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Hi all! I'm Zenon. I'm 5 years old, and I'm the main hero of Moon Whistle XP!
Let me tell you what this game is about.

It was the start of my final year in kindergarten. I woke up, had breakfast, went to fetch my best friend Narumi and headed to school.

Sounds like another normal day? Sure. Until my classmates started talking about X-Ranger after school. He's well-known on TV as the hero of justice. But my classmates were saying he exists in real life. One classmate even said she saw him! And so Narumi suggested that we should find him.

Hmm, I wonder what lies ahead...

Moon Whistle XP is a classic RPG made by Kannazuki Sasuke in 2011 and currently being translated into English by eplipswich. It was ported from RPG Maker 95 to RPG Maker XP with the original Moon Whistle made in 1999. And it is about 10 hours long (story-wise). The game is set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Motomachi in Japan and features me and my friends as we go on adventures around the town and possibly live the dream in my final year of kindergarten!

Notable features include
- RPG Maker 95 Earthbound-style graphics
- Unique and charming music by Saia Hyouseki
- Enriching story experience
- Lots of secrets to uncover!
- Strange, yet interesting-looking monsters
- Modern items like water gun and school bag used as weapons and armors
- Won gold at Internet Contest Park, a contest for indie games in Japan, in 1999!

and more!

A preview of the game can be seen below:

Also, check out my alternative site for my translated games here (eplipswich.tumblr.com).

Latest Blog

Blog 2: Game Preview Video has been added

Hi everyone!

So, to show more of how the game looks like, I've uploaded a video preview as shown below. This video will also be put up on the front page.

Not much else to update for now, other than the fact that I've completed translating Chapter 2 yesterday :p. Back to translating, then :)

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So many surprises first you managed translate Seraphic Blue now this game. I'm so glad!! I was going to request this.

I always wanted to play these games but I could not read Japanese. I'm looking forward to this and Altered!
Oh boy I'm gonna play th-- cancelled. *Cries in untranslated language*
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