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Update - January 2020 - New Let's Play & Misaos

Hi guys! I’m posting this to let you know that TheFado96, one of Theia's most hardcore fans, is going to start a new Let's Play series—in English! He has already finished a Let's Play series of the game, but it was a blind run of the Italian version. The video will be posted in Premiere mode, so we can watch it together and have a chat! Join us and let's Exceed together into this video!

Here's the link to Fado96’s introduction video for further information:

Finally, I'll take this chance to remind you to vote for rpgmaker.net's Misao Awards! ;)

You can vote here:


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I think this game has good chances of winning most of the Misao Awards. I'll hack off my hand if it doesn't. (Please, Theia. Just win.)
The picture of all the characters from Theia, Villnoire and the others is epic, haha.

I'm looking forward for Fado's series, probably will be hanging out there :D
I hope that someday somebody German will do a playthrough of this game when translated. (I'm doing a great progress btw)
You're the real MVP for that translation, Sebbl!
Thank you, Chaox :D Appreciate it.
I don't deserve to be called like that, however. Not until I'll finish the translation.
Awww Sebbl! You're doing a great job! You're awesome :D
And thanks a lot for the support *_*
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