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Update - January 2019

Oh well... I'm late. The last update is... January 2017?
I'm terribly sorry guys ^_^"

Theia is finally translated in english but we are still testing the whole thing and it will take a while since it's a 40 hours long game :)
I started the testing phase few months ago but I stopped everything because of the Indie Game Making Contest 2018.

I'm in the Top10 rankings with the demo of my new game, nec(H)roma, so I have to chose a path now XD
Should I finish Theia first or should I complete nec(H)roma? I'll probably go for the first one, so I hope to release the complete game in few months! Stay tuned, guys :D



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This game looks badass, really looking forward to this.
Thanks for the update. Since I check your facebook page from time to time, it was obvious that a 2019 release date should be due. However, I will wait for Theia: The Crimson Eclipse as long as it takes, so I'm sort of biased. Your new game belongs to a completely different genre, and I'm confident that Theia exhibits nothing short of masterpiece potential, which is why I opt for Theia's completion first. Theia will probably be the last epic RPG Maker 2003 JRPG to ever enter the English "market", and will most likely be my JRPG "golden shot". :)
If you need help in beta testing, I could help you. At least vor the English Version (I don't think there was a German one, too). That should shorten your time on testing and you can focus on bugfixing.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
That is a really, really, really good news, Lollo!

Theia is a game that deserves to be shared all around the world. I wish all the best to you and your project! :)

Gogogogo! Test the game like there's no tomorrow!

Also, finish Nec[]roma!
Let me know if you need any more help with testing! I'm generally a bit slow, but pretty comprehensive. Been dying to try out a fresh title for 2k3.
the English version will be my third run on theia!
Thanks a lot for your feedback guys : )
We should finish the first testing phase by this month and then we'll probably release a first open-beta version of the translated game. I think that this kind of release will help us to find other errors and other things we missed : )
I'm more of a "clean up after the release guy", but you can count on me then to find and document everything that has slipped through (within reason, of course, my all-seeing eye can only be used once a decade).
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