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Hi there, I'm here to present to the forums my last RPG made with RPG Maker 2003: Theia - The Crimson Eclipse. The game is now complete and you can download it from the game's official website for free, obviously!


- Synopsis -

Year 2310.
The world of Ariathale, a planet fueled by the power of Atlas, a mysterious versatile mineral, is facing a heavy crisis period due to mankind's greed.
Many years ago, the planet was filled with these crystal stones, but people started abusing it and the world fell into a state of recession.
The leaders of all ariathalian states met in the Tower-City of Halderos, the most important and rich city of all Ariathale, to decide the future of the planet.
In order to maintain the remaining Atlas resources, those leaders decided to ban the Atlas Technology until they'd find a new energy source capable of substitute the Atlas.
The story begins with Seth, an ex-imperial guard of the Levizoan Empire, escaping from his former comrades.
They are after him because Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis, but the young runaway doesn't want to return to the Vanguards Castle.

- Character descriptions -

To avoid spoilers, I'll show you only 4 of the 19 playable characters of the game! : )
Seth Sheridan:
Seth is a young man tormented by his past. What happened 2 years ago is the cause of his flee from the imperial guards of Reyel: the Vanguards. Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis: a mysterious Red Crystal.

Rudra is an old varzan (wolf-man) of the Marut clan, a shamans and hunters tribe. He was the clan's chief. His life was based on hunt and pray, but something happened to the clan. A rival tribe attacked the Maruts killing everyone even though they were less than them. Rudra says that they won because they used a strange Red Crystal with arcane powers. He follows Seth to discover the origin of this mysterious crystal.

Ferion is a Maverick, a group of rebels that opposes the Halderos Treaty, the treaty that banned the technology. He and his friends use the forbidden technology to help the people of Reikan Empire. He seems to be linked to the Scarlet Wyrms, a dangerous group of criminals looking for the Red Crystal.

A reserved girl that possesses a strange item that seems to be the potential solution of the Crisis. This item is one of the Red Crystals that both the Empires and the Scarlet Wyrms are looking for, and for this reason she will be involved in the adventure. Nadia is considered a witch by the people of her town, because she is the only one that can use Magic, a source of energy that disappeared many centuries ago.

- Features Overview -
Theia is a classic J-RPG game, so we have characters with Level, Experience, HPs, and so on. Characters level-up killing enemies, etc etc.
These are the main gameplay features:
40+ hours of gameplay (about 25-30 of main story, and 10 of subquests, secondary events and minigames)
14 subquests
12 trophies / achievements
4 different endings

- Characters -

The playable characters of Theia are 19. Each character enters the party with "Guest" condition. As the story progresses, some of them will find a reason to remain with Seth and then lose the condition. A Guest character cannot change his weapons and can't learn new skills.

- Weapon Upgrade and Atlas Shards System -

Each non-guest character has 3 or 4 weapons that can be created and upgraded by using crafting materials.
Many weapons are crafted with Atlas Technology, so the played can insert Atlas Shards inside the weapons to gain bonuses. These weapons also have Atlas Synergies, that unlock extra bonuses according to the equipped shard. This system resembles FFVII's Materia System.

- Skills, Ability Points -

The characters don't learn and upgrade skill by leveling up, but by using Ability Points (AP), a pool of points shared by all the characters.

- Exceed Technique -

The classic Limit Break. Each character has a bar to fill during the combat. When the bar is filled, the Exceed Technique, a powerful attack or buff, can be used. Each character fills the bar using a specific battle command (we can see this command in the Status Menu). Each character has his unique EX-Technique. At the end of a battle, the Exceed bar will empty.

- Mastery and Mastery Skills -

In the right side of the battle screen, there is the Mastery Bar: a special bar that charges up by using aggressive commands such as Attack and Skills, and unloads by defending or using items. The more the bar is loaded, the more bonuses we will receive at the end of the battle depending on the characters we are using. Each characters grants a bonus (EXP, AP, money, HP or SP recovery). We can also use this bar to apply passive bonuses by activating Mastery Skills.
The Mastery Skills are special passive skills unlockable by using APs, that grants bonuses during the combat. We can "equip" a Mastery Skill in the Skill Menu and set it at Level 1, 2 or 3. Obviously, the skills is more powerful at Level 3, but it is also more difficult to charge up the Domain Bar until it reaches the selected level.

