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Happup Got Featured! + The Possibility of a Demo

  • Punkitt
  • 07/30/2016 07:24 AM
Hey everyone! It's been a while. Sorry I've been quiet! While I have been shrouded in silence on here for the most part, I've actually been working diligently on puzzles and getting the Sniff mechanic to work! Aside from all that, though, I do have some cool stuff I'd like to share.

Happup got featured on the front page of Starmen.net! TragicManner over there interviewed me for the highlight, so if you want to read more about the developmental process of Happup, check it out! Click riiiight here. Don't be afraid to ask more questions there, either!

Aaaalso, I've been thinking. Some of you are really excited about the game so far, so I've been tossing around the possibilities of a quick alpha demo. It wouldn't feature much, per-say, perhaps just one or two colors and examples of their shades, but it'd be enough to play around in and mess with, and see how the mechanics of the game work. This way, I could possibly get some feedback on the game before I get super-far into the gameplay, so I could make any changes deemed dandy or necessary without having to restructure the whole game. Let me know what you think!

With that, I'll seeya next time, hopefully with a blogpost about actual gameplay!


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Thanks for sharing the feature!

As for the demo, I wouldn't be playing it anytime soon and probably would end up waiting for the full game.
Id love to check out a demo, something that just shows off the mechanics would be lovely just to get a bit of an idea what the gameplay that goes along with those gorgeous visuals is like.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
yay punkitt! That's awesome
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Um I was gonna say congrats, and I still will but you guys realise this was in like July-August right?

I sometime cheer some of my friends like 2-3 days late for their birthdays, so... how different is giving congrats for a feature 2-3 months later? xD

notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
Well, late praise is better than none! Aha! Thanks guys~
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