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Hi there, I'm here to present to the forums my last RPG made with RPG Maker 2003: Theia - The Crimson Eclipse. The game is now complete and you can download it from the game's official website for free, obviously!



- Synopsis -

Year 2310.
The world of Ariathale, a planet fueled by the power of Atlas, a mysterious versatile mineral, is facing a heavy crisis period due to mankind's greed.
Many years ago, the planet was filled with these crystal stones, but people started abusing it and the world fell into a state of recession.
The leaders of all ariathalian states met in the Tower-City of Halderos, the most important and rich city of all Ariathale, to decide the future of the planet.
In order to maintain the remaining Atlas resources, those leaders decided to ban the Atlas Technology until they'd find a new energy source capable of substitute the Atlas.
The story begins with Seth, an ex-imperial guard of the Levizoan Empire, escaping from his former comrades.
They are after him because Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis, but the young runaway doesn't want to return to the Vanguards Castle.

- Character descriptions -

To avoid spoilers, I'll show you only 4 of the 19 playable characters of the game! : )
Seth Sheridan:
Seth is a young man tormented by his past. What happened 2 years ago is the cause of his flee from the imperial guards of Reyel: the Vanguards. Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis: a mysterious Red Crystal.

Rudra is an old varzan (wolf-man) of the Marut clan, a shamans and hunters tribe. He was the clan's chief. His life was based on hunt and pray, but something happened to the clan. A rival tribe attacked the Maruts killing everyone even though they were less than them. Rudra says that they won because they used a strange Red Crystal with arcane powers. He follows Seth to discover the origin of this mysterious crystal.

Ferion is a Maverick, a group of rebels that opposes the Halderos Treaty, the treaty that banned the technology. He and his friends use the forbidden technology to help the people of Reikan Empire. He seems to be linked to the Scarlet Wyrms, a dangerous group of criminals looking for the Red Crystal.

A reserved girl that possesses a strange item that seems to be the potential solution of the Crisis. This item is one of the Red Crystals that both the Empires and the Scarlet Wyrms are looking for, and for this reason she will be involved in the adventure. Nadia is considered a witch by the people of her town, because she is the only one that can use Magic, a source of energy that disappeared many centuries ago.

- Features Overview -
Theia is a classic J-RPG game, so we have characters with Level, Experience, HPs, and so on. Characters level-up killing enemies, etc etc.
These are the main gameplay features:
40+ hours of gameplay (about 25-30 of main story, and 10 of subquests, secondary events and minigames)
14 subquests
12 trophies / achievements
5 (6?) different endings

- Characters -

The playable characters of Theia are 19. Each character enters the party with "Guest" condition. As the story progresses, some of them will find a reason to remain with Seth and then lose the condition. A Guest character cannot change his weapons and can't learn new skills.

- Weapon Upgrade and Atlas Shards System -

Each non-guest character has 3 or 4 weapons that can be created and upgraded by using crafting materials.
Many weapons are crafted with Atlas Technology, so the played can insert Atlas Shards inside the weapons to gain bonuses. These weapons also have Atlas Synergies, that unlock extra bonuses according to the equipped shard. This system resembles FFVII's Materia System.

- Skills, Ability Points -

The characters don't learn and upgrade skill by leveling up, but by using Ability Points (AP), a pool of points shared by all the characters.

- Exceed Technique -

The classic Limit Break. Each character has a bar to fill during the combat. When the bar is filled, the Exceed Technique, a powerful attack or buff, can be used. Each character fills the bar using a specific battle command (we can see this command in the Status Menu). Each character has his unique EX-Technique. At the end of a battle, the Exceed bar will empty.

- Mastery and Mastery Skills -

In the right side of the battle screen, there is the Mastery Bar: a special bar that charges up by using aggressive commands such as Attack and Skills, and unloads by defending or using items. The more the bar is loaded, the more bonuses we will receive at the end of the battle depending on the characters we are using. Each characters grants a bonus (EXP, AP, money, HP or SP recovery). We can also use this bar to apply passive bonuses by activating Mastery Skills.
The Mastery Skills are special passive skills unlockable by using APs, that grants bonuses during the combat. We can "equip" a Mastery Skill in the Skill Menu and set it at Level 1, 2 or 3. Obviously, the skills is more powerful at Level 3, but it is also more difficult to charge up the Domain Bar until it reaches the selected level.

