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October 9th Progress

  • zDS
  • 10/09/2016 07:20 PM
It's been a while since I've said anything about the project. Life got kinda intense there for a few months, so I did not have much time nor the willpower to tackle the final stages of this game.

A couple months ago, the project was play tested and some issues were found. I also had a while to reflect on the game.

I've started the intense process of fixing the final issues of the game. Such as:

- Improving overall dialogue.
- Adding graphic fixes and additional graphics when needed.
- Fixing some technical issues that I overlooked.
- Attempts at making gold of some use.
- Taking out frustrating game design mechanics (such as how the later arts and blast skills are learned)
- Improving the soundtrack.

I've been going through every single event and polishing every bit of dialogue I see that could be improved. It's not like it was bad before, haha, more like it just needed a good amount of polish. I did that side of the game rather fast. Now is the time to do it justice.

The biggest issue, besides one of my story arcs that contained some holes in the plot, was how I did gold. I never thought gold would give me this much of a headache in an RPG.

My solution is not to make the gold incredibly useful in the game, but more or less a fun side mechanic. I plan on having a couple of skills purchased by gold still, but none of the necessity skills.

For those few who have played the demo know of the notes I have scattered through treasure chests. Instead of finding in chests, a robed one will sell them to you for a price.

I will also have more or less a bonus section, where throughout the game you unlock the chance to purchase songs in The Keep's newly added basement. The songs won't be from Three Ghostly Roses, but my old and much flawed Four Ghostly Roses (the cancelled game that Three Ghostly Roses is a remake of.)

One of the few reasons I made Three Ghostly Roses years after cancelling the original is because of how much I loved the original soundtrack. Alas, for I ended up scrapping the soundtrack anyway, but there are many songs from it that I still love. I'm not sure how many people will care about old songs I made, but I'm personally fascinated by stuff like that.

I hope that makes gold add SOMETHING st least.

All in all, I'm having a blast finishing the project up. I'm 1/4th through my great polish. I'm hoping to release the game within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading!


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The all around prick
Ooh, the bonus room sounds like a great idea! I'm really interested in seeing how the old soundtrack sounded. Good luck with this! If you need to talk about some design ideas or a second set of eyes on whatever you need, feel free to PM me!
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