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A rose

  • Nana707
  • 02/03/2017 01:28 PM
This is my first review in this site and in my life, so I'm really sorry if this is bad written or anything. I just played the game and wanted to give some kudos to the developer! I'll try and give my best here.

When I first stumbled across this game, I just downloaded because I thought the tilesets were cool. I downloaded by impulse, without reading anything about it. I wanted to be surprised, and omglob, how was I.

The story is presented to the player in a way that you are always wondering. You wonder about the nature of everything around you, since everything seems to have a life (in this case, a lack of it), and everything is fleeting and dubious. The thing I asked myself the most was "Is this guy trustworthy? Am I trustworthy? Should I be asking this question?", I was surrounding myself with doubts and everything, just EVERYTHING sounded so very important. The notes I received, they kept me waiting for more, every dialogue, every detail, it all seemed important, and the developer make it so that it definitely is.

This game is so very great for it's subtlety and choose of pacing. The story is presented in such a way that always pleases the reader with the right timing for showing itself further. I don't want to go too much on that to avoid spoilers.

The soundtrack is GREAT, except for one or two songs that I don't really enjoy, the writing is marvelous, the mappings are awesome, you can travel around the world easily, and everything is presented to you in right timings, the battles, the returning points... The game never punishes you in the wrong moment.

The battles are GREAT, they have a system similar to Lisa (I think this game is inspired by Lisa somehow?), and it's very well used here. You have to always hit an enemy with the right arrange of skills in the right timing, and the game guides you without those long tutorials. At every battle I felt immediately rewarded.

If you like games with dark-themed stories and challenging/interesting battles, you should definitely play this.


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
haha, this is a great review. I like the way that you say things. :)

And I still needa play this game :O
While this review was brief, it was cleverly written. I am so glad that people notice the amount of effort I spent into the subtle pacing of everything. Sometimes one thinks "does it even matter in the end?" then after the good reception I have received as of yet proves to me that it does matter.

I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed the game as much as you did! It's a huge honor to have a five star review (my first!)

I learned of Lisa (the steam version) after I made the long forgotten original version of this game and the first thing I thought was "dammit if I eventually make Ghostly Roses better people are gonna think I copied this when they see Edmund" haha. I still haven't play the Lisa games yet though.

All in all, thank you for putting the effort to play my game to the end and write this very kind review!
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