he maxes his XPs out (9999999 XP). After that, the character gets 999 to each stat, 9999 HPs and 999 SPs. Reaching this state literally breaks the game but whatever XD

However, as already told, you can double the base stats with EX-Fighter, EX-Caster, Epic Garb and Divinitas to reach 1998 in each stat.

I suggest to farm XPs in the Extremordeal. It's fairly easy with the correct party and build : )
If that's how it's supposed to work, then I second Krazael's doubts and suspect that Apeiron Mode currently might not work at all. The members of my main party had all level 99 and 9999999 XP, but didn't get their stats maxed out. If the stats boost also affects HP and SP, then I can definitely rule out my former presumption that Apeiron Mode only activates during battles, since I didn't experience a HP and SP boost. It's probably a good idea to look into this. Maybe Puriphia Eternas, negating all negative states, also negate Apeiron Mode? That would be hilarious. :D

For easy XP farming, it's advised to use Martia (her weapon's XP bonus) and Dael (her XP boosting accessory) as party members and set Innate Gift (XP Bonus) level 3 as Mastery. The first enemy encounter in Extremordeal's Corridor of Noon can be farmed for around 220000 XP this way.
Yeah like Kyle said even at lvl 99 with 9999999 XP it doesn't show 999 in each stats nor 9999 HP in battle.

Edit: does it show 1998 on the stats menu or is it only in battle? even with EX-Fighter/Epic Garb it still says 999 for me (I already maxed it with stats-up)
The Aperion Mode only seems to work occassionally. Sometimes I have seen better stats in the gear menu. But I also think that it is broken.

You don't need 4 Epic Garbs, you can reach a similar effect with Divinitas Atlas and other legendary gear.

That was my party setup for the Extreamordeal Final Boss:
Seth (8311 HP, 630 SP, 1998 STR, 1822 RES, 1746 SPR, 1754 DEX): Broken Heart LV 3, Unveil, Gaia Stone, Epic Garb
Martia (7007 HP, 430 SP, 1998 STR, 1216 RES, 1282 SPR, 1396 DEX): Guardia Eterna LV 3, Furya EX, Divinitas, Azaros Memories
Dael (4900 HP, 620 SP, 999 STR, RES, SPR & DEX): Prometheus LV 3, Halve, Puriphia Eterna, Sgravatta
Horus (7808 HP, 200 SP, 880 STR, 553 RES, 600 SPR, 663 DEX): Guardia Eterna LV 3, Unveil, Divinitas, Hauberk of Rah
Mastery: Shroud of Light LV 3

Other maxed characters:
Ferion (6006 HP, 308 SP, 931 STR, 353 RES, 496 SPR, 805 DEX): R.W. Prototype LV 3, Fa.L.C.O. BETA, EX-Figther, Miser's Gloves for ZN-Grinding
Rudra (8509 HP, 350 SP, 999 STR, 999 RES, 462 SPR, 755 DEX): Garm LV 3, Omnia OMEGA, Mura Eterna, Eternal Bastion)
I'll check the Apeiron Mode. It should work properly but I guess I may have missed something XD

The stats in the menu can be bugged a little because RPGMaker2003 sucks. The StatsX2 buffs are "States", just as Bleed, Blur and the others, and sometimes RPGMaker decides to hide then from the menu. That's terribile, imho, but I couldn't figure out how to fix that so I left it as it is.
I'm sorry, but after all these years I decided to left something behind. I couldn't take it anymore XD
Yeah I just got back to the game and now it shows 1998 on the stats menu (maybe you have to restart the game? idk)
Is there anything special if you get all the trophies? If so, is there a guide for Weapons and upgrade materials (like the pure ones)? I missed Nadia's 2nd weapon. I think I have everything else

I just beat the game and got the A ending, turns out I missed 4 trophies xD and a few chests
This is the best RPG Maker game I've ever played (over 60 hours on it) It was a really good game man, good job! Looking for more games of yours to play!
Is there anything special if you get all the trophies? If so, is there a guide for Weapons and upgrade materials (like the pure ones)? I missed Nadia's 2nd weapon. I think I have everything else

The guide is still in the final work.
Some rare Atlas can be bought in the auction house of Mystia.

