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Four Years Ago

  • Warlund
  • 10/10/2020 02:21 PM
Yes, I know -- it’s been four years since this project was updated. And there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for it! I… moved on. Unfortunately, at the time, I had a lot of ideas in my head and I explored other game engines and dabbled a bit in coding (Python, C++). Four years is a lot of time, granted, but there’s something about this project that’s drawn me back to it.

So, what’s the plan? Hell if I know -- I will figure it out as I go. The project folder’s gone. I’ll be starting from scratch. We’ll see how this goes, and if it goes well, I’ll let you all know. I’m sure those of you still following this project are either inactive, forgot about it, or, for some odd reason, stuck around in the off-chance I did finish it. If it’s that last one, kudos to you.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at.

tl;dr: I moved on from Heartfire, got into actual programming, and then returned out of a desire to see this through. Four years, oh, man. Let’s go.