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Let's Talk About Worlds!

  • Punkitt
  • 05/11/2016 04:53 AM
Hey! So, sorry I haven't been very active here as of late! Happup's production has slowed down a bit as I've been taking some time to work on planning everything out.

A lot.

I figured you guys might like to see one of the more interesting ways Happup's world is built: with color theory! "What? Color theory? What's crazy and original twist have you brought upon this game? Punkitt, you crazy scoundrel!" Why, thank you, complimentary and convenient imaginary thought. Well, as you may have seen in the Images tab before, this is part of the hubworld:

Pretty fancy, ey? It's been updated a bit since you last checked! I'll go wait while you do that.

This is the main attraction of the hubworld, hereby dubbed "The Doghouse, I Guess". There's quite a bit of stuff to do in the Doghouse, like chat with NPCs you've befriended, change your look, check stats and other fancy stuff. I'd show it off, but, unfortunately, I don't have all of it done so it looks pretty funky and unfinished. (And not the good kind of funky. Like, funky-like-the-color-of-barf-after-ingesting-too-many-pears kinda funky.) This colorful, minimalist area I've got on show here is the real meat of the place, though, as its main function is tossing you around the many strange worlds of Happup.

Basically, it's divided into six sections: Red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and orange. These all link to their corresponding worlds, which are unsurprisingly filled with their corresponding color! As you may have noticed (because you're probably one smart cookie!), they go by the primary colors, and then the secondaries.

A very handy, drawn-in-paint-hastily guide.

This is where I have the most fun. As you know, Happup's worlds all have one definite color as a theme, with other colors or shades sprinkled in to make it more visually appealing. In order for the worlds to appear more connected, they all shift through the color wheel. Here's an example:

So, as you can see, the different worlds shift from yellow, to green, to blue. It shifts from primary to secondary, then back to primary! Pretty neat, ey? I wanted to make the worlds easier to pass through and for them to feel connected in their own way. This way, it's easier on the eyes when you shift into another world, and it'll make a little sense as well! It'll hopefully help as a way to make the worlds easier to navigate as well.

Another example of a color shift.

"Wait just a fiddle-faddlin' minute, Punkitt!" you understandably say to your computer screen alone in a room. "Why did the worlds shift from blue to purple to hot pink? Shouldn't it be red?"

You are absolutely, one-hundred-percent correct! And it is red, in a sense. See, another neat feature of the color wheel design thing-a-mabob I got going is shades. Basically, when you enter a world, you have the option to go up or down in shades. So, for example, you'd go from hot pink all the way to crimson red if you continued progressing through the worlds.


In all honesty, this was implemented solely because I wanted to feature pink in Happup, but pink wasn't on the color wheel! So I devised the shade system so I could toss it in. It lets me get more creative with the worlds and allows for more variation as well! Man, the things a color will make ya do, I swear.

Oof, a whole blog post done, and one I'm proud of too! That's a first. Happup's speed is going to increase once I'm done with school for the summer, so expect more blog posts soon. I'll be talking about interesting stuff, like sniffing, more color design, how I design NPCs, more cool scarfs, and even more eyeballs! More eyeballs are always good.



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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This is so good! Love it. Each thing you post up here increases my faith that you're able to deliver something good. It's nice to hear a blog from you because it's also indicating you have a way with words - this blog was really engaging and fun to read! I like your playful tone that you employ throughout. It's really enthralling.
Haha, wow, thank you for the kind words! I was actually really worried that the playful tone would be a hinder. Glad you liked it!
Dis blog gud blog.

Good job! Very interesting and entertaining read. Very kool.
(not the mention the game looks really neat)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Blog posts are getting easier!
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