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Note that Shin Megami Tensei is owned by ATLUS. I Take No Credit or Profit for ATLUS owned materials used in this FANGAME.

This is an enhanced version of a game I made under the original vx, remade in ace, and ported to MV

Note: This game contains resized graphics, and may not look good compared to other MV games. I recommend playing in windowed mode.

Note2: There is some suggestive content and harsh language.

Note3: The readme and guide for the MV version are in the WWW folder. Will fix later.




alt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxhk3e5qlzxtlir/SMTRWPC.zip?dl=0



alt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55ulayfi92jk5zt/SMTRWmac.zip?dl=0


It has been 50 years since the great destruction brought by the nuclear war. Despite the catastrophic damage and death,mankind has somehow managed to survive. After the war between the forces of Law and Chaos, one hero managed to unify the survivors and bring balance to Japan. The survivors finally began to rebuild. However, all was not well. The demons were still a threat to humanity. Japan's renewed prosperity also caught they eye of other surviving nations.The European Federation, and New Soviet Union, both had their eyes on Japan and its resources.

3 Years ago,the hero was killed while fighting demons. All priorities were then focused on finding a replacement leader. However, no one could agree on who should lead, and Japan soon fell into a state of chaos, with the hero's former subordinates becoming warlords who fought for power and territory.
The Federation took advantage of the chaos, and launched an invasion of Japan's mainland. While the Federation was occupied with this, the Soviets captured the smaller island territories. The Federation then offered the regional lords
some autonomy in exchange for driving the Soviets from the islands. In just one month, Japan was conquered by the Federation. With most of its troops busy fighting the Soviets in Europe, and the rest keeping Japan under its rule, the Federation gave the warlords the task of keeping the demons under control. They were also tasked with recovering pre destruction technology and artifacts.

Rather than risk their own resources on these tasks, the lords created new mercenary groups to do the work for them. These were called hunter clans.
Recently, the Federation began hearing rumors of an artifact that could grant its user powers that rival even God or Lucifer.
The Federation ordered the lord of Okinawa, to begin searching for this artifact. Unconcerned with the demands of the Federation, lord Takuya, gave the job to several freelancers, whom recently left the Black Cat clan. Their search has led them to a a small island cave off the south shore of Okinawa.....


the game will take place between the original smt, and stmt 2. It will take place in the wastelands of Okinawa. Knowledge of these games is not required. The story will follow a group of freelance Hunters, who merge with a dysfunctional hunter clan. The new side story will feature the ability to recruit demons, and add them to the party. Both stories will feature fights between demons and other survivors. Dungeons will take place in both natural formations, such as caves, and ruined buildings and other man made structures. Gameplay is first person, with yanfly's addons.


Haruka Rotama:
Age: 17
Alignment: ???
Origin: Japan Mainland

A former member of the Black Cat Clan. She left along with Joshiro, and Yin, after an internal dispute. Haruka is skilled with curative magic, and has considerable experience for her age. Haruka, is a bit of a wild card. Sometimes thoughtful and understanding, and at others belligerent and hot headed. Currently working freelance while trying to find what she really wants. Working on the mainland as a freelancer proved to be a very tough competition, so she set off to Okinawa to find work. After a chance meeting with lord Takuya, who offered her a job she could not refuse, she unknowingly set out for her toughest job yet.

Joshiro Niwa:
Age: 19
Alignment: Law
Origin: Japan Mainland

A former member of the Black Cat Clan. He left along with Haruka and Yin after an internal dispute.Joshiro Is the heavy armor of the team, and attacks with close range weapons. Hot headed, he tends to act with out thinking. Joshiro has been working with Yin for several years now, and with Haruka, for about a year. Currently, he is working freelance. Joshiro was starting to get bored from the dull jobs they were receiving as freelancers, but meeting lord Takuya has sparked his interest in the rumors floating around about the artifact the Federation is trying to find. Joshiro is one of the few who believes the rumors of the godly artifact.

Yin Yano:
Age: 21
Alignment: Law
Origin: Japan Mainland

A former member of the Black Cat Clan. He left along with Haruka and Joshiro after an internal dispute. Yin is a Gunman, who prefers to use assault weapons like shotguns and machine guns. Unlike Haruka, and Joshiro, he is bitter about leaving the Black Cats, but keeps his feelings bottled up. Currently working freelance while looking for other opportunities. Yin has taken an interest in the Federation and once considered joining them. Yin is suspicious of lord Takuya, and doubtful about the job he has been given. The only reason he even accepted it, was because he badly needed the money.

