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Featured! Thank you!

  • Sgt M
  • 11/01/2016 09:39 PM
Soma Spirits is November's featured game on RMN! I wanted to give a big thank you to the RMN staff for this big honor and to the community for their continued support for Soma Spirits!

It's hard to believe that the game has been out for almost three months now, but I've had quite a few people tell me about their experiences with the game and it always makes me happy to hear everyone's interpretations and impressions.

There are a lot of things I learned through making this game, which started out much more straightforward than the final product ended up being. Soma Spirits was a game that made me think about the uncertainly and implications that come with every decision we make in life. Ultimately, I wanted the game to avoid having a clear-cut "correct" way of finishing the game, and when people tell me about the different options they chose to achieve the game's conclusion, I think it helps us all think about how our own experiences reflect our decisions in this virtual world. I'm happy that everyone came away from it thinking about it differently.

So hey! If you haven't given the game a try, give it a go! And I'd love to hear what you think!

Thank you again!


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Congrats! An you bet I give it a go. It's already on my hard drive. I just need to find a free day.
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