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Update - January 2019 #2

Hello, everyone! I just update my facebook page with an important announcement. I'll paste the post below : )

Some of you have heard news of what’s brewing for Theia’s 4th anniversary, on January 15th. How the time flies!

Because of the event, and the upcoming release of the English version, one of Theia’s most hardcore fans, TheFado96, has prepared a video in which he’ll be showcasing the first few hours of Theia... in English!

The video will be available in Première vision on Tuesday, Jan 15, at 8pm (GMT+1)! Everyone’s invited to come and watch, since this is the first video ever of Theia’s international version. Since the video will be released in Première mode, y’all will have the chance to chat with new fans, old fans, and the devs! :)

Now, two more bits of news!
The English version is currently being tested and we’re looking at late January or early February as the likely period for the release of an open beta. The game will be available and complete, but we’ll be accepting feedback concerning the translation and other bug reports from you, the players, for a while in order to make everything look even better than it does now.

Secondly, even Italian players will have something new to chew on: thanks to your support, we’ve made a few corrections and gameplay adjustments, and we’re adding in a few visual “treats”... If you want to take a look, you’ll likely spot something on Tuesday’s video.

That’s all for now! 2019 barely begun, let’s try and start it with a bang!
See you soon


The link to the video will be soon available. I suggest you to follow the page to receive all the info about the video and other updates. But don't worry, I'll update this thread too! :)
See ya!
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