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Heartfire: A Born Again Saga
This game is a parody of your typical jRPGs. However, don't let that deter you from giving it a chance. While, yes, there are various cliches and tropes scattered throughout, the story's pretty good and the mapping's not bad either. But don't take my word for it. No, really, don't. It's my game; I'm biased.

An evil corporation... A world sitting upon the edge of a knife... One boy, accompanied by seven other Heartlanders, will need to fight to uncover a sinister plot that -- with the tyrannical Echo Labs Incorporated at the helm -- threatens to undo the precious balance of the Kingdom of Maine.

Can you stop a group of tyrannical scientists, or will their superior intellects prove too much of a hassle to actually try and beat? Either way, first thing's first: you have to upload the memories of a deceased man into a supercomputer.

Aldo - a young, adventurous coming-of-age teenager who relies heavily upon his older sister-like mentor to guide him. There's a special kindness in Aldo that always allows him to see the good in others.
Dilara - an aloof, icy sorceress and the star pupil at the Academy for the Arcane. She's also Aldo's mentor and the closest thing he has to family.
Hayatemaru - a member of the endangered aykuu, Hayatemaru is easy-going and has a reputation as a womanizer. But there's more to him than that.
Isabelle - a jealous and spoiled student studying beneath, quite literally, Madam Celeste at the Academy for the Arcane. She shares a fierce rivalry with Dilara.
Gustaf - a veteran of a hundred battles, Gustaf hails from the Land of Ash and Fire. He was the one to discover a secret Echo Labs Inc. base operating beneath Heartfire.
Nina - a shy, reclusive warlock who's etched out a life within the woods around Ithaca. She speaks very cryptically, but has a big role to play.

- 10 to 15 hours worth of gameplay (roughly)
- A character-driven story where some of your choices matter; but only some
- Bursting at the seams with references, humor, and real life cameos
- Hundreds of interactive objects ensure the rewards for exploring never stop flowing
- Optional dungeons and mini-bosses
- Fishing and cooking mini-games
- A secret ending if you find and collect all 12 Heart Shards
- Some custom art and music, courtesy of a friend and Newgrounds, respectively

All credits are at the end of the game. Games such as Tales of the Drunken Paladin and the much more serious Enelysion have inspired me.

Latest Blog

What's Cut and What's Not

Hey, everyone. Hope you're having a great day!

I wanted to ramble (yes, intentionally) a bit about what to expect from Heartfire: A Born Again Saga - Act One. More specifically, I wanted to go over what's in and what's out in regards to features and implemented systems. So I've made a list and I'll just talk about each one.

- The story. All of Act One, minus two scenes between Aldo and Dilara, will be made available. Though, in fact, Act One is the shortest of all three. It basically sets the stage for what's to come.
- Exploration. All of the maps have been made available and they're littered with hidden chests and other goodies. Side-quests are also available, but there are only a dozen or so in Act One. There's currently one optional dungeon and mini-boss but I'm considering adding another by the time Act Two rolls around.
- Crafting. 50% of the planned features in regards to crafting have been implemented. There's a simple fishing mini-game, and you can use campfires or ovens to fry up what you catch. In the future, I plan to add various types of fishing spears, which will determine how successful you are at spearing fish, and of course additional types of fish, as well.
- On-screen encounters. There aren't any random encounters anywhere in the game. Every monster is displayed on-screen, and there's a simple line-of-sight and detection system in place. Monsters will chase you. Characters stop learning skills at level 5 in Act One due to balancing issues.
- Rejuvenation crystals. These are scattered throughout Calandor at key story locations. They restore the player's health, mana, and cure all ailments. However, you only get three uses per crystal.

What's not included:

- Multi-colored chests. I had this idea a little too late, so it hasn't been implemented yet. But the idea is pretty straight-forward: there are three different types of chests (red, green, and blue). Red chests contain items, green chests contain weapons and armor, and blue chests contain magical weapons and armor. This way, the player knows what to expect from each chest from a distance.
- Skill books. Another idea I had a little too late. Basically, you'll be able to find books scattered throughout the game, and even sold at the Academy for the Arcane, that'll teach you certain abilities the characters won't learn just by leveling up. Another incentive to explore!
- Ingredients. I didn't have time to go through and create/scatter ingredients. But in the future, you'll be able to find rare herbs laying around that you can sell to herbalists for rare items and rewards. Monsters, however, drop parts of themselves (for example, fur, eyeballs, wings, tails, etcetera) instead of gold and/or other items.

I'm sure that's not all, but it is most. The features and systems not implemented in Act One will be available in Act Two and most certainly Act Three. In case anyone's wondering, I currently don't have plans to release Act Two bundled with Act One as an individual release, so you could consider Act One the official/unofficial demo for Heartfire: A Born Again Saga.

That's all for now. Til next time, stay frosty.
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Seems like a good little story you got. Subscribed.
Seems like a good little story you got. Subscribed.

Thank you! You deserve something special for helping me get past fifteen subs.
Seems really fun!I really like the title screen, looks kinda dreamy/dark. The characters also look pretty awesome! Waiting for the download link :D Subscribed!
(Tales of the drunken paladin is in my top 3 by the way, i could subscribe just for that :P )
Seems really fun!I really like the title screen, looks kinda dreamy/dark. The characters also look pretty awesome! Waiting for the download link :D Subscribed!
(Tales of the drunken paladin is in my top 3 by the way, i could subscribe just for that :P )

It's in my top 3, too! Thanks for the sub, VampirePrincess.
My pleasure! Can't wait to try your game too :D
Missed my deadline of March 7th. Pretty sure that's obvious. As soon as I'm happy with it, I'll upload it. Shouldn't be too much longer.
Where's your demo, YO? :P

It's coming soon-ish! I want to make sure it's the best I can make it.
Hey. This looks awesome!

You got me to make an account here just to subscribe and ask: do we have an estimate on a demo yet?

Keep up with the good work!
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