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Version 1.1 in progress

  • SPM
  • 06/26/2016 12:34 AM
Hi to all. So it has been a week since the release of version 1.0 and I have received some feedback, which I may say is positive in general, so thanks to all :).

After reading some comments and checking some of the media you can watch in the corresponding section I am already working in version 1.1. It will include:

- Some minor bug fixes (pretty few for now, really happy since it is my second game).
- Some changes in dialogs and situations.
- "Possibly" a 5th ending.

I may release it some time next week or if I am very busy in real life the week after, but stay tuned because it will be inminent.

See you all around, and as I said previously any more comments and feedback are very welcome either public or private, I will take all in consideration and it really helps me for fixing things and for future projects. Bye, folks!! ;)