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Soma Spirits Rebalance is now free on itchio!

If you've wanted to play Soma Union but were waiting until Soma Spirits Rebalance goes on sale to get the full story... you won't have to wait anymore!

Going forward, Soma Spirits Rebalance (and Brave Hero Yuusha EX) are Name Your Own Price on itchio.

Something that I acknowledge is that having a free sequel to a game whose canon version is paywalled was kind of awkward. And I think these versions have been out for long enough that they should be made more accessible. I do want to note that this is something that has been in consideration for quite a while and isn't a reflection of how well Soma Union is performing. But I'd rather see the games find a wider audience rather than just sit there as they have been.

Please note that the Steam versions are currently unaffected by this change. Please only buy those versions if you want the added Steam benefits or want to support the devs!

So if it's your first time diving into either of these games, I hope you'll enjoy them!


Price cut for Rebalance!

Hey, everyone, thank you for a great year. And thank you for your support of Soma Spirits, both the freeware and the commercial version! No matter which version you played, I hope you enjoyed what the game has to offer.

Today, I'd like to announce that the Steam version of Soma Spirits has be given a permanent price cut and is now just $2.99 USD! This should more accurately reflect the amount of extra content between the free and commercial versions. If you liked the original, consider giving Rebalance a go for your second go at it!

Thanks, everyone!



It's here! Steam version is a GO!

It’s hard to believe it’s finally time for the return! Soma Spirits: Rebalance is now available for Windows PC on Steam! Just $3.99 for launch week!

This extended version of Soma Spirits includes new content, story expansions, and new difficulty levels. There are even Steam achievements and trading cards to collect!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this dream a reality! And an extra-special thank you to SpecialAgentApe, LadyTe, and Neversilent for their amazing contributions to the project. And to anyone who gave even just a little moral support: it couldn't have happened without you!

I hope you enjoy Heart and Soul and their grand journey to restore to the balance!


Soma Spirits: Rebalance launches on Steam April 14th!

You heard that right! The Steam version of Soma Spirits is coming soon! It will be available on April 14th, 2017 for $4.99!

The Steam version includes a number of revisions to the original game, such as an expanded story, rebalanced gameplay, new characters, and a whole new postgame dungeon! There are also some new surprises for returning players!

Check out the Steam page here!

Thank you, everyone, for supporting us through this journey! And tell Heart and Soul I said “Hi” when you get to Soma, too!

Progress Report

Peridoc Devlog - New and upcoming changes!

It’s been a while since I’ve really done an update, but rest assured that we’re still hard at work sprucing up Soma Spirits for the Steam launch!

As many of you know, Rebalance isn’t just a direct port onto Steam with a price tag. While many things are being touched up, I’m also adding quite a bit more to the game that wasn’t there before, as well as shifting around some things to cover some of the bigger issues with the original.

Today, let’s look at some of the combat-related changes that are coming.

Originally, all encounters were black blobs that moved around at random, with some that were programmed to approach the player directly. As a result, combat was either too easy to avoid, or too difficult. Now there are two types of encounter sprites: the regular black ones that wander at random, and faster red ones that chase you. Both types draw from the same encounter list, but In general, the red encounter symbols are more difficult to avoid.

Additionally, if you run from a battle, there will be a short timeframe where you can’t re-engage the same battle. Probably something that should’ve been in to begin with but better late than never, I suppose!

There are a handful of new spells that Heart and Soul can use in battle. Soul can eventually learn Incur, which allows Heart’s Fire and Thunder spells to launch an AOE move at no additional MP cost. Heart’s version of this is called Inscribe, in which Soul’s Ice and Wind spells will also heal the party.

Generally, elements are more emphasized, and certain skills that were outclassed by mid-game should stay useful for much longer.

I’ve got much more in store for this project, but I want to say that I’m at about the halfway mark for progress. The big time-consumer will be the new postgame dungeon, but I have a solid idea of how it will play out. And there will certainly be a few other surprises in store that I hope you'll love.

Until next time!


GREENLIT! Here's what's next!

That's right! After just 7 days, Soma Spirits: Rebalance has officially passed Steam Greenlight and is soon(ish) to be available for the masses! This couldn't have been possible without the support of my friends and the RPG Maker community, and for that you have my gratitude beyond compare.

So I guess the question on everyone's minds is: What's next? When does it come out?

There's a lot of good news here! Considering that Soma Spirits already exists as a complete game, that means that a good 80% of the game is already done. In addition to that, a fair number of the planned changes in Rebalance have been implemented in various forms of completion. A hefty chunk of the graphics that I have wanted to update have been changed over. The first pass of rebalancing the game (of several) has been finished, as well as the first pass of the new intro, which combines the "slideshow" format with some new event sequences.

I want to say that about 25-30% of the planned additions are in the game, with the biggest hurdle being the entire postgame dungeon, and the revisions needed to some of the cutscenes. Re-adjusting every line of dialogue in the game to match the new font's width will also prove to be quite time-consuming.

Regardless, things are coming along very smoothly, considering my sporadic availability to work on the game. While I do not have an exact release date planned, my goal is to have everyting finished by late spring.

Thank you again, everyone! Please look forward to Rebalance!