- Camp -

While traveling in the World Map, the player can access to the Camp, where he can talk to the other party members and increase (or decrease) their stats, learn new infos about the lore and the characters, and also gain new skills that can be used in combat.

- Hunts -

During the adventure, the player may find Hunting Guilds that allows him to hunt down powerful enemies to gain rare items and equipments. The functioning is similar to FFXII's Hunts.

Trailer (2014)


Latest Blog


Hey guys! Here we are, finally. I updated the homepage of Theia's site with the Orihalcon Edition!

You can download the game here:

So... what's inside this new version of the game?
- Dialogues and bug fix (various). We received tons of screenshots and messages! We are really thankful for your support!
- Extra scenes added in Chapter 7 and 13.
- One(?) additional ending. You have to find out how to unlock it ; )
- You can now unlock all the endings in the same playthrough by speaking with some NPCs.

The savestates of your game are compatible with the older version of the game, so you can copy all your Save files in the new version's directory!

Of course, if you find some errors or bugs, write here in the forum or send an e-mail to theiarpg@gmail.com.

Bye and enjoy!
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  • 03/17/2019
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I was sold when I found out there was dynamic hood toggling. Real talk though, The game is astounding ^^
...I need to find the free time so I can continue playing through it
You will be able following the story.
Only one problem getting daels weapon they wont let you in restricted area - Thanks
I think I noted all Masteries/Dominus in my guide, from when you can obtain them in chronological order.
The Mastery Skills can be unlocked only if you have a specific Dominus. I don't remember all the Dominus locations... I have to check.

But for now I can tell you the locations for the weapons!

ARCANA - Mystia’s Auction House
TISIPHONE - Aven Pass (Reikan Empire)
BROKEN HEART - Complete Echo Squad Chronicles quest

IMPERIA - Emerald Abyss (Mystia Fief)
JUGGERNAUT - Locked house in Benedicta
GARM - Touch the spirits in the Carver’s Village

GAIA CLAW - Mystia Slums behind the locked door
NEBULA - Sidereal Eye, beyond the lasers inside Famine room
HOLY HEART - Altilliah’s Ancestral Archives
M79 CUSTOM - Inside Mavericks’ hideout
GREED CC48 - dropped by Meister in Chapter 9
REDWOLF PROTOTYPE - Mystia’s Auction House

SANCTARIUM - Borgol Prison
MURASAME - Inside a chest in Sands of Oblivion (Karelet Empire)
GUARDIA ETERNA - Halderos’ Throne room in the Final Chapter

GAUNTLET X - dropped by Defensive Protocol in Chapter 11
MARTYR ROSE - Return in Risan’s Manor in the Final Chapter

PROMETHEUS - Altilliah’s Ancestral Archives

However, I finished translating the missing parts. I need to test some stuff and then I’ll upload the new version.
My internet connection sucks, so it will take some time to upload the game XD
Never mind - I figured it out ! You wouldn't happen to have a weapon location list ?? Thanks !
Thanks what I meant on the mastery was I don't have the innate gift to unlock the skils - where is that ? Thanks !
Hope your still reading these ! Great game - don't understand so few downloads !! Two questions - how on mastery skills do I get dominus - don't understand ! Also how do I get past 99 to 999999 ? Thanks for any help - as said - Great Game !!

The Aperion Mode is currently bugged and not working as intended.
To reach the Aperion Mode you must earn EXP of the character to the maximum.

Sometimes you will notice a higher number on your stats in the equipement menu, but it is switched on and off and is currently not reliable.

You can equip your masteries in choosing one and set a level for it. If you want to really grind out your masteries foe EXP or AP, use equipment with Dominus +, Auto Dominus or even the one that starts with level 2 but drops your HP to 1 (Dominus Atlas). Then you can set the mastery level on 2 or even 3, but you will only get the bonus when you reach that set level.

The Mastery/Dominus bar will rise with your attacks/skills but decrease when you are hit.

Have fun.
Hope your still reading these ! Great game - don't understand so few downloads !! Two questions - how on mastery skills do I get dominus - don't understand ! Also how do I get past 99 to 999999 ? Thanks for any help - as said - Great Game !!
2) Still missing the rare item though, at least that's what the computer in Albatros says :/ and I have no idea what it is.

