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Version 1.1 FINAL is live!!!!

Hello to all!!! I finally got some time to top off the final version of the game, 1.1 which is now live and ready to download!!! As always, there is an RTP and no RTP version.

These are the things that have been changed/added:

- Fixed a couple of bugs on transparent walls in the Tomb zone.
- Fixed some mispelled dialogs (sorry) and added new ones (specially at the end).
- Added one extra ending!!! This makes 5 possible endings.

As I said before this will most likely be the final release, so I hope you enjoy!!

By the way there is a Spanish version coming up in a couple of weeks dedicated to my home country :D

Nothing more to say, as always feedback and opinions are really welcome and will be treated wisely. See you around!!!! ;)

Progress Report

Version 1.1 a bit delayed

Hi all, just wanted to make a quick blog to tell you I am still working on version 1.1 of the game, with the corrections and additions I commented on my previous blog. It's being a bit delayed because I'm pretty busy lately at my job and literally don't have any time to dedicate to this. Also I am working on another project, but I will still keep it in the shadows for now hehe...

I do expect to release this soon because my vacations start next week, so that may be the approximate date for 1.1 to go live. Meanwhile 1.0 is still proving to be very stable, so you can check it out if you like. Thanks to those who have played for now and for the feedback and media. Very appreciated. ;)

See you around!

Progress Report

Version 1.1 in progress

Hi to all. So it has been a week since the release of version 1.0 and I have received some feedback, which I may say is positive in general, so thanks to all :).

After reading some comments and checking some of the media you can watch in the corresponding section I am already working in version 1.1. It will include:

- Some minor bug fixes (pretty few for now, really happy since it is my second game).
- Some changes in dialogs and situations.
- "Possibly" a 5th ending.

I may release it some time next week or if I am very busy in real life the week after, but stay tuned because it will be inminent.

See you all around, and as I said previously any more comments and feedback are very welcome either public or private, I will take all in consideration and it really helps me for fixing things and for future projects. Bye, folks!! ;)


Version 1.0 is live!!!

Hi to all, I just wanted to make a quick blog to announce that I decided to upload right now the 1.0 version of the game, so I hope you enjoy!!!

I did it a bit earlier than expected because tomorrow I may not have much time apart from work, so here it is. :)

There is a file in downloads with the version with the RTP and another without it. Download as you see fit. Have in mind you need the RTP to be able to play.

Any type of feedback is really welcome for future updates to the game and for other future projects, so feel free to comment in public or in private as you prefer. See you around!!!


Release date changed to next week!!

Hello to all!!! It's been a couple of days only since my last blog in which I was announcing the release date for the game, along with the few things that were left to polish, but I have another announcement to make, so here it goes:

I had some more time than I thought I would have to dedicate to the project lately, and I think it is all finally done and tested, so I thought "what the hell, why should I wait more", I'll be changing the release date to next week!!!

So, resuming for all, the 1.0 version of the game will finally be online on June 20th. I think I have polished most possible bugs that could appear, but as always, I'll assume that it is possible that people can encounter something I didn't imagine could happen, so if you guys locate anything please make me now so I can fix it in future updates (remember, this is my second game hehehe).

I don't think I will be posting more previews or anything until that day, so I hope that anyone who plays it in the future enjoys it as much as I have making it. Nothing more to say, see you on Monday, folks. ;)


Surprise: Release Date!!!

Hello to all, it's been sometime since the last update, but I've been very busy working (I allways say that, and it's true, my job requires a great part of my life), but I've also been very busy working on THIS game, and I can tell that I have advanced A LOT, in this period.

I've advanced so much that I can actually confirm a release date. My objective is in three weeks, firmly the 4th of July. You may think this is sudden because in my last update I still had some work to do, but everything has been tied up pretty well, and I haven't had any moments of indecision, so I'm pretty happy everything has gone well and I could advance very constantly (at least in my opinion, most importantly it will be you guys who judge if it's been worth the while, surely hehehe).

Just to say, at this moment, everything is done except for a couple of things:

- The game initially was intended to have 3 endings, but I'm working on a 4th. The idea is pretty clear, but I have to think about a couple of things, yet. It will soon be done.

- I'm testing currently the game and resolving some flaws it had and estimating the duration (I maintain as told in the intro that it will probably be around an hour). I intend on releasing a pretty bugless version being the first one (although who knows what people can find, so it will definitely won't be final, of course), but I will be solving any problems anyone encounters from there. Apart from that, my intention is to make you guys actually test before, maybe, a pre-version of it, to make it more secure. I'll think of it, and if you guys actually want to really try it out first please contact me and I will consider.