Special Atlas locations: Pure Atlas (Hawks Home 150 chests), Red Atlas (story), Roaring Atlas (Emerald Abyss), Primeevil Atlas (Mystia Slums), Exhausted Atlas (Maverick's Hideout), Pure Atlas & Orichalcon (Atlas Altar), Raging Atlas (Aven Pass), Mighty Atlas (Benedicta), Shining Atlas (Borgol), Rare Atlas (Reyel, story), Gaseous Atlas (Sidereal Eye), Sharp Atlas (Sands of Oblivion), Pure Atlas (Tamalian), Mamoreal Atlas (story), Pure Atlas & Spiritual Atlas (Carver's Village), Healing Atlas & Pure Atlas (Halderos, containment area), Abyssal Atlas (Reyel, sidequest), Misty Atlas (Risan Mansion), Pure Atlas (Garm Summit), Voltaic Atlas (Halderos, Hades), Celestial Atlas & Sidereal Atlas (Ancestral Archieves), Oneiric Atlas & Scarlet Atlas & Pure Orihalcon (Mystia, Auction House), Pure Orihalcon (Altilliah's Heart, Dark Side of the Moon, Halderos Containment area story, Arenathale, Hawk's Nest for 250 chests)
Thank you Krazael! : )
You can find Nadia's weapon in the Mystia's Slums, but you need Ferion to open a red chest that contains a key to unlock a door there.
Since Lollo seems to always forget about this...

(if you liked the game, leave us a review!)
Hey,Lollo. So I've been playing this game, and I'm really enjoying it, especially the story, though as I'm sure you know, the translation is littered with mistakes.

As such, is it possible if I can help out in proofreading the translation? I once helped out in proofreading another Italian-to-English translated game, Pocket Quest (maybe you've heard of it before), and I think this game could really use proofreading as well.
I sent Lollo a ton of screenshots detailing spelling mistakes, so it would be best if he made use of them first. If you wanted to proofread the improved version then, be my guest, since I probably didn't catch every careless mistake. However, if you started right now, you would only repeat most of my work.

Are you up for a less stressful round of proofreading in a few months? I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, don't forget that we love you for translating Japanese games, which means most people wouldn't consider the elimination of a few remaining spelling mistakes the best use of your time. ;)
I sent Lollo a ton of screenshots detailing spelling mistakes, so it would be best if he made use of them first. If you wanted to proofread the improved version then, be my guest, since I probably didn't catch every careless mistake. However, if you started right now, you would only repeat most of my work.

Are you up for a less stressful round of proofreading in a few months? I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand, don't forget that we love you for translating Japanese games, which means most people wouldn't consider the elimination of a few remaining spelling mistakes the best use of your time. ;)

Glad to know that someone else is proofreading it :) That's what I'm hoping for most of all. Because this game deserves to be proofread to ensure that it's of the best quality.

I don't mind just playing through the improved version :)
Thanks for your concern and support, I really appreciate that! :D
I'll try to fix everything as soon as possibile, guys. Just hang in there ;)
So, I'm at the point where I got all D-class atlas and all but 1 E-class atlas, the Oneiric Atlas which unlocks Arcana. Can anyone give me a hint as to where to get that? Is it related to a red chest?

EDIT: Nvm, just saw Firefly84's post on this lol. No wonder I couldn't find it.

EDIT2: Found a game-breaking crash bug. Using Nion's Gravity Break Level 1 causes the error "The file Spezzagravit * 2 cannot be opened" I think it's the naming convention. The file in the folder is called Spezzagravita 2, but I think in the RPG Maker 2003, it's called Spezzagravit * 2.

Most likely, it's due to the file name, whiose last letter is an Italian letter (the last "a"), not an English letter.
Damn, now it has been unveiled that I only used Nion's Gravity Break after at least one upgrade. :D