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Forum Progress Thread

This game was created for the RPG Maker Birthday Bash in a mere 30 days.

You play as a detective who's been assigned to investigate the murder of one Mr. John Doe, butler to the Belmont family for nearly thirty years. He was fairly well-liked, and the pool of possible murderers is laughably small. There seems to have been no motive for the killing whatsoever. Can you bring the killer to justice? Good luck!

- Showcasing the Non-Combat Menu! Was this project created for my script, or was my script created for this project? We'll never know...
- Character selection! Choose what the detective looks like, or play as a ball of fire.
- "Deduction" mechanic that allows you to combine two pieces of evidence to infer something about the crime
- Ask around! The people in Belmont manor each have something to say about the butler's death, however, some may be more helpful than the others.
- 15-30 minutes of gameplay, if you have an inkling of what you're doing.

Progress: Completed!
This is a fairly novice attempt at a mystery game, so I hope nothing seems too obvious or too obscure. Enjoy, nonetheless.

Non-Combat Menu & Single Item Tab addon by mjshi :D
Lune Message System by Raizen (edited)
Estriole + Neon Black Keyboard Input Name Processing
Advanced Select Item by V.M. of D.T.
Galv's Item Pop Up (edited)
Terrain Tags by Neon Black

Latest Blog

SKtB Complete!

All endings have been added and the majority of the game has been bug-checked.
  • Completed
  • mjshi
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 03/05/2016 11:01 PM
  • 09/11/2023 02:02 PM
  • 03/14/2016
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Can I what? CAN I WHAT?!
So this time the butler's NOT the killer!? Okay, I'm definetly subscribing to this! XD
Jack of Most Trades
Can I what? CAN I WHAT?!

Oh, whoops xD it seems a part of it got cut off. Thanks for catching that, Liberty.

@llan14: Haha, thanks xD
I saw this title popping up sometime .. and turns out it is you mjshi! We meet again~

Subbed. I look forward to playing this once it's finished! (unless you want some more additional feedback now)
Jack of Most Trades
@Kylalia It's always better to wait to play a finished mystery game ;)
Thanks for the offer, though! (and you shouldn't have to wait long. The deadline is in a week... not sure if that's a good or a bad thing for me xD)
This looks Really good, I've gotta try this... See you on the 14th!
Looking forward to the game. Keep at it!
I feel bored. How odd.
A murder mystery?

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts
the music is REALLY bad. would be better not having any.

how could aster not know his father,mother or sister? he doesnt even know himself...
but talking to him is annoying it does the piano thing every time

how could the wife not know the butler?...who has served for 30 years...when she has been married for 8?

the sister too what the hell?! nooone knows anyone despite being family and living together!?

:O the maid! the one whiping the windows! i love her character! her viewpoint on death is awesome!

cant progress...

General 44M dropped
this was a terrible experience. in part to alot of lacking content .

dont play until finished.
Jack of Most Trades
Ah, yeah, that's the demo xD I did say to wait until the finished version, right? It's going to be released later today (because March 14th's the deadline)
I haven't implemented dialogue for most of the characters in that demo. They do say stuff about their parents in the completed version. (and woah, 44 minutes? I didn't even know the demo had that much playtime in it xD)

I do hope you give the game another go when it's complete! I haven't changed the music, though... (I have absolutely no ear for music. I will not pretend that I do) I just randomly selected an RTP song that somewhat fit the mood xD
EDIT: Wait! Forget about it! XD
Sorry my bad english.

I played the demo early the day, after you posted the complete game I downloaded it, I noticed that it was the same game, like, still the demo. I dunno if I'm wrong, but nothing changed to me. Nothing new, it's the same thing as the demo for me.

I Just Want to say I REALLY Enjoyed this Game mjshi! I Just Recorded a three episode play though for my Youtube Channel(In Which I Accidentally Forgot your name, sorry...) Which I will be posting ASAP. I Got Both main endings, and all the joke Endings,I especially enjoyed the Self aware brand of humor there. And Overall Had a blast! I Will definitely be watching your work with great interest...
Jack of Most Trades
@TangledLion: I'm glad you enjoyed it, no problem if you forgot my name xD Especially since I've never really made any mystery games before, so it's nice to hear that the experience went well for you :3 I'm looking forward to seeing the videos!

@AyzA: That's strange, it should work.
Some common troubleshooting:
1. Have you extracted the folder somewhere? Make sure that you're playing the game from an extracted folder. The file name seems to be SKtB_2.zip, due to the previous versions having the same file name, so check to see if you're opening the right zip file (since you might have a demo version lying around)
2. Otherwise, try playing directly from the zip file.

And if that still doesn't help, I'll reupload the game to here with a different file name (RMN is a bit picky about those, so try clearing your cache and redownloading?) tomorrow afternoon.
Edit: also, a reupload to Dropbox in case it was the cache's fault: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay1swbbs1zldadt/SKtB_2.zip?dl=1
Edit2: Dropbox link removed since a newer version has been added and I'm pretty sure it's the updated version.
I like that you can make proper guesses with the evidence at hand.
The combining has too few options to be really worth anything (and is a pain), but thankfully you can ignore it.
There are so many dialogue options with 90-95% amounting to nothing .. cutting down on them would make it more fun.

I liked it overall!

I love that the butler killed the butler.
Jack of Most Trades
The combining has too few options to be really worth anything (and is a pain)
Would it help to have the combining inside a loop so that you didn't have to open the screen each time? There aren't that many available combinations in total, though, so I didn't see the need.

There are so many dialogue options with 90-95% amounting to nothing .. cutting down on them would make it more fun.
Think of it as flavor text ;) There's no need to go through all the dialogue, especially since certain people don't have very much to say. But I couldn't exactly have the son be like "My mother? Who's that?" So I had to write in something...

Anyway, thanks for playing ^_^
If it were flavour text, it'd be lovely indeed! I meant 90% "no-comment" type of answers. I did like the answers that were there
Jack of Most Trades
If it were flavour text, it'd be lovely indeed! I meant 90% "no-comment" type of answers. I did like the answers that were there

Ah, I thought you meant the "oh, that's my dad" type ones. Well, if I do get time, I'd love to add content for those no comment type answers. However, as it stands, I have 30ish items x 6 people = 180 things to type for in not very much time xD
Aye, hence cutting it down and simply not interacting with evidence, for example, would be the easy way out.
It just is a lil odd to have all these options if nothing comes out of it.
RM needs more murder mysteries. <3 I'm subbed and I'll try it out sometime!
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