Not much more to say, I still have to polish some things, of course, but I think this is really the final countdown for my second game!!! I am very excited and I hope you really enjoy this. I really appreciated all the gameplays and reviews of my first one (Darkest Dreams), and I hope this one goes more or less the same way. Just a brief clue for anyone interested (I really don't want to spoil too much): if you like Lovecraft and have an open mind I think you will really enjoy this. For newcomers to the Mythos legends I hope you appreciate it too, I truly think you will.

Stay tuned for some final updates before the release these days, see you around!!! ;)

Progress Report

More updates, and closer to a release

Hello to all, it's been some time but I have been really busy at work and haven't had a moment to post anything relevant. Now I can, so here go more words of progress:

- Mapping: still on it, but it's looking nice, I'm maybe at 60-70 % complete in this aspect, and I might say it's the point in which I have been working more on lately.

- Dialogues: this is the second point in which I have been more busy on, I have developed some great and critic cutscenes that are fitting pretty good, but more work here is still to be done, so I may say I'm in a % similar to mapping.

- Story: 100% done. Just need to encase it all together in the bits of mapping and dialogs I'm working on. I can anticipate that the game will have 3 endings, one of them being a happy ending, and two bad endings. As for how the story will unfold let's just say that two legends will be merged into one only. You may see what the first one of these legends is about just by reading the synopsis written at the top of this page, and if you want to know more about the second one I think you can figure it out more or less by checking the image gallery (there is, by the way, a new image I included right now).

- Music: 100% selected. I may say I loved these soundtracks, which are selected from incompetech.com and www.purple-planet.com. They are very atmosferic and have even let me introduce the perfect sound in the perfect moment some times, you'll see. I may include some of these tracks in the future as a preview.

- Preview videos and/or demo? : I probably will upload one of these options or even both in a short time, just so you guys can take a better look at what the game will look like, apart from the things you are reading here and seeing in the pictures of the image gallery.

- Release date? : as I said in a previous blog before/during summer is the most probable date, though I will have a more concrete one in a close period. Stay tuned.

Well, I think that is pretty much all I wanted to update you with, I'm really enjoying making this one, I hope that when it is playable all of you who want to play it also enjoy. See you around, more news soon!! ;)

Progress Report

Progress keeps advancing

Hello to all, just making a quick update on the status of the game.

I can say the story is almost done (just a few bits to solve, but nothing major), so soon more details but if you feel curious about what this might develop into I have posted in the last few weeks some new images (including today) which may give you some hints (the latest may even be a bit spoiler so proceed with caution).

By the way I am working on music, mapping and dialogs, which is going at a good rhythm. I may even dare to say that you could expect a release date soon (approx summer or a bit before if I can dedicate the time this needs).

More images and news soon, take care.

Progress Report

Mapping, music and story in progress

Hello to all, just wanted to make a quick update of the situation of the game right now.

I added some new ingame images to the gallery. There is still much work to do, but mapping is going pretty well for now and is growing at a nice rate. I have in my hands pretty much all the tilesets and graphics I need to fit in the game so it will be just a matter of time mixing them together as good as possible.

I am also working on the music tracks, which should work pretty nicely for the general ambient of the game. Sinister, tense, eerie. I try to make some situations and events happen according to the music that is playing at that moment and certain peaks it may have, and I have some tracks that will prove very suitable... still working on them, but selection is almost finished.

Finally the story. I still have some stuff to figure out, but in general I already have the main idea in the head and I am currently working on dialogues as well as pieces of information such as diaries, newspapers, maps... that the player will find as they progress.

More info in the coming weeks, folks. Keep fine and see you all around! ;)


Welcome to an evil night

Welcome to the first blog for my newest project: "An Evil Night"!!! This game will be a short horror game (if you played my other available game "Darkest Dreams" the length will be more or less the same) with much malevolence and a sense of dread floating in the air of the creepy Dering Forest. This place exists in real life, and it is located in England, as described in the synopsis above. If you want to take a look you can google it and check at what the background of the game may be (approx).

I will be posting content as I complete certain aspects of the game such as mapping, graphics, music, story... so you can keep updated every moment. I'm still in early production but very motivated to complete this one and hope you have a good (and bad LOL) experience. For now you can check some images I just posted of some mapping I'm currently creating and as I said before a little synopsis in the description at the top of this page.

As you may also know if you explore there is another game I'm currently developing ("No Place Like Home"), which I intend to continue producing, but it is going to be much more lengthy and I still have to dedícate much time until it is finished, so in the meantime you can expect this one to come out before that release. Still no date though, time will tell.

Stay tuned for more in the next weeks!! See you around!! ;)
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