- Camp -

While traveling in the World Map, the player can access to the Camp, where he can talk to the other party members and increase (or decrease) their stats, learn new infos about the lore and the characters, and also gain new skills that can be used in combat.

- Hunts -

During the adventure, the player may find Hunting Guilds that allows him to hunt down powerful enemies to gain rare items and equipments. The functioning is similar to FFXII's Hunts.

Trailer (2014)


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Yeah, thanks guys, I figured it out. I was super sleepy in the evening and must have missed the dialog.
@teemor: It helps to read the text/dialogue carefully. I never had trouble knowing what to do next. (Only some hidden optional stuff I found from the guides - I would have missed that but noticed when Gaia shards would have been missing.)


I just finished the game. About 50 hours. (Yeah. I'm a bit slow. Already in early game I went back to every previous map still accessible once I got new chars with special skills - to look without guide for items/chests.)

Got almost everything S ranked. Even all the chests. I just left out the very last optional boss for the last trophy. Since all the other stuff was doable without beating him. Wasn't too much grind since the optional dungeon was fun as well and while doing the missions, hunts and Arena and upgrading weapons I already leveled and at some point everything had gotten easy.

I mainly used Seth, Martia, Rudra and Dael. Dael for heals. Martia for additional heals and revive and removing debuffs. Rudra for a bit of damage. Mai damage dealers were Seth and Martia - with both the "Double" in attack Atlas slot. And Divinitas and stuff like that to really boost them. Basically just auto attacking throughout the optional dungeon - even most of the bosses. + Heal every now and then. Only the last boss where Atlas jamming was active and I had to use Neval, Mithras and Dael was a bit hard. But Martia and her Heroic Blade did the job + helping with healing every now and then and the Mastery that helps vs. debuffs.


Not going to write a review. (English is not my native language and I'm too lazy to write a structured review. But as I already mentioned: I liked the game for it's many chars and the long plot and good gameplay. Usually I look for games with good plot but often they are too short or not enough chars ... or gameplay annoying (too hard/grindy) so I can't experience the plot until the end.

Here everything on hard mode was possible. Only drinking contest was too hard. But wasn't an important thing. :D

I'm not going to try the optional last boss and not going to play for the other endings. Once is enough for me.

The menu and the lots of different stuff (chars with special mechanics like for opening locked chests, terminals and hidden items, hunts/missions) were nice and kept the gameplay fun as well throughout the whole game. (Every time something new until the end with the bonus dungeon.)

The split party stuff was nice as well. (I think Forever's End was doing something similar.)

Stuff I wouldn't have found without the comments here or some guide:
Dark side of the Moon which wasn't shown on the minimap. And one Gaia shard behind some exit in the bonus dungeon. And I did not need to grind for Apeirion mode since I didn't do the optional last boss.

Bonus chapter was nice but nothing special. Some italian text still left in the game. (Especially at the bonus chapter during some text not in text boses but directly on screen - and in the bonus dungeon when explaining the locked paths where you need to have specific party members in the party to pass through.)


Now I'm really in the mood for more games he he. Too bad my favorite subscribed games where I'm waiting (Forever's End, Love and War, Beloved rapture) on here aren't really making progress.

Definitely going to watch out for more games from you as well should you realese anything with a longer game duration in the future.
Please help.

how do i get to the airship hangar the 1st time? the door is red (locked) and i think im missing the 3rd party member (the girls's companion)? is my game bugged?

last dialog was about getting the airship and that it will be ready in 2 hours or something.

You have to
talk to Lademis (Emperor's son) and then go to the Mystia's Pub in the city to recruit Sophet's companion.
Please help.

how do i get to the airship hangar the 1st time? the door is red (locked) and i think im missing the 3rd party member (the girls's companion)? is my game bugged?

last dialog was about getting the airship and that it will be ready in 2 hours or something.

Have you downloaded my guide (some posts above)? There you can read all you need to enter the hangar.
Please help.

how do i get to the airship hangar the 1st time? the door is red (locked) and i think im missing the 3rd party member (the girls's companion)? is my game bugged?

last dialog was about getting the airship and that it will be ready in 2 hours or something.
It would have been awesome if Ferion had been a third "romance" option, similar to how (minor Final Fantasy VII spoiler ahead)
Cloud - if he fails to bewitch one of the girls - is paired up with Barret during the dating cutscene.
I was away from home for some days, and I returned just now. I see a lot of comments! I'm glad that the most of you liked the game! It's awesome : )
Leave a review, if you liked it! I'd really appreciate that!