If it is quest related, look into my guide. You can download it on page 6.
1) It turned out that I missed to upgrade one of Nadia's weapon and I finally got the Master Forger trophy lol (I already have the materials needed).

2) Still missing the rare item though, at least that's what the computer in Albatros says :/ and I have no idea what it is.
I think you've answered your own questions. All rare items at the auction house can only be bought once, and the game warns you in case there aren't any rare items left. The two rare weapon Atlases that can be bought at the auction house are Oneiric Atlas and Scarlet Atlas. There aren't any "duplicates", so just buy the remaining Atlas when it pops up, upgrade it and enjoy your trophy.
Hello... I am playing in italian (SONO ITALIANO) and by far it's one of the best free games EVER.

Anyway, I have found a game breaking bug in the extremordalia... the foe's attack "VAMPACAOS" (you know what I am talking about)can freeze game: the afflicted foe continues attacking and the others, freeze. forever. I had to quit after one hour of pure grinding :D I HATE YOU

I have completed pretty anything. The missable gaia stone in the very beginning was a dirty move. I HATE YOU EVEN MORE!

It happened to me as well for several times! That particular skill gives you BLOCK status that makes your character unable to do anything for 2 turns. But the bug makes your character freezes without any options to choose and your other char ATBs stuck that makes the game also stuck and you can't do anything but to reset the game. And I think this bug occurs on every enemies who inflict BLOCK status, not only the one in Extremordalia.

However, there was one time when I got stuck I mashed random buttons (like directions and z + x) and I managed to activate auto battle mode and got me out of this predicament. Yay me!

And I got a couple of questions here:

1) How to get Master Forger trophy? I have forged every weapons and upgraded them to lv.3 and yet there's no trophy being awarded :/ And this is my very last trophy to be collected.

2) I'm missing one last (I think) rare item in the auction, and I swear I have tried no less than a hundred times with the meta f12 skill I mastered to find it but it won't show up! It's just so frustrating >_< I've gotten all the rare atlas for the weapons, and I think I saw a duplicate of rare atlas being auctioned (don't remember the name tho) but I skipped it since I owned it already.

Maybe I just need to get that duplicate atlas and then forge it (again) to get my trophy *sighs*

Anyway it's one of the best game I've ever played in RMN! Well done :D
@Dracon204: The Original Light works like a switch. If it's in your inventory when you beat the final boss, you're taken to the extra chapter, so you don't have to use or deliver it anywhere.
The save files are compatible. The game is the same, I just fixed some errors : )

You can do a backup if you want. You'll find the files named Save01, 02, 03 (and so on) in the game's directory.
So there's a little more translating to be done? Well, I have completed everything EXCEPT the extra chapter (very fun superboss by the way!), and I finally got the Original Light. I don't know where to use it, though. Once I see that extra chapter, I'll be finished - but I'll probably wait till the translation is out. I'm just concerned at what will happen to my save data if I download the update, though. Not sure how rpgmaker games work in that respect.
I fixed almost everything. I just need to translate the untranslated parts in the extra chapter. Then I'll update the release so the new players will play a better version of the game and then I'll add the scenes in the final release : )
Well, I'm somehow relieved that I didn't just imagine Apeiron Mode not working. At least I can guarantee that level 99 and Epic Garb suffice to be able to complete everything in the game. Also, it could always be worse, like - for example - in War of Two Worlds, where two of the major stats (defense and intelligence, if I remember correctly) don't work at all. :D
Ok guys, I found the bug. The Apeiron mode doesn't work in the current version XD
I'm so sorry I noticed that just now.

I'm still working on the translation and text errors, but the work is almost finished. Then I'll add the Fifth Ending (and the chapter seven's extra scene) and then I can release the new version. ; )
Stay tuned!
I really recommend to download my guide (link of page 6). There you will find anything to complete your game from items to strategies.
I am assuming your guide is also incomplete? I recall seeing stuff in the auction house that you did not list once I got to the final chapter, so that clued me in.

Only the auction house might me incomplete, but all rare stuff is already listed. I didn't compare it with the original at this point, but I did compare the Gaia Shards!