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Mapping, music and story in progress

  • SPM
  • 02/17/2016 02:24 PM
Hello to all, just wanted to make a quick update of the situation of the game right now.

I added some new ingame images to the gallery. There is still much work to do, but mapping is going pretty well for now and is growing at a nice rate. I have in my hands pretty much all the tilesets and graphics I need to fit in the game so it will be just a matter of time mixing them together as good as possible.

I am also working on the music tracks, which should work pretty nicely for the general ambient of the game. Sinister, tense, eerie. I try to make some situations and events happen according to the music that is playing at that moment and certain peaks it may have, and I have some tracks that will prove very suitable... still working on them, but selection is almost finished.

Finally the story. I still have some stuff to figure out, but in general I already have the main idea in the head and I am currently working on dialogues as well as pieces of information such as diaries, newspapers, maps... that the player will find as they progress.

More info in the coming weeks, folks. Keep fine and see you all around! ;)