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Theia Community - Join us on Discord!

A boss harder than usual is giving you trouble?
Do you want to talk strategy with some other players?
Or you just want to tell us who the best Varzan is? (jk, it's clearly Varneleon)

For all things Theia, join the new Discord server and share your mastery with the community!

Click the Discord link below to join us!


Update - January 2020 - New Let's Play & Misaos

Hi guys! I’m posting this to let you know that TheFado96, one of Theia's most hardcore fans, is going to start a new Let's Play series—in English! He has already finished a Let's Play series of the game, but it was a blind run of the Italian version. The video will be posted in Premiere mode, so we can watch it together and have a chat! Join us and let's Exceed together into this video!

Here's the link to Fado96’s introduction video for further information:

Finally, I'll take this chance to remind you to vote for rpgmaker.net's Misao Awards! ;)

You can vote here:


Update - October 2019

Hello guys! I have 3 news for you today!

1) I managed to finish the New Trailer! I can't believe it. I should've finished this for the first release of the game. I guess I'm a bit late, but whatever. Maybe this one can convince other people to try the game! You can find the trailer here:

2) A new version of the game is online! The 1.01 Version is still good, but I fixed some translation errors and other minor stuff in the 1.02. The Italian version of the game is also available now on Gamejolt.com.

3) One of this community's bravest users, SuperSebbl, is translating the game in german! We still can't show you much, but he's doing a wonderful job! It's a huuuuge amount of work to do. Keep it up, pal :D



Hello guys! We just reached +1000 DOWNLOADS! That's a great goal! :D
This is possible thanks to you, players! You rock!
I'm working on a new trailer of the game for the english release. It's a bit late, I know, but whatever.
A new version will soon be released too. I'm fixing some bugs and translation errors, but nothing more, don't worry.
See ya!


The end of the year... is drawing near!

Hello, guys! This isn't a real update. I just wanted to say that 2019 is about to end in few months, so...

Of course, do it only if you enjoyed the game and for the most appropriate categories. :)

Furthermore, I'm starting to see tons of Theia's Let's Play on the internet, and I'm really grateful and proud of it!
Keep on playing, guys! ;D



Hey guys! Here we are, finally. I updated the homepage of Theia's site with the Orihalcon Edition!

You can download the game here:

So... what's inside this new version of the game?
- Dialogues and bug fix (various). We received tons of screenshots and messages! We are really thankful for your support!
- Extra scenes added in Chapter 7 and 13.
- One(?) additional ending. You have to find out how to unlock it ; )
- You can now unlock all the endings in the same playthrough by speaking with some NPCs.

The savestates of your game are compatible with the older version of the game, so you can copy all your Save files in the new version's directory!

Of course, if you find some errors or bugs, write here in the forum or send an e-mail to theiarpg@gmail.com.

Bye and enjoy!

Progress Report

Update - June 2019

Theia version 1.02 is now available!
I fixed many errors and untranslated parts.

You can find the link to download the new version in the site's homepage.

The save files are compatible, so you can just copy the save files of the old game in the new folder.

Next step
Updating the game with the few extra scenes available only in the italian version, for now.
Stay tuned! ; )


Thanks for the feedback!

I received tons of messages (here and on the game's social network pages) and I will fix the errors, bugs and untranslated parts. I need to fix some minigames toox I guess. Many of you had some problems with them and I think I'd better do something about it.

I still have to think a good solution but I will do something, don't worry : )

After fixing everything, I should probably add the fifth ending and the extra scenes that you can play in the italian version.

Stay tuned for next updates ; )


Theia is now available in english!

Here we are, guys. I know this is a bit sudden, but... the game is now complete and you can download it from this new website!


Well, enjoy this adventure and let us know if you like it or not!

If you should find some errors or bugs, send an e-mail to theiarpg@gmail.com or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Progress Report

Update - March 2019

Hello, everybody! It's been almost a month since the last post, so it looks like it's update time! Let's start with the game progress: both the translation and the testing phase are practically completed. We are finalizing the checks on the last subquests available in the last chapter of the game. We can say that the game is 99% finished.
Meanwhile, we are thinking on creating a small website to host the game and making a nice trailer for the final release.
We don't have a release date yet, but we're almost there, so get ready to download and play Theia: The Crimson Eclipse!
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