Vote for us on Greenlight!

It's time! Soma Spirits Rebalance is now on Steam Greenlight!
If you’d like to see this enhanced version of Soma Spirits hit Steam, please consider casting your vote to help us out!

And please give a special thanks to visitorsfromdreams, developer of Flatwoods, for putting this spectacular trailer together!


The Future of Soma Spirits

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? It's hard to believe that Soma Spirits came out over four months ago, and in many ways it feels like it's been so much longer than that.

Since releasing Soma Spirits, I've been experimenting with projects here and there, but I'm finding that with a lot of changes that came into my life this year, a lot of those projects and ideas seem like pipe dreams. And ever since I released the game, and regardless of what kinds of projects I start, I have a strong nagging feeling in the back of my head that I want to do more with the game; that there's more to it that I want to pursue.

So I thought about the feedback I've gotten from the game, and the kind words and thoughts that many players within the community gave in response to their experiences with it. I feel incredibly thankful when someone comes to me, a friend or stranger alike, and tells me that they liked the game, even months after the "golden" release period has passed.

That's part of why I want to make Soma Spirits better.

So came the idea of Soma Spirits Rebalance: an extended version of the game that makes a number of key improvements. Here are some of the key features planned, though this list is not comprehensive:

Balance changes

As the name implies, the biggest change in Rebalance is a full reworking of the game's combat. While the core gameplay is largely the same, my goal is to make the gameplay and challenge level much tighter: to make it less "Mash Fight to kill the dudes" and to bring more synergy to the duo.

The key mechanic of Soma Spirits has always been the "roles" that Heart and Soul switch back forth with depending on where they are. But this feature was largely mitigated by the game's low difficulty level and questionable need for most of the abilities at all. Rebalance will aim to make the Attacker/Defender roles more concrete by making abilities more useful, learned at different levels, and with entirely new spells introduced.

But flexibility is always an option.

New Difficulties!

New difficulty options are available for players of all types. Easy is for those who want to just breeze through the story. Normal will be default, but overall more polished and more difficult than the game's original difficulty. And Hero will be far more challenging overall, featuring enemies with higher stats and fewer treasure chests.

Aesthetic changes are also planned, including a new font that doesn't alias like it went through the wash, a cleaner battle UI and various visual updates. The graphics won't be completely redone, but I do hope to update a good chunk of the tiles and sprites, especially from earlier areas.

Heart and Soul will have cleaner sprites, as an example.

Expanded Story

Rebalance will also have new story elements that weren't present in the original, with new cutscenes and revisions to the story. One particular character's role in the story will be greatly expanded upon, and will be much more developed than they were before. With it will come more additions to the overarching plot to tie in this new character's developments, as well as a more event-focused intro to replace the rather drab slideshow that starts off the adventure.

There will be new gameplay content too, of course. Including a whole postgame dungeon and extensions to areas that were previously a bit too short.

The Path to Greenlight

Which brings me to my big resolution for all of this: I want to put Soma Spirits Rebalance on Steam Greenlight. With everything I want to revise, I'm hoping this version of the game will be different enough to be commercial-worthy. Obivously, Greenlight will be a challenge all in its own, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm looking to launch the campaign sometime in January or February and I guess we'll see where it goes from there.


So that's my plan for the upcoming year. And of course, I want to give a big Thank You to everyone who has supported the game thus far. And a HUGE Thank You to SpecialAgentApe for being a great friend, a splendid composer, and for all of his contributions to the project so far.

I hope 2017 will be an exciting and successful year for Heart and Soul and all of their dopey friends. Let's see what happens!


Featured! Thank you!

Soma Spirits is November's featured game on RMN! I wanted to give a big thank you to the RMN staff for this big honor and to the community for their continued support for Soma Spirits!

It's hard to believe that the game has been out for almost three months now, but I've had quite a few people tell me about their experiences with the game and it always makes me happy to hear everyone's interpretations and impressions.

There are a lot of things I learned through making this game, which started out much more straightforward than the final product ended up being. Soma Spirits was a game that made me think about the uncertainly and implications that come with every decision we make in life. Ultimately, I wanted the game to avoid having a clear-cut "correct" way of finishing the game, and when people tell me about the different options they chose to achieve the game's conclusion, I think it helps us all think about how our own experiences reflect our decisions in this virtual world. I'm happy that everyone came away from it thinking about it differently.

So hey! If you haven't given the game a try, give it a go! And I'd love to hear what you think!

Thank you again!


A Month Later

So it's been one month since Soma Spirits was completed and released to the hungry masses. How are things faring?

Pretty well, it looks like! With almost 30,000 pageviews and over 550 full game downloads in the first month, I'm very happy at where things are and where things are going. And a lot of the game's success is personal: friends came from all over and out of the woodwork to tell me how much they enjoyed the game and its story. Heck, several Let's Plays and the occasional piece of fan art have popped up, and that just blows me away since I would have been happy if even five people played the game through to the end.

I'm already thinking about other projects, too. I have some ideas of where I want to go next, but nothing concrete. Finding the time and drive to work on something when I spent a year on SS is a daunting idea indeed.

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow this project. If nothing else, I hope SS is one the more memorable RM games you play this year!
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