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A Month Later

  • Sgt M
  • 09/13/2016 10:25 PM
So it's been one month since Soma Spirits was completed and released to the hungry masses. How are things faring?

Pretty well, it looks like! With almost 30,000 pageviews and over 550 full game downloads in the first month, I'm very happy at where things are and where things are going. And a lot of the game's success is personal: friends came from all over and out of the woodwork to tell me how much they enjoyed the game and its story. Heck, several Let's Plays and the occasional piece of fan art have popped up, and that just blows me away since I would have been happy if even five people played the game through to the end.

I'm already thinking about other projects, too. I have some ideas of where I want to go next, but nothing concrete. Finding the time and drive to work on something when I spent a year on SS is a daunting idea indeed.

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow this project. If nothing else, I hope SS is one the more memorable RM games you play this year!


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You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Hell, I haven't even finished the game yet!
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