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PR Blog #2 Huge Update

Hey, Jaymonius here, and mostly posting a major update to the game. After seeing sacredlobo's video of my game, I felt I wanted to go and fix up a LOT of shit that was wrong in this game, and sooo I did.

I went back and fixed a LOT of tileset errors, adjusted some stuff, hell, I even went so far as to completely remake Annette's battle character sprite as the original looked UGLY!

However, it's not fully finished, as it reaches up to mostly the beginning of Chapter 2 and the occupation of the Church of Miria. After that point, it's still the old glitchy mess. Which I'm still working on and off.

I'll try and get to more of it during the next couple of weeks. The game has already been updated as well! Enjoy!


PR Blog #1 (Rm2k3 is out offically. I should fix this game up BIG time.)

For the love of all that is fuck, rm2k3 is out officially and this big news got me wondering if I should go back and fix up a lot of the old games I've made, y'know, kill all of these ripped resources, put in custom ones, rewrite the dialogue. (This one big time.)

I have the odd few custom things here n' there, but I would definitely have to re-work a lot of crap to make things work. That's fer sure.

Well, to anyone who does read this, gimme your input if I should go and re-work this thing into something a little more managable and less... teenager made work instead?


After over 5 years, I finally got it.

Soooo here I am, playing through the game, well, parts here and there, and wow... my god... what the hell was I smoking when I was younger when I made this. Glitches everywhere, typos beyond compare, and here I thought this was some masterpiece when I was younger.

This really comes with the RPG Making territory when you keep using the program and get progressively better which each experience. But wow, this was not a good remake. Don't get me wrong though, I have no intentions of re-remaking this again. The most I may do is probably translate my horrible dialog into something more managable.

If there is one thing I have a bad tendency for is being a fast typer and not looking back on the crap I put on the dialog. That and that bugs that plague the game(s). Sooooo on behalf of the Monius and the Phantasia Series, I apologize for such half arsed crap over the years.

I hope my newest game won't be as bad as this one... but hey, gotta learn from each and every bad experience, right?


Phantasia Remake V0.2 has been released.

Howdy folks, Jaymonius here and I finally finished updating this game, took some time, thanks to the help of many people who have informed me on the numerous bugs. (Plus that one playthrough on youtube I seen of PR helped a hell of a lot too.)

Numerous bugs were fixed as well a few new changes to the game have been made.

1. A few of the sprites in the game have new looks to them making em' a little better than before back in my beginning days of spriting.

2. Some characters have learned a couple new spells in their inventory to beat the forces of evil! And the final boss music was changed too. The size of the game has also decreased from 77MB to 70MB.

3. The optional dungeon "Abyss" now has more bosses to defeat before you reach the final floor, think you can take them on?

4. The New Game Plus thing was scrapped until I can configure something better and add more challenge to the game.

5. Some of the bosses have been improved to increase the difficulty.

I hope you enjoy this new version of Phantasia Remake, sorry it took so long to update, I've been preoccupied with other games to make and addicted to TF2, have fun. I don't think you will need to start a new game this time around, the changes made are not going to affect the game unless you completed the Abyss.
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