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Version 1.1 FINAL is live!!!!

  • SPM
  • 08/03/2016 06:35 PM
Hello to all!!! I finally got some time to top off the final version of the game, 1.1 which is now live and ready to download!!! As always, there is an RTP and no RTP version.

These are the things that have been changed/added:

- Fixed a couple of bugs on transparent walls in the Tomb zone.
- Fixed some mispelled dialogs (sorry) and added new ones (specially at the end).
- Added one extra ending!!! This makes 5 possible endings.

As I said before this will most likely be the final release, so I hope you enjoy!!

By the way there is a Spanish version coming up in a couple of weeks dedicated to my home country :D

Nothing more to say, as always feedback and opinions are really welcome and will be treated wisely. See you around!!!! ;)