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The strange world waiting for you.
The heroine wakes up in a cold tomb and does not remember anything.
She meets an angel with black wings, which knows something.
Then the evil spirit invades the tomb ...
Who is the heroine and why she came to this world?
You will know it when finish the game.

Sorry, it's my first game ...

Four heroes.
The nameless heroine

Mia - girl ranger, who lives in the woods.

Dionis - knight of the small kingdom. Always ready to help in difficult times.

Lunari - mysterious angel who serve the goddess of death.

UPDATE - 03/06/2016

- increased screen resolution 1024 х 768
- improved image of heroes in battle.
- mechanics battle has changed. Added TP.
- changed images enemies.
- сhanged Town Farhor.
- changed the restoration of HP and MP.
To restore the life you need to cook a meal or rest in inns.
- added 3 melodies for battle and new theme for boss battle.

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  • 02/23/2016 07:12 PM
  • 03/24/2016 06:45 PM
  • 05/10/2016
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This game is a really good first game.I HIGHLY recommend it!!!Can't wait for the finished thing! \(^W^)/
Hi! The game looks great, but i have a question...Can you play this with a game pad?I tried it but maybe mine isn't commpatible,if not i will try to keep playing with the keyboard.
I'm sorry.
It seems RPGMaker MV games does not support the joystick.
In the settings menu, you can reassign the keys or play with the mouse.
Thanks for the kind words.

Your welcome!
Thanks for the kind words.

I played this game and i loved every second of it. the beautiful art and the story was bigger then anyone could imagine. i rate this game a 10/10.
i made an account just to say how good the game is ^v^
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