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Note: This page is for the original freeware version of Soma Spirits.
For Soma Spirits: Rebalance, CLICK HERE!

"Soma, a land torn to the brink of death with strife and distrust, filled with denizens who refuse to accept one another. Two great beings wage war for generations to decide the fate of the world: to save or to destroy it. With their powers exhausted from battle, they come to a pact: divide the world into two, each with a guardian spirit to watch over them..."

Soma Spirits is a 3-5 hour RPG with branching story paths. Rather than being fast-tracked and locked into paths from the start, you are given choices throughout the story on how you wish to proceed, and the choices made will have a significant impact on the story's outcome.

However, you may find that the choices made in Soma Spirits are not so black and white. Every major choice made will have some impact on the story, and there are rarely any "correct" solutions.

The world of Soma Spirits is divided into two similar, but distinct versions of one another. At certain locations, you will be able to switch between the two worlds and find different inhabitants, monsters, and clues on how to proceed forward.

The game features:

- Classic turn-based RPG combat with some additional systems.
- Hand-crafted custom pixel art visuals.
- Some stellar menus and UI thanks to the powerful Luna Engine
- Dynamic Music: As players transition between the two versions of the world, so will the music!
- Flexible story paths: You may find various opportunities to change the story's outcome.

Heart is the Spirit of Joy, charged with the task of protecting the inhabitants of the World of Joy. Heart is an optimist, living each and every day to its absolute fullest. He wants to wake up and end every day with a smile and makes it his life's mission to make sure everyone does the same.

Soul is the Spirit of Sorrow, who protects the people in the World of Sorrow. While some may be quick to write him off as a pessimist and negative, Soul makes it his mission to keep everyone's eyes open and aware of how the world works. He is not one for escapism, and urges people to tread through life cautiously, but still to the best of their ability.


SpecialAgentApe will be providing music for the game! Take a listen to a sample HERE!

Lead Developer: SgtMettool
Composer: SpecialAgentApe

Playtesters: Skyrunner14, The_acz

Scripts Used
Text Cache -Mithran
Custom Resolution -Gump
FullScreen++ 2.2 - Zeus81
TP Manager, Move Restrict, State Animations - Yami
Equip Slots, Follower Touch - Himeworks
Text Sound -Zerbu
Auto-Dash - Mr. Trivel
Luna Engine - Degica
Death Processing Snippet - Red_Nova

Latest Blog

Soma Spirits Rebalance is now free on itchio!

If you've wanted to play Soma Union but were waiting until Soma Spirits Rebalance goes on sale to get the full story... you won't have to wait anymore!

Going forward, Soma Spirits Rebalance (and Brave Hero Yuusha EX) are Name Your Own Price on itchio.

Something that I acknowledge is that having a free sequel to a game whose canon version is paywalled was kind of awkward. And I think these versions have been out for long enough that they should be made more accessible. I do want to note that this is something that has been in consideration for quite a while and isn't a reflection of how well Soma Union is performing. But I'd rather see the games find a wider audience rather than just sit there as they have been.

Please note that the Steam versions are currently unaffected by this change. Please only buy those versions if you want the added Steam benefits or want to support the devs!

So if it's your first time diving into either of these games, I hope you'll enjoy them!


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Congrats on the very much deserved feature! I should continue my playthrough of this already seeing how I loved Yuusha and the beginning of this.
You're magical to me.
A well deserved feature indeed! Congrats! ^_^
Nice concept and lovely graphics. Will try it soon!
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
Just finished the first area. What a great feeling game with a lot of custom goodness. Someone is Misao bound.

EDIT: Finished the entire game. It's a good game with replay-ability, but it didn't live up to the hype the first area built in my head.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
While I had planned to play this game for a while now, I've only finally started it today. Seeing how the Misaos nomination period ends soon, I decided it's important to see for myself if Soma Spirits lives up to its reputation, and if I should fill some of my currently blank nomination spots with it or not.

