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Update - February 2019

Ok guys! We're almost there!
We're now testing the last three chapters of the game. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
We're currently testing the eleventh chapter of the game, so we are close to the ending. We can probably release the beta version of the game by the end of February ;D


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Exciting! Can't wait to start playing. :)
Exciting! Can't wait to start playing. :)
Wow, even the roadmap looks rad. :)
You kept me waiting for way too long. Don't keep me waiting longer before I fade away :p
Thank you for your support guys! I hope you won't be disappointed by this game XD

However, yesterday we reached the final chapter. This will take a bit more to test, but the game is practically ready to be played ; )

Stay tuned!
Are you testing if the romance options (still) work? Then let me say that's the most important thing. ;)
We played a first playthrough with the canon romance, but we are testing the other paths in a different way. ^_^

It all works fine by now. There are few things we need to implement, though.
I'm speaking of the fifth ending and other extra scenes that I added in the final italian version.
Excellent, I would really like an English Theia feast garnished with Orichalcum/Orihalcon condiment. =)
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