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Michael and Isaac are off for a weekend vacation trip to Pluckley, a village in the southeastern part of England, where Isaac was born. Isaac knows that the fastest way to travel requires them to cross certain woods with a bad reputation: Dering Forest. Neither of them are really scared about the hearsay that this apparently beautiful piece of vegetation is actually cursed, as it's nickname among the habitants of the county is actually "The Screaming Forest".

One day is all the time they need to get past these woods, so they march on. Everything goes fine until Isaac gets lost, and an evil night begins...

An Evil Night is a short old school dark horror game meant to last about an hour.

If you like Lovecraft legends... you will enjoy this even more. ;)

Latest Blog

Version 1.1 FINAL is live!!!!

Hello to all!!! I finally got some time to top off the final version of the game, 1.1 which is now live and ready to download!!! As always, there is an RTP and no RTP version.

These are the things that have been changed/added:

- Fixed a couple of bugs on transparent walls in the Tomb zone.
- Fixed some mispelled dialogs (sorry) and added new ones (specially at the end).
- Added one extra ending!!! This makes 5 possible endings.

As I said before this will most likely be the final release, so I hope you enjoy!!

By the way there is a Spanish version coming up in a couple of weeks dedicated to my home country :D

Nothing more to say, as always feedback and opinions are really welcome and will be treated wisely. See you around!!!! ;)
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  • Adventure RPG
  • 02/08/2016 07:06 PM
  • 05/27/2017 07:48 PM
  • 06/20/2016
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Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
This looks pretty scary. I would play it...

..if I didn't hate jump scares...
This looks really interesting.

Looking forward to playing it!
On to the final run for the game. 4th of July release date, confirmed!!!! May post a couple of new images tomorrow or next day.
Apart from some new images I also added a new section with the soundtrack of the game in Media. Enjoy!!
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
chasers by the suicide tree
keep fading in while you're reading the text. This makes getting out on the first try pretty much impossible, especially if you're a new player who's taking in the atmosphere.
I'll keep it in mind for a future update, although it really is meant to work that way. Just to know, did you sprint by the way?
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
I sprinted the first try but they were already mostly formed. My fate was sealed. My 2nd try I knew they were coming so it wasn't a problem.

Excellent avatar, by the way.
I'm going to do a walkthrough on this tomorrow here is the link to my channel who ever wants to watch
I have now uploaded the first part. Go check it out.
Warning: In The walkthrough I get lost , but I do get through most of the puzzles
Part 2 coming tomorrow
Just saw it, nice job! Willing to see you go through more! ;)

A tip if you want to read it:

Keep in mind the note you got at the lake, it will be key to one of the endings. ;)

Game was enjoyable for what it's worth. Wish it was developed a little more before the final decision making. I generally liked what you did with events/timing for the most part and the story could've been expanded upon to even make it more disturbing.

Not bad, I have played worse but thanks for the game regardless. I DO hope you continue to make games so please push on. =)
Thanks for playing!! I'll surely continue to do more, in fact I have a couple of projects in mind already. These two first games I've done are intentionally short ones but in the future I may give a shot to a bigger plot.
Just uploaded the final part and thanks for the watch! =)
"It’s a boost of sheer terror"
"I didn't expect anything I found"

Camouflaged among so many horror games, An Evil Night (also with a generic name) starts with the classic story to show you a bizarre, strange and meaningless story. Satisfactorily, it changes rhythm again, to offer us an unprecedented raw and mystical history.

In fact, this is a moral, one of those warnings that your parents often told you when you were a child.

Hidden gem of the genre. No jump scares because it doesn’t need them. No FMVs because it doesn’t need them. It doesn’t have an art of characters because it doesn’t need it. The story is his fundamental pillar and it has a lot. let's get down to business. Proof of this is its small inventory, for example.

Everything has a meaning. You have to pay attention to everything, what you see, what you read...

E.T.A.: 65'
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