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Very short, and not really worth the time to play it

  • Rine
  • 02/20/2016 07:32 AM
The problem I have with reviewing the little novelty games on here is that most of them are basically a short story. So, the question becomes: Is there anything that putting it into a game does to make it better? In addition, is it worthy to be a short story on its own?

The answer here is really...no. While the art for the game is simplistic and does its job, it really doesn't add anything to the story itself. There is no gameplay really beyond a reading comprehension quiz a few minutes in to 'determine' the ending. It is very similar to a teacher showing you a powerpoint slide about a children's book, then giving you a multiple choice quiz at the end, in that the game is literally just 'press next to read through the text, then at the end of the game there is a prompt to answer three different questions'. That is the extent of the game play, reading and a quiz.

The story? Basically nothing. Regular guy gets impersonated by a cat, has to answer a quiz to prove its him. There is no drama to it, because of the title and that what has happened is blatantly obvious from the word go. No explanation or motivation is given for anyone, no characterization whatsoever. This isn't helped by minor grammatical errors through the game as well.

From a technical standpoint, there's nothing particularly -wrong- with the game, it runs fine, there's no graphical glitches or obvious errors, but it feels weird to give out an average score for technical competence. While I don't buy in to the fact that games have to be always fun, as an art medium they have to leave some sort of impression. This game left me with the impression that I just a one paragraph short story written in a few minutes.


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Thanks for the review!
Actually I didn't even write the story, I made up with everything it came at my mind since I was worried about the time, which was a big mistake /shot
Powerpoint slide! This made me laugh x,D

I'll keep those flaws in mind! Thanks again!
I do appreciate the fact that it was made in a day or so, and the work for the art put into it likely took up most of the time for it.

I wish I had any sort of similar talent for art and making it express anything, just wish there was more substance to the game itself ^^;
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