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Hey guys! Here we are, finally. I updated the homepage of Theia's site with the Orihalcon Edition!

You can download the game here:

So... what's inside this new version of the game?
- Dialogues and bug fix (various). We received tons of screenshots and messages! We are really thankful for your support!
- Extra scenes added in Chapter 7 and 13.
- One(?) additional ending. You have to find out how to unlock it ; )
- You can now unlock all the endings in the same playthrough by speaking with some NPCs.

The savestates of your game are compatible with the older version of the game, so you can copy all your Save files in the new version's directory!

Of course, if you find some errors or bugs, write here in the forum or send an e-mail to theiarpg@gmail.com.

Bye and enjoy!


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I see two versions: English v1.2 and English Orihalcon v1.0. So I should download Orihalcon v1.0 and not v1.2?
Yes. As you can see, the Version 1.2 is the standard version of the game.
Orihalcon Edition updated to Version 1.01.
Fixed a bug that occurs when going on a date with Nadia.

If you want you can patch the 1.00 version by downloading the fixed map here:
I wish there was a simple fix for all the "bugged" real life dates, where "bugged" equals "rejection". :D
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