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You appear in a strange world made out of paper, but you don't know what to do or even what you are. There you'll find enemies who want to kill you, so you have a few options: escape or face them with the power to shoot magic bullets. Why are you in that world? What is your real purpose?

Paperstory is a action-platform indie video game where you have to use your reflexes to win. It's kinda like Megaman, so I hope you like it. I have no plans of releasing the full gamein a short period, but that depends on how much you love it, so I will be making it only if you ask for it.

WARNING: This game isn't completed yet. This is just a short demo to show you guys the game because I'm looking for feedback. If you like the game, like it and share it in your social media. You'd really help me a lot, and the development of this game too, because I want to continue developing, but that will be impossible if I don't have enough feeedback, I mean, I won't continue developing the game if I'm not sure if people will play it, and in the end this game will be the game you want me to make, so make sure to post your opinion here too! So yeah, thanks for your support!

If you want to report bugs or have any issues, you can contact me at:
pavilesgonzalez@yahoo.es or just post a comment below this page.

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