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Note: This page is for the original freeware version of Soma Spirits.
For Soma Spirits: Rebalance, CLICK HERE!

"Soma, a land torn to the brink of death with strife and distrust, filled with denizens who refuse to accept one another. Two great beings wage war for generations to decide the fate of the world: to save or to destroy it. With their powers exhausted from battle, they come to a pact: divide the world into two, each with a guardian spirit to watch over them..."

Soma Spirits is a 3-5 hour RPG with branching story paths. Rather than being fast-tracked and locked into paths from the start, you are given choices throughout the story on how you wish to proceed, and the choices made will have a significant impact on the story's outcome.

However, you may find that the choices made in Soma Spirits are not so black and white. Every major choice made will have some impact on the story, and there are rarely any "correct" solutions.

The world of Soma Spirits is divided into two similar, but distinct versions of one another. At certain locations, you will be able to switch between the two worlds and find different inhabitants, monsters, and clues on how to proceed forward.

The game features:

- Classic turn-based RPG combat with some additional systems.
- Hand-crafted custom pixel art visuals.
- Some stellar menus and UI thanks to the powerful Luna Engine
- Dynamic Music: As players transition between the two versions of the world, so will the music!
- Flexible story paths: You may find various opportunities to change the story's outcome.

Heart is the Spirit of Joy, charged with the task of protecting the inhabitants of the World of Joy. Heart is an optimist, living each and every day to its absolute fullest. He wants to wake up and end every day with a smile and makes it his life's mission to make sure everyone does the same.

Soul is the Spirit of Sorrow, who protects the people in the World of Sorrow. While some may be quick to write him off as a pessimist and negative, Soul makes it his mission to keep everyone's eyes open and aware of how the world works. He is not one for escapism, and urges people to tread through life cautiously, but still to the best of their ability.


SpecialAgentApe will be providing music for the game! Take a listen to a sample HERE!

Lead Developer: SgtMettool
Composer: SpecialAgentApe

Playtesters: Skyrunner14, The_acz

Scripts Used
Text Cache -Mithran
Custom Resolution -Gump
FullScreen++ 2.2 - Zeus81
TP Manager, Move Restrict, State Animations - Yami
Equip Slots, Follower Touch - Himeworks
Text Sound -Zerbu
Auto-Dash - Mr. Trivel
Luna Engine - Degica
Death Processing Snippet - Red_Nova

Latest Blog

Soma Spirits Rebalance is now free on itchio!

If you've wanted to play Soma Union but were waiting until Soma Spirits Rebalance goes on sale to get the full story... you won't have to wait anymore!

Going forward, Soma Spirits Rebalance (and Brave Hero Yuusha EX) are Name Your Own Price on itchio.

Something that I acknowledge is that having a free sequel to a game whose canon version is paywalled was kind of awkward. And I think these versions have been out for long enough that they should be made more accessible. I do want to note that this is something that has been in consideration for quite a while and isn't a reflection of how well Soma Union is performing. But I'd rather see the games find a wider audience rather than just sit there as they have been.

Please note that the Steam versions are currently unaffected by this change. Please only buy those versions if you want the added Steam benefits or want to support the devs!

So if it's your first time diving into either of these games, I hope you'll enjoy them!


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You're magical to me.
Hooray! It's here! :DDDDDDD Subbed! ^_^
You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Hoping everyone looks forward to it! ( ・ω・ )
So Heart is always leader in both worlds? Why Soul not a leader of group when they traveling in World of Sorrow?
Well, the thing is that you'll be switching between the two worlds fairly often, and I think it would be too confusing to have the two party members switch positions all the time, especially when there will be combat in the game too. I'll have a plot-related reason for Heart always going first.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, having them switch would make combat confusing for me.
While it's probably not worthy of a blog update, the finalized title screen/gamepage image is done and uploaded :3
Awesome! Subbed.

