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The world is feeling down. As a creature with a combination of Happy and Puppy in the name, you will have no such thing! Donning your trusty scarf, you intend to head out into the world and cheer everyone up. It's your duty!

Happup is an exploration-based puzzle inspired by Yume Nikki, Monument Valley, and Hohokum. It centers on the titular character, Happup, a dog with a cool scarf. The game aims to offer many varied areas to explore, presented with an abstract art style.

Some features!
•A funky soundtrack!
•Puzzles that'll have logical conclusions! Nothing too outside-the-box, don't worry!
•A crazy artstyle!
•Cute dogs and cool scarfs!
•It's a really cool scarf, I swear. Scarfs are cool, right?
•Interesting designs and mysterious characters! (I'm looking at you, one-armed-violinist.)
•Lots of eyeballs!
•Eyeballs where eyeballs shouldn't be!

Happup was actually a game I started off five years ago, but lost all the data when my computer crashed. It was amateur, but I was pretty proud of some of the ideas I had come up with. Now that I'm older and wiser, I picked the game back up and started from scratch. I'd love to give it a proper development! I plan to make this as interesting as I can and something you'll remember for sure. Seeya on the flipside!

I-is that phrase still cool..?

Latest Blog

Carrot Town Walkaround Video + Trailer Stuff

Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the support I've gotten since the trailer dropped. (and if you haven't seen it, check it out here!) I genuinely appreciate all the comments I've gotten since then, and hearing what you guys think of Happup so far is what keeps me motivated to working on this project.

On another note, I want to keep blog posts more frequent! I know I went kind of silent on you guys for a bit there, but that was because of school and the fact that Happup crashed for the second time (Thanks, RM2k3). I should be good, now, though. I'm going at a steady enough pace to keep providing new peeks at content as we get closer to a fully playable form, so keep your eyes open for more blog stuff in the future!

Carrot Town (at least, that's what I've nicknamed it) is one of the more recent areas in Happup. It started out as a desire to try new shapes and techniques for buildings and other areas in the world. So, I thought it'd be fun to break down how the place was made!

To start off with, Carrotown's tileset is based on the one used for the Junkyard (the place with the robot in the trailer). This is done because I want these areas to be on the same "plane" (light orange), which factors into the designs of these areas. It's done to create a throughline so players can navigate the worlds of Happup a lot easier through recognizable monuments - that way, they know they're closer to an area judging by the similarities of the structures around them. The houses here resemble the lonely box shapes found in the junkyard, letting the player know that theses places are close to one another. (Plus, it helps that it means I don't have to create entirely new tilesets each time I want to make a new map!)

The weird-looking monuments here are actually the result of me using a copying tool in MSPaint! I've known about the trick for forever, but I've never figured out how to incorporate it into a project. Turns out, Happup provided the perfect opportunity for that, and it helped me create some really funky looking tiles!

Basically, if you select something and hold down shift, it'll create tons of copies behind it as you move it around. I took one of the orb trees from a previous tileset, chopped off the top, and experimented to see what I could do with it. Once I had the monuments built, I moved onto the little vegetable people.

the boys are back in town

These guys were the product of wanting to create a more box-shaped NPC type. I'd had some before, but a lot of NPCs previously incorporated either cone or sphere-based designs, and I thought that a shorter, more squat NPC would seem charming. They were built to resemble the box houses in their tileset to tie the whole "plant" theme together for the village.

The little chime noises they make are the product of mixing together some high-pitched church bells with some different swapped-out instruments (a different set of bells, an accordion, a "Wah Harmonica" according to Mixcraft, etc.) I made them have a couple different sounds because I thought it would be fun to add some variety to the NPCs so you're not just talking to the same one over and over. They also have different colors too, just to add a splash of variety.

If you're wondering what the weird levitating orange orb (orbange?) thing is, that's a Warp. You can use them at the Doghouse to warp to areas quickly, but you have to open them up first. Since this game is heavily inspired by Yume Nikki, I wanted to keep the exploration element of the game featured pretty heavily here - but since the game has more focus on certain goals, I didn't want to the player to be constantly memorizing pathways that they have to keep repeating over and over just to get to somewhere. Thus, the Warps. I placed this one near Carrotown because it's a more detailed spot with a lot of features, so the player is more likely to remember it - and so this place seems like a good spot to plunk down a Warp. (Also, this means I'm not gonna place warps out in the middle of nowhere in some random field - there's a thought process to it! I want you guys to have fun.)

As for this fisherman? Weeeell, you'll just have to find out when you play the game. Gotta have SOME secrets, right? ;)

Well, that just about wraps it up! Sorry I didn't push this out yesterday, it was super late when I started it and I didn't want to publish it at like, 1 AM, so hopefully you guys can forgive me! Pretty happy with it, though, and look forward to more breakdowns like it in the future!

(stay neato!)


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I was waiting for you to make a page for this game for a long time.
Me too! I was really scared of making one and I was kind of confused, but it's here now, yeah!
I'll probably keep an eye on this. Has the potential to turn our interesting.
Thank you! I'm really hoping it'll be!
Ahh I saw this on the release something XIV event and was super intrigued by it's sorta monument valley-esque aesthetics!! And almost fell off my chair when I saw the thumbnail for the game page. Pumped to play it!!!
I like to think of myself as a sweater knitting granny, but instead of sweaters, I make games. Not great games, but hopefully nice enough to be enjoyed by a handful of people in a small community.
YAY, finally a project page <3
I'm glad you guys really like it! I'll be releasing a video showing some walkarounds and some effects soon enough.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This looks so beautiful! Subbed.
*Deeply Thinking*
How does this not have more views?? This game looks amazing!
I love the description.
Wow, thank you guys so much! I've been working on the effects video, and it should be up by Sunday.

I love the description.

Hehe, I'm very glad you like it.
Looks like fun Punkitt!
Thank you very much! I'll be posting some gameplay next week as part of the Just Do It! event.
Love its graphic style. Can't wait to play it! xD

Hey everyone! There's Happup footage now!
Besr Richard Slayer
That looks pretty fun! The music is cool too.
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