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January 7th - RPGMaker Cola! Ask Questions Today!

Hello hello! It's been...an eventful past 24 hours, to say the least. I've been worried sick about the state of things, but a good way to keep myself in a better state of mind is definitely doing and talking about game development.

We're (hopefully!) going to be recording our episode later in the day and it should be a lot of fun! Along with the lovely CashmereCat, I'll be joined by my good bud and lead developer of Almari DemonClaus and its incredible composer PostElvis! They're both fantastic and have posted about this episode in the past couple of days.

We'll be taking questions about Almari, Happup, and my new RPG Project Astral Guard! If you're interested in any of those games or the creative process that goes into them, feel free to shoot some questions down below today before 3PM PST. Should be a ton of fun!


October 13 - Ko-Fi Announcement!

Hello hello y'all! It's good to see everyone. It's surprisingly windy out here, which doesn't usually happen for a couple more weeks, but what can ya do?

I've come by with a pretty big announcement! (For me, at least!)
I've started a Ko-Fi!

The video here has the primary info (and some cute music and art!) so you should watch it!!

This is particularly big for me since up until now I haven't had any sort of financial model for my creative work. I'm doing all of this independently, and everything has kind of just been fueled by passion and a desire to get these ideas out of my head so other people can play them. And my work still will be! But having financial support while working on it helps me devote more time and energy into the cool creative things you guys want to see me work on, like Happup!

I will say, this Ko-Fi isn't exclusively for my funny little dog game; it's for me and my entire body of work as a creator! Anything you donate goes towards Happup and many other projects of mine (like Astral Guard, my other game jam projects, music, art, etc.) and it helps me make more cool art I can share with all of you. I know in the video I said I didn't really have any financial incentives at the moment, but what do ya know, I was just gifted a Gold membership by a very lovely person and I now have the option to post things for donators exclusively. I don't know what that'll mean just yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

That being said, I'm still putting up plenty of cool, free stuff that you guys can all look at. I do a LOT of different stuff aside from game design, and it's been spread across several different sites since there isn't one that's suited for absolutely everything I do, but Ko-Fi seems like a good "hub" of sorts for my work. So, if you're curious about other projects of mine aside from Happup, it'll be an excellent place to drop on by! I'll be posting updates for Happup and Astral Guard there as well, and you can get some more in-depth looks at my thought process and what goes into making those games.

I don't reeeally have a consistent income at the moment (I'm currently living with family, so I'm doing fine!) but a couple of dollars here and there really helps out a lot. If you can't donate anything, that is perfectly fine! Times are really weird right now and I'm still gonna be working on these projects no matter what. Nonetheless, everything is appreciated. Whether it's a couple of dollars or just some comments, stuff like that gives me more determination than ever to keep working on my art, and I appreciate it all immensely! I'll be back soon with some more screenshots, so keep an eye out for those when they happen here or on my Ko-Fi. I'll see you all then, and I hope you have an excellent day!


Progress Report

October 7 - Development Update! Cats, Crows, and Spuds, Oh My!

Hello hello! It's Punkitt, the one and only.
Happup is still goin' strong! Development has slowed down a wee bit, but I would say the bursts of energy I get towards the game are letting me make an even better version of the Funny Dog Surrealist Art Game. My artstyle has changed a bit in-between projects; I've been working so hard on Astral Guard, my other RPG, that it's seeped a bit into Happup! I'm not using as many flat colors and there's a bit more shading. That ain't a bad thing, it just means my priorities in pixel art has changed a bit.

That being said, I got a job now! I'm also working hard on the next preview of Astral Guard to the public (I'm shooting for something in December.) I'll be posting the project here eventually, but if you want to check for development updates I highly recommend following that game's twitter, @AstralGuardGame.

So, those two things have been my main focus. However, Happup is such a fun game to work on; everything is kinda nonsensical in nature and the art style is really simple so it's easy for me to crank out whatever's next on the agenda in-between doing my job or rendering video or the like. I just wanna prep y'all for the rate of updates this game will be facing! Rest assured, I'm never cancelling this thing (Good lord, it's been around since 2015 I think, I can't stop NOW), it'll just take a wee bit longer to get out to the public.

Anyway, all that real life stuff aside, check it! Here's a sneak peak at some new stuff you can take a look at with your eyeballs. :D

Here's a wee peak at a new area themed around a farm!

(Sorry for the huge pictures, my new laptop doesn't let me record in 1x1 without it looking blurry so I gotta bump it up to 2x2!)


That's right, a video! With custom music too. I finally secured the final Indie Developer Infinity Stone and I can compose tunes now. Hopefully you will find them pleasant to listen to. <3

That should just about wrap it up! Not sure when the next update will be, but it'll have something cute and pleasant as always! :D
Take care y'all!

Progress Report

TITLE SCREEN! + Some other stuff

Wowza! So sorry it's been a bit.
I got caught up a lot in protest stuff so I just forgot to upload and update y’all! That, plus I had my other project featured in the unofficial MOTHER Direct that came out last month! It’s called Astral Guard, and I suppose I’ll try and make a separate page for that soon?! If you’d like to check out the trailer separately from the rest of the direct, I’ve got it right here:

It’s been a busy past couple months, that’s for sure!