Age: Unknown, believed to be in early 20's
Alignment: Neutral
Origin: Unknown, believed to be European or American.

A member of the Red Earth Clan. Sunanomi is a skilled marksman, capable of using both normal ammunition and elemental charged rounds. He was found injured by Kio and Lelu, and was recruited shortly after. He has no memories prior to being found. Dasu starting calling him Sunanomi for no reason, and the name just stuck. Sunanomi rarely trusts others, and most people outside of Red Earth, see him as cold and unfriendly. He is fiercely protective of the few he does trust. Completely shocking both Dasu, and Connor, he decided to trust Haruka, shortly after meting her during the island expedition and is in favor of joining forces with her team.

Daisuke "Dasu" Hiraga:
Age: 18
Alignment: Chaos
Origin: Okinawa

A member of the Red Earth Clan. Dasu is Red Earth's offensive mage. Like Sunanomi, he is often seen as unsocialible and cold. Selfish and arrogant, he tends to drive people away and as a result, doesn't have many friends. The only people he answers to, are Kio and Lelu. While his ego is extreme, it is not with out merit. Dasu also has a problem controlling himself around women. If he isn't fruitlessly hitting on girls, he generally trains his demonic magic in his free time, when he isn't bickering with Sunanomi or Connor.

Kio Raikatuji:
Age: 24
Alignment: Chaos
Origin: Okinawa

Leader of the Red Earth Clan. A former follower of the Gaian faith, he later gave it up after meeting Lelu, and has been a working soldier ever since. While he tends to be fair, he does get tired of Dasu picking fights all the time.

Lelu Sekigawa:
Age: 23
Alignment: Law
Origin: Okinawa

Second in command of the Red Earth Clan. A former Messian, she gave up her position after meeting Kio in a skirmish between the two factions. Fast and nimble, Lelu is the scout of the group, and has saved them from ambushes on several occasions.

Connor Mackey:
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaos
Origin: Europe

A member of the Red Earth Clan. Connor is the information gatherer and negotiator of the group. He came from Europe hoping Japan would be more peaceful. Connor is generally easy going, but has a short temper when dealing with Dasu, or people with authority who abuse their power.

Xia Fong:
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral
Origin: China

A member of the Red Earth Clan. Xia is the groups doctor. She came from china to find work as a doctor and to get away from the chaos in China, after the New Soviet Union took over. She joined Red Earth as a means to get her foot in the door. She is the only person Dasu doesn't fight with, apart from Kio and Lelu.


Ira Yasui, Esler Steiner, Amag Gregovich.

3 Rookie hunters that Haruka picked up in Naha. Some of them Haruka knew from the Black cats.

Aria Kuzunoha, and the Okinawa Initiates.

Leader of the Kuzunoha Detective Clan, and her underlings. This hot headed devil summoner, is the MC of the side story.

Takuya Yamato and Nakaido Gara.

The lord of Okinawa, and his right hand man.

A demon?

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I am stuck in the game. I have reached Clan House 3 pt2 (per the guide.rtf found in the www folder) and just finished the “Ruin Artifact Hunt” mission in the marshlands. I try to talk to Connor for the second mission (the one inside a hospital according to the guide) but all he says is “stop screwing around.” I have tried talking to NPCs around Nago and that little town in the east (forgot what it is called) but nothing seems to be pushing the story along. I notice in the guide that the hospital mission comes before the marshland mission, was I supposed to do the hospital mission first? Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
Fairly high actually. Though it was originally set for VX, but when ever I tried to redo the hit rates for MV, it always ended up hardly ever missing, or almost always missing. I did intentionally make the multi hit/AOE attacks a little lower.
as for lack of scan... you're right. I honestly didn't think about it. If I get around to making a patch, I might put that in if there's a simple plugin for it.

thanks for the feedback.
What's with all the missed shots? What accuracy percentage did you set for god's sake? Missing 2 hits out of 4 per turn is like normal. Also, no Scan or at least a bestiary in a game that depends heavily on using weaknesses?

Sorry if I seem rude, it's just sooo infuriating >_< Solid game all around otherwise! Thanks for making it :D
In the www folder there is a guide with puzzle solutions in it. Not sure how it ended up in there instead of the main folder. Ill also PM you the answer.

I'm stuck in arcade. Can't figure out passwords for VIP Lounge and Manager's Office.

What does Jack :: Queen means? Also King ::?
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