For the endings, Firefly answered correctly. The fifth ending will be included in the next release (I'm still fixind the errors, but the job is almost done XD) and the other four endings depend on the romance and the "Lademis Choice". And the romance path will be "locked" in the cutscene written above by Luthan.
Actually according to the Italian guide (which I used Google translate to understand a bit):
At the Maverick hideout in some chapter where you need to talk with all the chars and then go back to your room ... you either meet Nadia or Martia. I could choose between Nadia/Martia - which probably needs you to have balanced dialoge options chosen in the previous dialogues/camps.

One sided options would "lock" the char (Nadia or Martia) to one of both which you talk to in the room at that point. If I understood it correctly with Google translate ...

I had the option to choose and that option should finalize the romance then.

I'm getting one ending + epilogue. The others in a quick playthrough then. (Maybe I'll wait until the ending 5 is in the English version for the other playthroughs.)
The different endings depend on your Romance (either Nadia (A) or Martia (B)) and your choice at Lademis (C / D).

Ending 1: A+C
Ending 2: A+D
Ending 3: B+C
Ending 4: B+D

Ending 5: Loose against a certain boss (Italian only)

Ending 6: Get the Original Light and enjoy an epilog. (Ending 1-4)

So the first choice you did was during the first camp with Nadia.
So I'm getting near the end. At 40+ hours already and played almost 2 weeks and I'm at the optional dungeion + some remaining quests left.

I read about the different endings - are there just dialogue options at the end or different stuff you can do - or does it depend on earlier stuff?

Where is the latest possible save if you want to try all the different endings?

I guess 2 endings are 1 with the 99 gaia shards and extra chapter I read about. And 1 is without.

Maybe 1 other depends on the bonus dungeons and the other chars you can unlock which are supposed to be dead? Befoer starting the dungeon there was a warning to first play though without entering the dungeon - but then again I don't know if entering alreacdy changes something or if ot only changes once you unlock other chars.

Also does the question from Lademis about becoming a vassall change something in the ending?

I guess for the bonus dungeon/arena and the quest in the Borgol prison I should probably advance with the main plot on Altilliah a bit (maybe until it is not possible to do other stuff anymore) to find better places to grind? Seem a bit difficult the battles there. Other than the hunts - even the 5 star ones - felt pretty easy with hard hitting normal attacks or the appropriate enemy typed skill especially Antitank, Heroic Blade and the Survival from Seth. I used strengh focused equip so far and the "Reckless" and speed buffs.

I definitely liked the plot and setup with the unlocks and different type of skills to interact with the environment (terminals, jumping, insivibe items, chests, regeneration points). I'd love to see more games like this from this developer. Just hope the optional stuff won't be tooo much grind with the right setup of items and Mastery (there are special ones + the unveil skills that might help).

I remember games in the style of Exit Fate (fast leveling up even with tons of chars cause low level char vs. high enemy with some strong chars in the party to beat the enemy - levels up pretty fast a lot of levels in one battle) and the Skyborne ... did have strong optional stuff but I remember it was not that grindy. Still a bit of effort to be not that easy.

Edit: Nevermind. I checked the Italian guide with Google translate. Seems one option for the different endings is a lot earlier. Would be nice if someone that cares about playing through all them could make short vids of the relevant dialoques/scenes. I'm going to play only once even though the other endings might need not that much effort if you only rush from that point to the end without doing optional stuff. (But I don't have a save for the other 2 endings I think. I'm saving often and using all the slots.)

I'm getting Martia + accepted the offer of Lademis. Feels natural that ending. I mean Seth belongs there and with Nadia on the moon ... that feels okay. Certainly better than having him on the moon as well or having him be a Maverick. Cause he wasn't at fault and even if he declined Lademis should have tried to persuade him into becoming vasall. I mean ... it was Gran'ts fault. Even Lademis could say "hay I killed my father I don't want to be emperor anymore" but he knows this kind of reasoning is stupid.

Also about the Zahl series nice detail:
I saw this in the Italian guide mentioned. And I never payed attention in game until the notes in the castle. The initials ant him being a boy an it happening 2 or 3 years ago ... I figured it out who it was. ;)
i already finish the game today, and this game is totally amazing i really love it!
sorry for multiple posts my internet was lagging
I don't want to spoil the game for anyone else but im more in for the story than the gameplay i really love this game so far im at claudia chesterfields house and if someone could mailbox me on rpgmaker what gear everyone should have atless up to that point would be nice so i know how to equip them properly as im not good when it comes to gear in this type of combat system
I see. Thanks. Tried it again today and I finished the desert. Now I understood the setup of the exits.

