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Soma Spirits Rebalance is now free on itchio!

  • Sgt M
  • 09/04/2021 01:20 PM
If you've wanted to play Soma Union but were waiting until Soma Spirits Rebalance goes on sale to get the full story... you won't have to wait anymore!

Going forward, Soma Spirits Rebalance (and Brave Hero Yuusha EX) are Name Your Own Price on itchio.

Something that I acknowledge is that having a free sequel to a game whose canon version is paywalled was kind of awkward. And I think these versions have been out for long enough that they should be made more accessible. I do want to note that this is something that has been in consideration for quite a while and isn't a reflection of how well Soma Union is performing. But I'd rather see the games find a wider audience rather than just sit there as they have been.

Please note that the Steam versions are currently unaffected by this change. Please only buy those versions if you want the added Steam benefits or want to support the devs!

So if it's your first time diving into either of these games, I hope you'll enjoy them!