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The sixth installment of the Phantasia Series.


With the elements withdrawn from Gaia, the world and its people have now begun to find new ways to make their world prosper. A world where the elements themselves will have no effect on the public everyday lives, and the age of technology has begun to rise, making the idea of the elements a thing of the past. Because of this grand change, the Goddess and her servant decide to become reborn and see the results of this grand change. While they would become reborn, they made one single promise, that they would meet again, no matter how long it would take.

500 years later...

You are Zack, a man who attends a local academy in hoping to become a professor in world history. However, Zack meets a mysterious girl, who speaks the words: "We meet again." However, the words ring hollow as Zack never met this girl before in his life, but little does he realize that those three words would spark the beginning of a journey that would result in Zack changing the world, for better or for worse.

-Side-view battle system, thanks to the Theo Battle System
-Changing formations, which can lead to earning bonuses during combat.
-Element Fusion, fusing with your allies to become stronger.
-Animated Battlers, both enemy and allies.
More features to come as the game is still in progress.

-Theolized Battle System
-Yanfly Engine Ace
-Formation Bonus (By V.M of D.T)
-YSA Classical Battle System
-Moghunter Scripts
-Yami Pop Message
Special thanks to Theo himself with helping me with tweaks to the battle system.

Planned release: 2017.

Latest Blog

P6 Blog #27 - The Progress Report

It has been some time since I have posted here, based on the screenshot I just pumped out, the game is still progressing. While it has been slow because mostly due to work, but the other part is because of just where the game is at said point in time.

I have to juggle between doing plot based advancement, and dungeon making, along with spriting new enemies on occasion. What also doesn't help is that during this entire stage, there are a lot of optional dungeons to complete... well, sorta. The Elemental Temples, while they are available to get to, they do not have to be completed until you reach a certain point, once that point is reached, you can't progress any further until the four basic elemental temples have been finished.

While in past Phantasia games, you'd have to do all four of them at once and then you progress, I made it so you could go at them, while also progressing the story at the same time, so it doesn't feel like you have to do them all at the same time. It helped me immensely because I didn't have to rush myself to do every single temple, and I could take my time getting the designs for each temple made.

But, in terms of progression wise, once the Earth Temple is finished, it's going to finally get some major development shtuff, it'll be at a point I've been REALLY wanting to start on. It is pretty much a huuuge conclusion to a lot of the plot, but will also bring up new challenges, and also show plot twists galore, y'know, typical jrpg shtuff.

But after all is said and done, the game still won't be finished, BUT, all is not lost, progression wise in terms of plot will hit at least 65-70%. The goal IS to finish this game by the end of the year. And I feel I can accomplish this, but I will still keep going at a steady pace and not rush myself. That always comes back to bite me in the arse.

Well, that's all in terms of progression. Here's a picture of one of the enemies of Phantasia 6, Alexander.
  • Production
  • J-Man
  • Skie Fortress (Artwork)
    Jakoo56 (Scripter)
    no0ony (Mapper)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 03/08/2016 09:04 PM
  • 05/19/2020 11:13 AM
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This is where the game freezes. As soon as he stops talking I can't do anything after that
Okay. So I tested out that scene and everything checked off fine. But just to make sure I updated the patch just now. So just add the patch download and see if that makes a difference. If not then let me know and I'll check and see what else might be causing it.
Seems if you level up getting the fire orb then I also got this problem. Here's my save file to this point: https://www.mediafire.com/?9jc14ylzjiytus5
In my save file the screen goes black and when it comes back the game's frozen.

When I killed all the Security Drones once getting the fire orb the scene worked. The Civilian would slowly walk away and disappear then you could move. Also was extremely difficult and almost impossible to get the cat so I found a way to move east then north and east again to get past the guards. (Not sure this is the right way since you could not complete the quest to tell the guy at the entrance to town without purposely getting caught.) Then it was impossible to get back to the area where the next orb was. Sorry I deleted that save.

The 5 Potions together with the Herb Sandwich and Seaside Soup are more than enough for you to be able to get the Fire Orb without spending any money at this time. Perhaps the easiest fix would be to have all the Security Drones not respawn when getting the fire orb same as on the entry floor.

Also your map when you go to exit the town from the map where the school is works fine. But when you want to go back into town the map does not work properly. Going north to enter the town the map will not let you in. You need to go west when you can no longer go north then take one step south to enter the town.

Oh wow, that's a new one, okay, once I finish work and when I get back I'm going to further investigate this, now this is a new one on me.

I downloaded your save file and tried it and I see what you're talking about now. I'm going to investigate this.