However, I do have a nice little surprise!!

I’ve managed to get a custom title screen done! I actually figured out how to a little while back while working on Astral Guard, so I figured I should implement that here too! I think title screens bring a lot of extra pizazz to games, as it’s your first introduction to the game you’re about to play. I decided to keep it simple but colorful, just like Happup! If you recognize the music, that’s because it’s from the trailer from…oh dear, several years ago?! Dang, I gotta get to finishing this game!

But! I hope you’ve all enjoyed! I’ll see you next post with some screenshots!


State of Affairs! Arf!

Hi y'all! So, if some of you have been keeping up elsewhere on Happup's development, you might have known my motherboard failed nearly a year ago (which lead to a big debacle), and progress was halted while I got my desktop fixed. A lot of people were hoping that I could salvage Happup off of it, and...

Unfortunately, no. :c After months of trying to get my hard drive fixed by the computer place, it seems that I'm not going to be able to recover the game.
The computer place that lost my hard drive in the first place was unable to recover the drive, and uh, also screwed up my desktop, which now can’t start. I don’t know what I’m going to do in regards to that (maybe small-claims court?? I really don’t know (at least I can still work on my laptop!)), but I do know one thing; sitting and waiting to maybe get some progress back on Happup is really making my developer drive itch, and I’m tired of waiting.

As of today, I will be restarting Happup’s development from scratch! I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it is! But, it’s not as much work as you all might think. For how much I was able to show off the progress of Happup in its old form, the ocean was wide but not deep, if that makes any sense. I had a lot of graphics done for the game, but no interconnectivity or missions were really in place, even up to my computer crashing. I’ll be honest with you all, I was more focused on creating new things to show to you all instead of creating things that would make a playable game. However, this might be the most helpful hubris? I showed nearly everything I made to this forum and other places up until relatively recently, so you, as the audience, have seen a large majority of what I had made for Happup. That means that, to recover the development for Happup, I’m going to be ripping, recreating, and improving on sprites I’ve shown in the trailer and screenshots for the game. This is gonna take a while, but I think it’s better than sitting around and waiting for some computer technicians to screw up my PC for the third time. (Sorry if I come off a bit salty, but I’ve had to deal with this for months!)

I also view this as an opportunity to build a better game from the ground up. While Happup isn’t a very traditional game (that’s kind of inherit when you make a Yume-Nikki-like!), I think there’s been things that I’ve issues with in the game since its inception. I’ve stuck with it since I had a fear of getting rid of things that I had spent so much time building, but now that the game’s original version is gone, I have the opportunity to build a better foundation for Happup. I suppose that’s what I get for starting to build a game in the 9th grade - fifteen year-olds aren’t really known to be efficient with their work, and they definitely don’t think ahead!

Speaking of, this isn’t the first time this game has been through developmental issues; if you’ve been following it from this thread’s inception, you’d know that I’ve had to deal with lost data, file crashes, and I’ve even had to restart development entirely before I started showing the game around here. Happup is a resilient game, and I’m not gonna let a crashed motherboard get in the way of making a game that means so much to me. I’m sorry for getting a bit personal here, but this is a very special game for me! I’ve been working on it since I was in middle school, and its continued development has allowed me to meet some of my very best friends ever. Working on this game has allowed a creative outlet for me that I’ve never really had the chance to experiment with before, and its netted me relationships with some of the kindest, most wonderful people I know. I suppose all the ‘eras’ of my life have had Happup in them? I’ve kind of grown up alongside the game, and now that I’m an adult (wowza!) I think I can finally give it the proper treatment I think it deserves. I may run into developmental issues a lot, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the numerous hang ups over the years, it’s that I am one stubborn indie developer. I’m not gonna stop until this game is done, darn it!

I suppose this was a pretty wordy announcement, but I hope it makes up for all my silence on the matter! I’ve been pondering this decision for a while, and I think I’m finally in a position where I can act on it. I hope you can all understand where I’m coming from in making this decision, and I hope we as a community can make Happup the best it can be!

If anyone would like to help me restore Happup to where it was before the crash, please send me a note on RMN, DM me on twitter, or send an email to art.punkitt@gmail.com ! I can't pay anyone, unfortunately, as I'm an independent college student now, but any help from any one would be appreciated.

Much thanks and love!

Game Design

Carrot Town Walkaround Video + Trailer Stuff

Hey guys! I wanted to start off by saying thanks for all the support I've gotten since the trailer dropped. (and if you haven't seen it, check it out here!) I genuinely appreciate all the comments I've gotten since then, and hearing what you guys think of Happup so far is what keeps me motivated to working on this project.

On another note, I want to keep blog posts more frequent! I know I went kind of silent on you guys for a bit there, but that was because of school and the fact that Happup crashed for the second time (Thanks, RM2k3). I should be good, now, though. I'm going at a steady enough pace to keep providing new peeks at content as we get closer to a fully playable form, so keep your eyes open for more blog stuff in the future!

