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Edmund Brigham is a man who does not remember much. His surroundings are a mystery to him. He finds himself on a road, guiding him towards a keep. Within lies the dark robed Gatekeeper, who is awaiting Edmund.

The Gatekeeper greets Edmund Brigham in his own twisted fashion. Unmoved at the Gatekeeper's attempts at riddles and mind games, Edmund's thoughts are stained by a silhouette. A rose.

The Gatekeeper, impressed with Edmund Brigham's conviction, guides him towards the Garden Tower. The answers that matter to him, lie there.

As he begins his journey, the silhouette never leaves his thoughts. The trials on the road to the Garden Tower are many and hard.

Edmund must overcome them.


Solo Character Battle System Fast, challenging, and fair! There are no healing items, you recover health by killing a foe. Attacking normally grants Edmund FP where he uses Arts to destroy the foe's weakness.
2-3 Hour Long Story Fleshed out and replayable!
All Original NES Inspired Graphics
All Original Soundtrack

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Three Ghostly Roses Remake

A Ghostly Rose

Wishlist on Steam

For a long time, I considered making Three Ghostly Roses deluxe. Enhancing some graphics. Adding more features. Then I realized, it would be better to make a whole new game.

Three Ghostly Roses is very special to me. I'm happy I just kept the game as it is. But I knew I could do more with it. So I made A Ghostly Rose.

It comes out on April 5. If you liked Three Ghostly Roses, I hope you'll check it out.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy.
  • Completed
  • zDS
  • Red_Nova
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/21/2016 02:12 AM
  • 02/25/2022 04:25 AM
  • 10/29/2016
  • 136011
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Hey y'all, just want to let you know that I am REMAKING this game.

Check out my new gamepage here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/12388/
Such a fantastic experience! Wanted to share my Let's Play video.
I recently downloaded and started playing this game. I like the dialogue lines so far, I think it would be a funny and challenging game to translate, so, I want to ask you for permission to translate it to Spanish.
Punched and kicked my way to the end. Good game.
hide and /hide within brackets

I see what you mean now. I could possibly hint that it's for after the roses, hmmmm. Definitely something to consider! Thanks for the find, honestly.
No, you did. I'd just gotten the impression that that would be the game end, and I needed to use the star shards before that for optional content.

edit: how do I do spoiler tags here? I'm used to brackets spoiler brackets /spoiler
I thought I made it clear the last rose was in the Vacation House via dialogue, haha.
Just as a note, I'd put the last edit in spoiler tags, cause minor spoiler. : )

It seemed natural to me since he'd changed his demeanor quite a bit and was bugging you, tho haha I can't remember it perfectly now.
Oh, I'd wondered about that. That means I have three star shards total, and I fought the three bosses. But when I go to the place beneath the afterlife, I still just get that instant game over. Am I doing something wrong?

I've gotten all the notes and all of the robed men's songs (some of which are seriously bumpin'). This seems like the last thing for me to wrap up before finishing my run.

Edit: Huh. I had to kill the Gatekeeper before going to the under? This was definitely not clear from the dialog. Also, I found another typo. Right before the Gap, Gatekeeper says the line "We stand in a most horrid web. That forever changes and adapts to caputre its prey."
Thank you for the kind words Proessor! I've been on the edge of my seat since you made that post haha.

I'm glad you're enjoying the music and atmosphere, Caladium! It's really cool that someone apart of the Ara Fell team, whom all did a really good job, is playing my game haha.

Kumada, I fear I may have not made it clear enough in game that the third key piece boss is not optional and what you fight in the little cell at the end of the desert before the vacation house. Sorry about that!

I'm glad you're enjoying my game! That pesky error was just pointed out to me the other day, I shall fix it asap. Thank you very much!
This is awesome, and I'm nearing the end, but good lord where is the third optional boss hidden?

I've gotten the one in the garden tower, and I've gotten the one in the jungle, but I've combed the desert and there's nothing there.

BUG: found a passability error. After entering the guesthouse, go down the right stairs and to the eastern edge of the lava room. There, between the pillar, the stone, and the vines, go north. You can walk right across that black void.
Playing this. Intrigued to see how things will turn out.
Enjoying the soundtrack and atmosphere.
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Excellent game. Let me finish that last level and I'll have a review up. ^_^
Hehe. <3 Glad I caught you suzy in the one true fandom.

To be fair and clear, I myself had no suspicions. I just thought it was fun to pair the two because they play the major voice-roles in that plane/world and have nothing else, and so I did~ and I am proud of it!
Great! I'm glad to have experienced all of it!

