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The world is feeling down. As a creature with a combination of Happy and Puppy in the name, you will have no such thing! Donning your trusty scarf, you intend to head out into the world and cheer everyone up. It's your duty!

Happup is an exploration-based puzzle inspired by Yume Nikki, Monument Valley, and Hohokum. It centers on the titular character, Happup, a dog with a cool scarf. The game aims to offer many varied areas to explore, presented with an abstract art style.

Some features!
•A funky soundtrack!
•Puzzles that'll have logical conclusions! Nothing too outside-the-box, don't worry!
•A crazy artstyle!
•Cute dogs and cool scarfs!
•It's a really cool scarf, I swear. Scarfs are cool, right?
•Interesting designs and mysterious characters! (I'm looking at you, one-armed-violinist.)
•Lots of eyeballs!
•Eyeballs where eyeballs shouldn't be!

Happup was actually a game I started off five years ago, but lost all the data when my computer crashed. It was amateur, but I was pretty proud of some of the ideas I had come up with. Now that I'm older and wiser, I picked the game back up and started from scratch. I'd love to give it a proper development! I plan to make this as interesting as I can and something you'll remember for sure. Seeya on the flipside!

I-is that phrase still cool..?

Latest Blog

October 13 - Ko-Fi Announcement!

Hello hello y'all! It's good to see everyone. It's surprisingly windy out here, which doesn't usually happen for a couple more weeks, but what can ya do?

I've come by with a pretty big announcement! (For me, at least!)
I've started a Ko-Fi!

The video here has the primary info (and some cute music and art!) so you should watch it!!

This is particularly big for me since up until now I haven't had any sort of financial model for my creative work. I'm doing all of this independently, and everything has kind of just been fueled by passion and a desire to get these ideas out of my head so other people can play them. And my work still will be! But having financial support while working on it helps me devote more time and energy into the cool creative things you guys want to see me work on, like Happup!

I will say, this Ko-Fi isn't exclusively for my funny little dog game; it's for me and my entire body of work as a creator! Anything you donate goes towards Happup and many other projects of mine (like Astral Guard, my other game jam projects, music, art, etc.) and it helps me make more cool art I can share with all of you. I know in the video I said I didn't really have any financial incentives at the moment, but what do ya know, I was just gifted a Gold membership by a very lovely person and I now have the option to post things for donators exclusively. I don't know what that'll mean just yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

That being said, I'm still putting up plenty of cool, free stuff that you guys can all look at. I do a LOT of different stuff aside from game design, and it's been spread across several different sites since there isn't one that's suited for absolutely everything I do, but Ko-Fi seems like a good "hub" of sorts for my work. So, if you're curious about other projects of mine aside from Happup, it'll be an excellent place to drop on by! I'll be posting updates for Happup and Astral Guard there as well, and you can get some more in-depth looks at my thought process and what goes into making those games.

I don't reeeally have a consistent income at the moment (I'm currently living with family, so I'm doing fine!) but a couple of dollars here and there really helps out a lot. If you can't donate anything, that is perfectly fine! Times are really weird right now and I'm still gonna be working on these projects no matter what. Nonetheless, everything is appreciated. Whether it's a couple of dollars or just some comments, stuff like that gives me more determination than ever to keep working on my art, and I appreciate it all immensely! I'll be back soon with some more screenshots, so keep an eye out for those when they happen here or on my Ko-Fi. I'll see you all then, and I hope you have an excellent day!



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I was waiting for you to make a page for this game for a long time.
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Me too! I was really scared of making one and I was kind of confused, but it's here now, yeah!
I'll probably keep an eye on this. Has the potential to turn our interesting.
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Thank you! I'm really hoping it'll be!
Ahh I saw this on the release something XIV event and was super intrigued by it's sorta monument valley-esque aesthetics!! And almost fell off my chair when I saw the thumbnail for the game page. Pumped to play it!!!
I have started my journey to get my first 4/5 before dreaming any bigger than that. Gradual and steady does it... hopefully.
YAY, finally a project page <3
toiling away in the makerscore mines
I'm glad you guys really like it! I'll be releasing a video showing some walkarounds and some effects soon enough.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This looks so beautiful! Subbed.
*Deeply Thinking*
How does this not have more views?? This game looks amazing!
I love the description.
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Wow, thank you guys so much! I've been working on the effects video, and it should be up by Sunday.

I love the description.

Hehe, I'm very glad you like it.
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Oh! Well hey, sweet, thanks!
Looks like fun Punkitt!
toiling away in the makerscore mines
Thank you very much! I'll be posting some gameplay next week as part of the Just Do It! event.
Love its graphic style. Can't wait to play it! xD
toiling away in the makerscore mines

Hey everyone! There's Happup footage now!
Besr Richard Slayer
That looks pretty fun! The music is cool too.
toiling away in the makerscore mines
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