Also, the thing with the cat? Just go in the bar and you can get to the 2nd floor where the cat is, grab the cat and return to the dog and then some of the guards will chase after the two enabling you to go through.

And I think I may go with your idea of not having the security drones re-spawn.

Same thing seems to happen if you avoid battles with the Security Drones by sneaking around them.
Okay, from what I'm noticing so far, something is going on with that specific map. Cause I made an alternate route temporarily and things were working fine. I just got to find what is making you stop when you go to that map during the night.

Also, did you accidentally trigger anything before the event occurs? Cause that may have something to do with it, I'm looking around the entire map. But I can't seem to find what's causing this... this is very unusual...

EDIT: FOUND IT! Yup! I don't know what happened, but for some reason one of the soldiers activated and the screen didn't know a soldier moved and wouldn't show the soldier moving, I don't know how you activated it in the first place, but I went and fixed the problem. I'll update the patch in a half hour.

EDIT2: Updated.
The map from the entrance of town to the map with the school works the same way even at the very start of the game.

With regards to the map with the guards at night where the game freezes if you level up getting the Fire Orb or evading Security Drones getting the Fire Orb; Just replayed the game killing every Security Drone only once getting the Fire Orb and everything worked as follows:

I moved along the westerly wall to get to the bar, got the cat first then went back towards home. Then moved south behind the shop and the house; then east to avoid a guard and south to the bar. From there you can still find a path to go thru the north exit and get stuck. Perhaps the most northerly guard should prevent you from using this exit... Also you can lure the guard at the bottom of the southerly exit by getting caught several times to the alley between the shop and the house, then go along the west wall, down around the bar and out the gate without needing the cat. Talked to the 2 guards, finished the quest to get the Guard Armlet, went back to the school map (the one that didn't work properly), went east, the guard at the entrance was gone and entered the next map and found Miriam.

You may want to consider multiple choice questions and answers to get past the 2 guards...

EDIT: Just discovered there now may be a problem using the south exit from the home map... The guard appears and blocks the exit or entrance. If you use the north exit or entrance its ok... Let me know if you need the save...
Yeah, getting the cat to the dog opens the south exit. But the north exit should be blocked off. I think I just may need to stop them from moving or something, actually I may know of another quick solution as well. I'll update it tomorrow. I gotta sleep and work. XD

For the cat to the dog event to work you would need the following:

1) The bottom guard at the south exit only moves and stays away from his post when the cat and dog event happens; otherwise the bottom guard always must return to his post.

2) The blocking of the north exit can be done by adding a guard to the bottom of the exit or by changing the position of the left guard leading to the north exit or even by moving this left guard to the bottom of the gate and have him face south.

As it stands right now you do not need to trigger the cat and dog event to advance the game.
Oh, and for that entrance from town to the map thing, can you give me a screenshot of what you're talking about? I'm a little confused which part you're talking about.
Its easier from a save file.
Just try to enter straight into the town...
I just tried entering straight into town like you mentioned and it works just fine for me. I'd recommend downloading the patch just in case. I did update it recently, if it still does it, I'll re-upload it.
No worries... it didn't work for me from the patch when I tried... Well past that point now anyhow. In the Renstein Building now...
Just to be clear I'm not saying this game looks bad because it dosen't, but I personally enjoyed the graphic style/choice for the previous games better then this. Why did you make such a drastic change If I may ask?
Because I wanted to start getting into using original resources instead of using ripped resources. It was just something that had to be done. Plus, working with VX Ace for the past few years has also helped open up better ideas to implement.

It was one of the reasons I just couldn't bring myself to finish Phantasia 2 Redux on rm2k, when using ripped resources for so long, I just felt that it wasn't really my game but just a clash of ripped resources from other games.

I just wanted a fresh start. Who knows, I may go back and re-remake the older games to VX Ace/MV that way they're something original instead of made of ripped resources.
God damn, J-Man is still cranking them out after all this time.

Phantasia 3 was one of the first RM games I ever really put time into playing. Glad to see it's become such a big series!
Well, if you want to revisit P3, I just recently released a much needed patch on the game which greatly improves the dialog and a few of the other mistakes that were in the game. :P

But it's great you play the games, haha. ^_^
omg look beautiful!!! nice sprites by the way :3
to j-man i like you games but i have 3 questions

is p3 is finsh the download is complete because you said half and it write complet on game page
2 when you will finish p2 anser me please
P3 is done. As for P2R, the game is on hiatus and will be for a long time as I have no desire to work on it. Sorry. :P
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