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Progress Update

  • zDS
  • 04/21/2016 03:08 AM
Things have been changing for Three Ghostly Roses in the past couple of months. Progress has been slower than I wish, yet things are going quite smooth.

First things first, I want to talk about changes that have happened. One day I woke up and realized how unhappy I was with how I was telling the story. I was pretty much telling it exactly how I told it before when I made this years back and never got it truly finished. Yet it always bothered me. So I completely re-wrote the story and am telling it in a much different way.

In the original, you kind of get a bunch of explanations thrown in your face before you get started. This time, everything starts off as sort of a mystery and you learn the world as you go rather than have it forced all at once in a 10 minute description. I'm super happy with the changes so far. The game's story flows muuuuch better now.

Then there is a change that happened last night. I was planning on using the soundtrack I made years ago for this game, as I thought it was good enough. The original soundtrack was probably the first time I made music I deemed good. It still is good, in my opinion at least. Though three years have passed. I'm much better now. And the past months I have been trying to make new music for the game and I failed every time. I could not top the original.

I kept asking myself. "Why change the music? It's already good." Yet I kept trying. The answer came to me last night, when I actually pulled it off. I made new music that was better and fit the game more. I kept trying to change it because the old music was not matching the new vision I had for the game.

So now, I have to redo the whole soundtrack. I already made 4 new songs in pretty much 24 hours. Music is easy for me anyway, especially when I get things going.

I am still aiming for a demo. Honestly, the demo is super close to being done. The bulk of what needs to be done is the menu ui, which is gonna suck. Other than that, I just need to make a few more small maps, finish the dungeon (just need to make the boss and story at the end now), and a decent amount of polishing. Oh, I also need to make 4 additional songs for the demo, as I decided to remake the whole soundtrack last night.

The demo is roughly 1/4th of the game. Once its done, it will be a great milestone. The rest of the game will go a lot smoother.

I'm gonna try and get this demo ready as soon as I can. I have had some time off work. (I got sick with the chicken pox, at age 23 ): ) Well, I still have to be away from work until I am completely healed, but I don't feel like absolute crap anymore so it's a ripe time to get some game making done.

I can't estimate how much longer until the demo will be done, but I'll give a quick estimate of within three weeks. Now to kick this game's ass!