I'm about halfway through the game now, I assume (I'm currently at the mines). And I can definitely say that the storytelling and characterisations are handled very cleverly. It's nice to see you put so much emphasis on seeing both sides of every situation, and that both world views have their own advantages and disadvantages. I've struggled quite a bit with some of the moral dilemmas I've had to face so far. I really like how the choice-making process is often conveyed through actions and different challenges, too.

The one issue that really bothers me however is that despite its promising underlying concepts, the combat is very unenjoyable to me. Enemies and even bosses are much too easy and offer little variation, strategy is hardly necessary, and a lot of times button-mashing is a viable approach. I'm even more annoyed by the high amount of encounters, especially since they respawn every time you switch worlds and keep chasing you so quickly they become practically unavoidable. At this point, I'd almost rather skip all battles immediately and just get on with the plot, which is something I almost never feel about games.
Still, I do want to praise the different versions of enemies in both worlds, and how their abilities mirror each other yet reflect the world they live in really well. The fantastic battler graphics plus some of their idle skills also have the side effect that I really don't want to hurt them any more. The Joy monsters all seem way too nice and friendly, even when they punch me in the face, and I feel bad for battling those poor sad Sorrow monsters to begin with.

I've stumbled across a few minor bugs and some typos, too. Once I've finished the game, would you like me to send you a bug report?

See you later. Wa-hey!
Always happy to hear people's thoughts!

I've stumbled across a few minor bugs and some typos, too. Once I've finished the game, would you like me to send you a bug report?

Sure thing. Though I haven't been able to actively support the game in a while, I do hope to go revisit this someday soon and get all the remaining bugs and rebalance some of the difficulty issues.
Hi, just stopping by to say I really really really loved this game! While I did, like others it seems, find the combat unenjoyable, everything else was amazing! The music! The setting! The plot! The characters! The message! And most importantly, the fact that I really honestly felt that my decisions actually mattered, and also that it was NEVER clear what I was supposed to do. I, as the player, really had to consider what I thought was best, and I really enjoyed that. Great job!!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Wa-hey! I finally just finished the game and achieved the True Ending. That final confrontation was quite something. I'll definitely give some other possible paths a try soon, too.

Either way, I'm typing up a huge amount of feedback and some error reports as we speak, and will send them to you as soon as it's all ready.
Hey, hey! I did a stream where I sort of showed how I write some of the Soul tracks.
It's difficult for me to commentate and write at the same time because I am usually pretty focused when I am writing, but I did try and explain some of the small tricks I use. Maybe people here would enjoy. Even if you're not interested in the process, here's the track I wrote, it won't be in the game so consider it a bonus track!
Saw that this game was promoted on Siliconera. Its so great to see the exposure that rpg maker games have had over the years. This medium is bringing out some great games.
Saw that this game was promoted on Siliconera. Its so great to see the exposure that rpg maker games have had over the years. This medium is bringing out some great games.

Nice! I didn't realize it was on Siliconera until I saw this. Lol.

I hope you like the game! And be sure to check out some of the other great titles done in RPG Maker, too! :D
i have uploaded a old open version of this game on mediafire

SomaSpirits 1.03 Open.zip

i will take it down if the maker or makers ask to
is there anyone knows how to defeat puppeteer ???
Played this. Cute game, enjoyed.

Read comment. Appreciated. Happy!
I played the Rebalanced version of this recently. The characters were really cute, the music was catchy and I liked seeing the differences between the two worlds. Also, I haven't played many other RPGs with just two party members, and this one made good use of that party size, especially as their skills got more differentiated as the game went on. It was a lot of fun!

The story, in contrast to the lighthearted presentation, was kind of horrifying.
Taking away people's emotions never felt good, even when I was pretty confident in the choice I was making. If there had been an option to avoid doing that, I would've taken it. I was glad to see everyone get their emotions back in the true ending, at least.
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