The notes to me did seem to suggest betrayal. But I was kind of relieved when that turned out to be false. It made seeing their graves so heartwarming.

That is cool that you were able to be inventive with old ideas. Some of those tracks were the ones I liked the most. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to what they were called, haha. I liked the windy ones.
In particular, the final song from the dude in the dreamscape.

It's belated, but your post made my day when you made it Tungerman. I'm very glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.

Suzy, that was a wonderful read. I don't even know what to say. Like, just about everything I hoped the player would feel you felt. It was really motivating to read what you said.

Late game Spoilers:

The Gatekeeper is Caroline theory was wrong, but it was not wrong for you to suspect it. I wanted people to have suspicions like that. It honestly brings me joy that you thought that at all, haha. The Notes I kind of intended to let the player come up with theories then kind of have it all be revealed when you collect them all.

The music collection is pretty much just a gallery that I added to spice up the game a bit seeing how you don't collect armor or weapons and I wanted gold to be useful for something. I had a lot of songs I really enjoyed from my first attempt at this game. It was the first time I truly felt proud of my music, despite it being flawed. It's why I named the characters "The Flawed Ones" lol. The descriptions were describing a forgotten version of the game, more or less.
There are already three fine reviews, or else I'd be compelled to write one myself.

So I'll just say some crap here:
This game is fantastic. The world you've designed is atmospheric and rich in tiny details. The music (which felt to me like a combination of John Carpenter & Final Fantasy 7) is freaking wonderful. It's quite evocative in places, and really helps to give emotion to the cutscenes.

One thing in particular I love about the music is that it's upbeat. I thought this really suited Edmund's spirit. He's so determined and indomitable, and the soundtrack reflects that perfectly. Yet it still manages to sound wistful and gloomy in parts.

The Flawed Dude sidequest was neat, and I liked that you found a way to fit in extra music that also helped to flesh out the setting, through their rather taciturn stories.

The graphics were beautiful. I liked the foreboding mistiness of the first area (I like its BGM in particular) and that lovely green tower, then the tropical area... then the cool inverted colour dream area... It was all great. The rolling clouds behind castles and cliffs looked dramatic and ominous.

Battle graphics were nice too, I liked the variety of sprites to look at while Edmund kicks the bejesus out of them.

The battles themselves were great fun. I liked the puzzle aspect that others have spoken about, and the added incentive of healing HP when grinding for a few extra bits of experience here and there. I only started using the inn at the very last part of the game when I just wanted to get through that boss rush. (I expected the Predator to pop up during Edmund's nap. It did not.)

The levels were well designed. The world felt small and connected. Backtracking (which I chose to do a lot of to save after each battle because I generally suck at games) was not a pain.

Oh, I also really liked how you incorporated storytelling into the game. That there were hints as to which attack to use because it was described in third person during the battle, and that sort of thing.

Getting to the story, I thought it was beautiful, and rather cleverly executed. In the second half of the game I suspected the Gatekeeper was Caroline... *somehow* (I'm blaming Kylaila's fanart). But I am happy the story went to more humble places in that Edmund and Caroline were simply hired killers and they died unceremoniously in someone's dungeon.

I loved that Edmund appeared to his daughters in their sleep with the roses and words from their mother. Dude, that was beautiful.

The characters said just enough to reveal each personality. Some of the cutscenes were quite poetic, particularly the rose scenes as mentioned above, and the epilogue.

I, like Kaylaila too it seems, enjoyed the burgeoning bromance between Edmund and the Gatekeeper, haha.

The sidequests were well implemented, I thought. The rewards were genuinely useful, and if they didn't have something to do with combat then they did reveal more about the characters or the world.

I am wondering though if there is some plot-relevant conclusion to the music collection quest, like the note quest?

Overall, I enjoyed Three Ghostly Roses immensely. I am totally hopping on that fanart bandwagon.

Make more games dude, you are really talented.

Man, this looks great. And Sir, you are being featured! Congrats.
Features (of the game) and the description are sweet. Totally looking forward playing it.
I didn't expect much when I gave this game a try. Well, what do you know, I finished it today and it's now one of my favourite games this year. I'd write a review but I can't pinpoint exactly why I think the game is so good. It has a lot of good things and a few bad/weird things, but I guess it all comes down to just how much I personally fell in love with the world you created. It was really fun, in the long run. Thank you for making this game.
Got it released! Had to include the RTP again. Those who played the demo will have to play it again due to some major - minor changes being made.

Inb4 I left the wrong class on and or created a game breaking glitch in last moments of development or left out something important in credits
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