Carrot Town (at least, that's what I've nicknamed it) is one of the more recent areas in Happup. It started out as a desire to try new shapes and techniques for buildings and other areas in the world. So, I thought it'd be fun to break down how the place was made!

To start off with, Carrotown's tileset is based on the one used for the Junkyard (the place with the robot in the trailer). This is done because I want these areas to be on the same "plane" (light orange), which factors into the designs of these areas. It's done to create a throughline so players can navigate the worlds of Happup a lot easier through recognizable monuments - that way, they know they're closer to an area judging by the similarities of the structures around them. The houses here resemble the lonely box shapes found in the junkyard, letting the player know that theses places are close to one another. (Plus, it helps that it means I don't have to create entirely new tilesets each time I want to make a new map!)

The weird-looking monuments here are actually the result of me using a copying tool in MSPaint! I've known about the trick for forever, but I've never figured out how to incorporate it into a project. Turns out, Happup provided the perfect opportunity for that, and it helped me create some really funky looking tiles!

Basically, if you select something and hold down shift, it'll create tons of copies behind it as you move it around. I took one of the orb trees from a previous tileset, chopped off the top, and experimented to see what I could do with it. Once I had the monuments built, I moved onto the little vegetable people.

the boys are back in town

These guys were the product of wanting to create a more box-shaped NPC type. I'd had some before, but a lot of NPCs previously incorporated either cone or sphere-based designs, and I thought that a shorter, more squat NPC would seem charming. They were built to resemble the box houses in their tileset to tie the whole "plant" theme together for the village.

The little chime noises they make are the product of mixing together some high-pitched church bells with some different swapped-out instruments (a different set of bells, an accordion, a "Wah Harmonica" according to Mixcraft, etc.) I made them have a couple different sounds because I thought it would be fun to add some variety to the NPCs so you're not just talking to the same one over and over. They also have different colors too, just to add a splash of variety.

If you're wondering what the weird levitating orange orb (orbange?) thing is, that's a Warp. You can use them at the Doghouse to warp to areas quickly, but you have to open them up first. Since this game is heavily inspired by Yume Nikki, I wanted to keep the exploration element of the game featured pretty heavily here - but since the game has more focus on certain goals, I didn't want to the player to be constantly memorizing pathways that they have to keep repeating over and over just to get to somewhere. Thus, the Warps. I placed this one near Carrotown because it's a more detailed spot with a lot of features, so the player is more likely to remember it - and so this place seems like a good spot to plunk down a Warp. (Also, this means I'm not gonna place warps out in the middle of nowhere in some random field - there's a thought process to it! I want you guys to have fun.)

As for this fisherman? Weeeell, you'll just have to find out when you play the game. Gotta have SOME secrets, right? ;)

Well, that just about wraps it up! Sorry I didn't push this out yesterday, it was super late when I started it and I didn't want to publish it at like, 1 AM, so hopefully you guys can forgive me! Pretty happy with it, though, and look forward to more breakdowns like it in the future!

(stay neato!)



The first trailer for Happup is finally out!!! Super excited to have this done. The video editor gave me a lot of trouble, but I sorted it all out. Huge thanks to TragicManner for making this all happen.

Also! Happup will resume regular updates starting tomorrow. I’ve got a bunch of new areas to show off and I’m pumped to show you guys!

(Sorry this wasn't up sooner; I wanted to touch it up a bit in Sony Vegas but it kept giving me trouble, so I have to post the very-slightly-less polished edition. Thanks for sticking with me!!


Trailer Drops This Sunday!

That's right fellas! An official trailer for Happup drops tomorrow, with music by JMas! It'll premier at Camp Fangamer at 12 PM and then it'll go live on Youtube right afterwards. I'm looking forward to you guys seeing it!

Progress Report

Happup Hubworld Video!

Happup's hubworld, The Doghouse, now functions and works like it should! Check it out for a glimpse at how you'll navigate the world.

I've also got a special treat planned for you guys. Expect something playable REAL soon...


Happup Got Featured! + The Possibility of a Demo

Hey everyone! It's been a while. Sorry I've been quiet! While I have been shrouded in silence on here for the most part, I've actually been working diligently on puzzles and getting the Sniff mechanic to work! Aside from all that, though, I do have some cool stuff I'd like to share.

Happup got featured on the front page of Starmen.net! TragicManner over there interviewed me for the highlight, so if you want to read more about the developmental process of Happup, check it out! Click riiiight here. Don't be afraid to ask more questions there, either!

Aaaalso, I've been thinking. Some of you are really excited about the game so far, so I've been tossing around the possibilities of a quick alpha demo. It wouldn't feature much, per-say, perhaps just one or two colors and examples of their shades, but it'd be enough to play around in and mess with, and see how the mechanics of the game work. This way, I could possibly get some feedback on the game before I get super-far into the gameplay, so I could make any changes deemed dandy or necessary without having to restructure the whole game. Let me know what you think!

With that, I'll seeya next time, hopefully with a blogpost about actual gameplay!
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