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For me to rule over the known world I must truly be a god, and for my sister to be at my side she must be a goddess.
My life has never made sense yet then again...has yours?

This is a story about my life, the life of a Roman Emperor! And above all else remember AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

"I am Caligula" Will be the most in depth story driven game about Caligula ever made. The player will experience everything from the very start of his rule to the very end. NO censorship! The game is in early development and will cost .99 cents. "I am Caligula" is the prequel to "Drusilla Dreams".

- Historical battles and events
- Multiple endings
- A in depth storyline
- More to come!
We are on Steam!

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We are on Steam!

After years of work my Caligula game is on Steam for the world to enjoy!


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I'll name my horse as secretary of state
I'm a dog pirate
panties and harems and emperors oh my
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