Looking quite fun so far. The main characters kind of remind me of Inside Out.
Saw this on Tumblr (I even reblogged it as Panelhunter). Subbed. It looks crazy fun.
i played the demo and i liked how the boss changes based on what world you are in. however one thing that surprises me is that this is the first "choice matters" game that i actually like. really looking forward to it
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Just finished the demo. Nice work on this, man! You added an interesting twist to an otherwise tired dual world mechanic. I really like the idea of changing story outcomes depending on which world you fight bosses in. I also liked the idea of each character gaining different abilities depending on which world you're in, though due to the similarities in skills between the two, it feels a bit more restrictive than adaptable. I hope the pair gains some more unique skills over the course of the game, though I think that would defeat the purpose of the same being in different worlds, yeah? Hm...

Minor gripe: If you happen to get a Weakness and a Critical hit at the same time, the text will be right on top of each other. You might want to look into that.

Other than that, I'm totally subbed and am looking forward to future demos!
Nice! Glad you enjoyed the demo! :>

I tried to keep Heart and Soul's movesets fairly similar, but not outrageously so. Early on, it tends to boil down the just different elements of attack spells. But later on, Heart and Soul get moves more exclusive to them that are related in function. Heart may get Sleep while Soul gets Poison, for example. The elemental "Gift" spells will also lend themselves into skills that you get later in the game.

As for future demos: I'm not sure if I'll be updating the current demo to be honest. This project is getting pretty far into development and while there have been noticeable changes to the content featured in the demo, I might just want to wait the few months that it's going to take to finish the whole game. :)
Hey! So it looks like bugs and errors have been pretty minimal so far, but there's a few things I'll be addressing in v1.01, which are as follows

(Contains some spoilers, will update list as needed). Going to see if anything else rolls in before I apply the update.

- Venom Ring's description doesn't match its stats.
- Duo Blade's description doesn't match its stats.
- Fix some stray autoshadows.
- During the fifth dungeon after fighting the haunted armor, as long as you're on neither of the "bad" routes, Soul will say they would "take his sorrow" if approached in the World of Joy, this will be corrected to be "take his joy."
- A monster sprite in Freezing Fjord (Heart side) doesn't adhere to its patrol area and goes where ever it wants.
- The final boss doesn't trigger correctly in Ending 2.
Stuff that will be in 1.02:

- Fix for the ice palace entrance on sorrow side, where you can get stuck outside. For now, just don't leave the ice palace in the World of Sorrow.
(There's nothing out there anyway.)

- Similar problem with the entrance to the haunted mansion.
- Cancel option for the mine elevator.
- A few text and dialogue corrections.
- Enemies that are killed prior to running from battle won't appear to revive when you escape. (Still working on this one)

I'm going to wait a few days to see if anything else pops up or gets reported, so I can keep the number of version updates to a minimum as not to stress the RMN servers and whatnot. I definitely wanted to get that boss fight glitch fixed ASAP though.

You're magical to me.
Finished the game! I can confidently call this a masterpiece! Everything seems to be focused on the core theme, and the duality of Joy and Sorrow is shown so well in the different worlds and characters, and the game is downright fun! Heart and Soul are also wonderful as characters.

The music is haunting, nostalgic, and magical, and totally captures the feeling of the worlds!

Spoiler stuff below! :D

I lucked out and got the True End on first try (thanks to taking "maintain the balance" very literally) but I intend to go and find any alternate endings there are because I just have to know!

I found a passably error, but it's pretty minor.

I really like how the plot unfolded. I was genuinely curious about what was going on with Flow and Dissonance. Also...


Anyway, really loved this! An incredible game that I had a blast playing! :DDDD
Thank you, uni! Hearing that kind of praise does my heart (and Soul) good :)


And yes, I was trying to find a neutral word for "together" or "togetherness" and unity was the one I picked. And I was like "I bet uni's gonna say something". Glad to know I was right! :B
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