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July 4th Progress Update

  • zDS
  • 07/04/2016 05:33 PM

Yep, I've (almost) finished Three Ghostly Roses. I have one last mega important task for the game, and that is polishing. I need to test it myself and I think I'll select a few people privately to playtest it.

This game became quite the beast on my back. It's very bittersweet to finally let it go soon, haha.

About keeping the file from the demo for those who have played... I apologize, for I've changed enough for the beginning to need to be played again, and I accidentally made it impossible to keep the same file in the first place. I hope that is not too much of a problem. I original intended for you to keep the same file, but stuff happened. With that said, I think you can tackle what was in the demo in about half an hour anyway. There is much more to come after as well.

In the next couple of weeks or so I will polish and ready the game for release.

Thanks for reading!


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The all around prick
Awesome news! Though it's a bit sad that the save files won't transfer, that's an understandable concern. Besides, like you said, it's not like hours and hours of playtime was lost, so I think it's fine.

I'll volunteer to test your game if you need someone! Best of luck finishing the game!
I'll be happy to let you test it, I can have it ready for you in about less than a week maybe! You can be as blunt as you want about feedback. I'll only cry once.
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