Loops from left to right with the ocean at the bottom leading to the 3 squares wich left exit to the left bottom square of the map and so on. 2 or more arrows on the same side still direct each to the same next map.

And at the top the left and right square top exit leads to the bottom square which probably got me confused (after exiting and then going down the same exit you end up at the ocean).

Does it matter which camp options I chose? (Seems some stats and minor skills are different but that is not a big deal.)
Might change the romance though - in combination with the other options to choose from sometimes where it is between Nadia vs. Martia. After the desert village and killing the plant Seth ended up with Martia. I guess Gallian wouldn't get gay for him and the previous Allison options only might have lowered some romance counter for Nadia ... if there even is a change in romance depending on the options you choose.

So far I have all the Gaia shards (same count according to your guide) - and trying to play without guide as long as there is no stuff permanently missable. (For this I used that other list someone posted here.)
Now the desert is very annoying. Makes me wanna stop playing cause I like to get everything and it is hard to explore with the enemies (hopefully later a item/skill will exist to stop them from engaging in battles). The map from the village is pretty useless. Not showing the locatin and if I walk up constantly sometimes the maps repeat. (Cause I guess the exits have some weird setup where you can't constantly walk north.)

I'd really appreciate a pictured guide with all the maps, treasure and arrows showing how the exits connect.
Once you have the map of the desert and enter this, go south until you reach the ocean. Go one map north again and start going either east or west until the first map appears again. Then again on map to the north etc until you reach the exit. Then you should be able to get everything (and even the map will make sense).

As I don't know if LolloRocket will edit the guide in the near future, here is my guide as a pdf in the current stage.
Good game. I'm in late game in the desert now. So far the story was interesting and I like the chars and game mechanis with the weapons and skills and upgrades and the mastery stuff. Most minigames were easy (only the drinking contest was hard and I cheated ... but then again ... there is no unique reward so it does not matter.)

Bike minigame got me a bit confused first but after reading the comments here I managed to to it easily and all minigames after that so far have been easy.

Now the desert is very annoying. Makes me wanna stop playing cause I like to get everything and it is hard to explore with the enemies (hopefully later a item/skill will exist to stop them from engaging in battles). The map from the village is pretty useless. Not showing the locatin and if I walk up constantly sometimes the maps repeat. (Cause I guess the exits have some weird setup where you can't constantly walk north.)

I'd really appreciate a pictured guide with all the maps, treasure and arrows showing how the exits connect.

And I never had trouble knowing where to go next. There was a lil bit italian text still left every now and then - but that wasn't a big deal. (Most of the time only minor npcs or during a comement when a location/exit was blocked.)

My playstyle: Upgrading and getting new weapons as fast as possible. Doing all the hunts/missiosn as fast as possible. And getting all the mastery (even though I mainly used strenght at level 1 and later the one that gives more AP and for bosses maybe the defensive one but weren't really needed).

Didn't really buy armor and only every now and then I payed attention to the Atlas (never bought) when using it for Alter or hidden (unveil).
Good to hear about camp.

I got to understand the weapon reforging, but all in all it's so simple that ironically it's initially too hard to understand it (at least for me).

So you rebuild your original game from ground up? Impressive.

Also, I wonder if the voice overs for battle and some cutscene grunts where from some open source site or something? They certainly enrich characters.
Thanks! I really like the camp too XD
I will maintain this feature (and improve it) for the next projects : )
The merchant can forge new weapons if you bring him Special Atlas (yellow treasure chests). It's pretty simple.

And for the Trivia, Theia was born about 15 years ago with the name Magical Arts. That was one of my projects too : )
I really appreciate how great the game is. Just because I say "having this would be great" doesn't mean "put it there right now!!1!!11!" It's more of a "please keep it mind for future projects".

I totally forgot to say I love the idea of camping and how interactions with your party affect Seth and the other character's stats, but also that you sometimes learn new skills.
Also regarding camp, I still haven't exactly figured out how those "Atlas orbs" or whatever they're called that can be made/bought at that traveling merchant. Is that supposed to be kinda like FFVIII where weapons are remodeled into completely new weapons?

Also, I scored "Theia Trivia #1" at the Auction House and from what I gather this game is a remake of an old project made by someone else?

Either way, this game is pretty amazing so far and I wish you all success in your future endeavors. ;)