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Update - October 2019

Hello guys! I have 3 news for you today!

1) I managed to finish the New Trailer! I can't believe it. I should've finished this for the first release of the game. I guess I'm a bit late, but whatever. Maybe this one can convince other people to try the game! You can find the trailer here:

2) A new version of the game is online! The 1.01 Version is still good, but I fixed some translation errors and other minor stuff in the 1.02. The Italian version of the game is also available now on Gamejolt.com.

3) One of this community's bravest users, SuperSebbl, is translating the game in german! We still can't show you much, but he's doing a wonderful job! It's a huuuuge amount of work to do. Keep it up, pal :D


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I could help with the German translation - but it might be enough to translate my guide to German. I will PM him (if I find him).
Awesome trailer! Loved the music. Making a trailer for a jRPG style game can be tricky, but you managed to pull it off.
No worries, haha. This German version is going to be finished, at all costs! :D
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