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***Please note that this game is still in development and the final product might differ.

During the 1800's, a rich aristocrat curious about the occult, decides to build a cottage deep in the countryside in a secluded area. For years murmurs said of this place as a magical location where all your wishes could be made true. This led many people hopeless and despaired to search for this place in hopes of miracles. Some came looking to cure sickness, others for fortune, and some for darker motives. Many rumors spread of how no one who enters this place ever came out. And even with such warnings, there are those willing to risk their very souls for a chance that they may be the one who makes it out.

Customizable Main Character: The wretched soul you play as is very mysterious in their motives for coming to this hellish abode. You create your character before the game starts. Choose their head shape, eyes, mouth, hair and their name.

Multiple Changing NPCs: Through out your game you may come across strangers that will sometimes offer aid, but other times may try to do you harm. Their appearance and motivations are randomized at the start of your current game.

Use different item cards: While searching the rooms and hallways you may discover item cards that you can use. Certain doors can only be open by using a specific key card. If you wish to talk to spirits or the supernatural you will need to find the correct card.

Interactive and Deadly Puzzles: More information on this will be coming soon.

- Art, Music and Programming by Rc Garcia
- YEP Core Engine by Yanfly
- Bind Pictures to map, Preload Manager by Galenmereth
- More character frames by Galv
- Horror Menu by Soulpour777
- Real timers by Shaz

Music From The Trailer

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Ever had something in your eye?

Hi all, this is a small preview of one of the easier mini games that you can play. It's not really meant to be that challenging, but I have failed it a couple of times. I still need to update some of the graphics, but its pretty much done.
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  • RCgarcia
  • RPG Maker MV
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  • 02/10/2016 12:29 PM
  • 04/13/2016 05:42 AM
  • 08/01/2016
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This actually sounds really cool. The bird's view perspective seems a bit weird at first but I could get used to it. Now, Frumpinpuffy, that's such a strange name...
Hi Saffie thanks for viewing my game. I really wanted to make a horror tale that messed with your view of things in different ways. Yeah, Frumpinpuffy is a pretty weird name, which I think fits into the distorted perspective that the game is aiming for.
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